Community Call and Written Tributes For Scott

Community Call and Written Tributes For Scott

Living Legends,

Thank you so much for your tremendous outpouring of love this past week. We continue to be moved by your incredible stories, sharing and support for one another.

First and foremost, we want you to know that this community is still here for you, thanks to what Scott created for us. We want you to know that Live Your Legend is here to stay… Scott simply would not want it any other way.

So as we join together to find our feet, we have a few things to share with you this week:

  1. An important community event that’s happening to support all of us who are grieving.
  2. An incredible dream of Scott’s that came true last week.
  3. The incredible list of tributes (so far) to Scott and what he’s meant to so many of us, all in one place.


While there has been a lot of joy and celebration about the life that Scott lived, there’s also been a great deal of grief. And what’s been so hard for some people is feeling uncomfortable about having not ‘really’ met Scott but nonetheless being touched to tears by his work, his life, and his too-soon passing.

It’s been hard for us, too.

We’ve organized a community grief support webinar so that we can all come together to understand, process, and heal. We have a trusted expert coming in to participate in a panel-style conversation about what we, as a community and individuals, are going through and to provide some additional support resources for you to have access to and process in whatever way works for us.

N.B. The group call will be recorded for those of you who cannot make it live and all the support materials (including a link to the recording) will be made live on Thursday, September 24th. For your reference, here is the link.

The details:

  • Wednesday, September 23rd, 3:00–3:40pm PST
  • Meeting URL:
  • How to join: At the time of the call, simply click on the Meeting URL above.


On September 18th, Scott had one of his all-time dreams come true – his TEDx talk was featured on the TED main page.

It was Scott’s dream to be featured on because all he truly cared about was helping people live a purposeful life (by ‘doing something that matters’!) and helping them connect with each other in the real world – and he seems to be doing that now more than ever! Scott’s original talk has more than 2.8 million views, and as of Monday, his message reached almost a half million more people.



The outpouring of love has continued throughout this past week. The internet is awash with beautiful and inspiring stories about Scott, his life and his work. We have gathered a list of many of those tributes here. The listings are in order by author’s surname (or business name where an author was not obvious).

(If we have missed any tributes, please let us know. We want to make sure we capture as many as possible, and we’ll continue to update this page as we hear of more.)

Everything You Need to Know About Scott Dinsmore
By Yazminh AB

Vive tu leyenda (Live your Legend): Un tributo a Scott Dinsmore
By Roser Aguirre

Scott Dinsmore, I Miss You Deeply
By Leo Babauta

Scott Dinsmore – Live Your Legend
By Cary Bakker

We Are Going To Die
By Michael Balchan

Live Your Legend. Ditch Your Fears. RIP Scott Dinsmore.
By Justin Barker

Scott Dinsmore, I Will Miss You Forever
By Corbett Barr

Live Your Legend — For Scott
By Jenny Blake

Scott Dinsmore Gone Too Soon
By Steven Briginshaw

Honoring One of my (now fallen) Heroes, Scott Dinsmore
By Cathy Broadwell

How to Find & Do Work You Love – Scott Dinsmore
By Joel Brown

and I could never thank you enough for being you…
By Stacey Brown

From the Light–for Scott Dinsmore
By Jacque Cardenas

Two Good Friends
by Randy Cassingham

Let’s Die Empty — A Tribute to Scott Dinsmore
By Laura Courrau

The Power of Community in Times of Grief – Losing Loved Ones Who Accept Us
By Kitty Chambliss

That Day We Lost Our Soul Mate
By John Chang

Live Your Legend – A Tribute to Scott Dinsmore
By Anfernee Chansamooth

A Tribute to a Legendary Maker and Shaker
By Olivia Chung

Scott Dinsmore: A Tribute
By James Clear

My Online Role Model Has Died: A Tribute to Scott Dinsmore
By Colleen Conger

Tribute to Scott Dinsmore: One Month Later
By Dan Cumberland

Live Your Legend: In Memory of Scott Dinsmore
By CreativeLive

Shock And Awe: The Death Of Online Legend Scott Dinsmore
By Barrie Davenport

The Loss of a Friend, The Loss of an Inspiration: In Memory of Chris and Scott
By Shelley Davis

Dream Hunter Interview: The Persistent Experimenter, Scott Dinsmore
By Tania DeSa

A Tribute to Scott Dinsmore
By Sahil Dhingra

Scott Dinsmore Created a Powerful Legacy
By Monet Diamante

How to Find & Do Work You Love
By Samia El Kadiry

I’m going off the grid to do the work I can’t not do. Scott Dinsmore, this one’s for you.
By Ena

One Powerful Lesson I Learned from Scott Dinsmore that Changed Everything
By Ben Fanning

