Making Magic: How to Create Immediate Trust with Virtually Anyone (+ my humiliating breakdancing video)

Making Magic: How to Create Immediate Trust with Virtually Anyone (+ my humiliating breakdancing video)

Create Immediate Trust with Anyone

The Magic of Creating Trust

To be honest, I’ve been a tad terrified to write this post for almost a week.

Mainly because, after much convincing from some of our CWA graduates, I’ve agreed to publish one of the most embarrassing videos I’ve ever filmed (at end of this post).

But today is not about me.

It’s about you.

About being YOU. About us being US.

The Fastest Way to Kill Trust & Have a Miserable Life

Trust is the foundation of everything meaningful.

It takes a lifetime to build and an instant to crush.

Without it you have no business.

You have no friendship.

You have no marriage.

You have, well…nothing.

But every day so many people act in a way that’s consistent with sabotaging any chance of creating the genuine trusting connections that make life matter.

How, you ask?

We try to be someone we’re not.

We pretend.

We try to puff our chest up and act like we’re better than we are.

We think that just because the person next to us has all the answers (they never do), then we have to act the same.

I’ve felt this more times than I’d like to remember.

While surrounding yourself with inspiring passionate people is the fasted way to transform your ability to change the world, if you’re not careful, you might feel like you have to fake it.

But this inauthenticity is the death of everything that matters.

It took me a while to learn. I used to want to be someone else. I used to envy my investment banker friends. I used to want their lives, and be embarrassed to tell them about mine.

But it wasn’t until I got over it, and realized what actually mattered to me, that the magic began.

That’s why people came out of the woodwork to support my ideas. That’s why our movement at Live Your Legend exists.

I stopped giving a sh*t about what other people thought about me, and instead focused on being who I actually was. And sharing that in a genuine and helpful way with the people around me.

That was not easy. Not even close. And I still get it wrong all the time.

But that’s when everything changed.

Creating Trust is Simple

All you have to do is share who you really are with those around you.

Sure, easier said than done, but still incredibly simple.

We must be willing to show others we don’t have it all figured out.

To be a beginner and have the courage to ask and offer help.

That is what creates the most powerful connections in the world. 

That’s what builds the relationships that make the impossible not only possible, but probable.

It’s also what allows you have the most real, surreal and crazy experiences life could offer.

So in honor of people having the courage to be themselves, I want to share two damn inspiring videos from our recent CWA graduates.

They filmed these on their own, with no scripting. They claim to be introverts and have never been in front of a camera like this.

Yet they decided to lean into the fear and share their story, hoping it would inspire others.

A Tribute to Vulnerability…

Naz & Melanie:


The Dancing Fool

I make it a habit to be a beginner. To learn by doing. To look a tad silly at times.

So in the attempt to let it hang out a bit, and find a fun weekly date with Chelsea, I’ve recently started taking up breakdancing.

And I warn you – I am horrible.

Watching this video makes me cringe.

But why the hell not share it with you all?

Thanks to Nikki and CWA mastermind team Amigas, for giving me the push to go through with this…

Don’t see the videos? Click here.

Be Willing to Be Unashamedly YOU

Yeah I suck at breakdancing.

I suck at a lot of stuff.

And I’m terrified of lot’s more – like writing this, taking a stage and launching the biggest project of my life.

I constantly wonder if people will see value in what we offer.

I lose sleep over stupid things, like how to write a headline.

I have the music taste of a teenage girl – who doesn’t love Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus?!

I often feel like I have no idea what the hell I’