How are wounds a source of power?
By Vicky Ferrier

Gone Too Soon: My Friend Scott
By Jonathan Fields

Scott Dinsmore: A Legend Lives On
By Jonathan Fields

The Legacy of Scott Dinsmore
By Jana Fisher

A Tribute to Scott: The Death of a Legend
By Alex Flores

A Tribute to a Legend – Scott Dismore
By Sonya Forrest

The Work You Can’t Not Do
By Greta Franklin de Matos

Live Your Legend
By Gorgeous Geminian

When Friends Die: The Clarity & Confusion of Grief
By Jeff Goins

You’re Awesome Scott Dinsmore – I’ll Never Forget You
By Mike Goncalves

Are You Living Your Legend?
By Nick Huggins

Scott Dinsmore – Tribute
By Yoon Hyuk

My fondest memory of Scott Dinsmore
By Lana Jelenjev

A Reminder That Life is Short
By Claire Jones

Live Your Legend
By Katie Benedetto Jones

My tribute to the legend Scott Dinsmore
By Arti Joshi

When your role model dies
By Justin Junier

Live Your Legend
By Jonah Kelly

How Do You Grieve the Loss of a Hero? Live Your Legend Scott Dinsmore
By Lorena Knapp

A Reflection
By Jaclyn Lasky

For Scott Dinsmore: Rage and Love
By Tim Lawrence

Life and the Unexpected
By Amelia Lim

The Legend of Scott Dinsmore: A Link to the Past, Present, and Future
By Nancee Marin

Mince, Scott Dinsmore
By Max

Live Your Legend: A Tribute to Scott Dinsmore
By Leah McClellan

Thank You, Scott Dinsmore.
By Krysta McNutt

Scott Dinsmore, I Miss You Bro
By Jonathan Mead

A Tribute to Scott Dinsmore
By Mel

Tribute to Scott Dinsmore, Who Graciously Took Life By The Horns and Lived a Joyous and Loving Life
By Haydee Montemayor

Thoughts on Scott Dinsmore’s Life, Doing Work You Love, and Not Wasting Another Second
By Barry Morris

Scott Dinsmore – A Photo Tribute
By Nona Morrow

Why Finding and Doing Work You Love Needs to Happen Now – A Tribute to Scott Dinsmore
By Natalie Neal

Let’s put the heart back into marketing (and living).
By Violeta Nedkova

A Tribute to an Inspiring Man Who Wanted Us All to Live Our Legend
By Lewis Nelson

RIP Scott Dinsmore, a True Legend
By Sandra Possing

Last Good Bye – a cover of Billy Boyd’s song
By Polina Radtchenko

Will You Die in Quiet Desperation? A tribute to a fallen hero
By Kiyan Rajabi

When an Internet Friend Dies
By Chase Reeves

Live Your Legend – Connect with Anyone
By Nicole Richards

Live Your Legend: A Tribute to Scott Dinsmore
By Lennon Richardson

What Would Scott Do?
By Cheryl Rickman

Celebrating the Life and Legacy of Scott Dinsmore
By Stephanie Rogers

A Legend Lost, A Lesson on Tomorrows
By David Ryan

Scott Dinsmore: mentor, amigo y fuerza de cambio
By Matias Salom

Bittersweet Joy (a photo tribute)
By Shauna Sanders

Don’t Take Today for Granted: A Brief Tribute to Scott Dinsmore
By Bryan Saville

Living Your Legend: 5 Lessons I Learned from Legendary TED Speaker Scott Dinsmore
By Poorvi Shah

Jour 57: Live Your Legend/ Vivez votre légende personnelle
By Mona-Lisa Shenouda

I will Live My Legend because of you, Scott Dinsmore
By Clare Sim

29 Ways to Live Your Legend Now – A Tribute to Scott Dinsmore
By Natalie Sisson

In Memoriam: Scott Dinsmore
By Carlos Soriano

Ein Tribut an Scott Dinsmore und die vermutlich wertvollste Lektion des Lebens
By Sebastian Thalhammer

Why Scott Dinsmore is, was and Always Shall be Awesome
By Lee Toomey

THE GREATEST LEGACY: A Tribute to Scott Dinsmore …
By Julie Ann Turner

Scott Dinsmore
By Tynan

A Tribute To Scott Dinsmore From Live Your Legend RIP
By The Conscious Badass

The Time We Have
By Mike Vardy

The Legendary Leadership Legacy: Scott Dinsmore
By Darren Virassammy

7 Things You Need To Know Today (September 15)
By Jason Wachob

“I Was Here”: A Tribute to a LEGEND who Left us Too Soon
By Jaclyn Wallach

Scott Dinsmore Legendary Human
By Yvonne Whitelaw

Scott Dinsmore: A Living Legend Lives on in me
By Delvalene Whitten-Hing

Scott Dinsmore: 30 Quotes (or Dinsmorisms) For Living Your Legend
By Kyle Wood

Scott Dinsmore, You Changed Our Lives in the Most Profound Way
By Troy and Dorene Young

Scott Dinsmore Tribute
By David Zwarych

As you can clearly see, Scott touched so many lives – our continued thanks to everyone who has contributed their own thoughts and feelings in honor of Scott.

With gratitude,

The Live Your Legend Team

P.S.  For those of you who are planning to contribute to the tribute video for Scott, please submit your video by this Thursday, September 24 2015, Midnight PST. Information on the video and posting instructions are here.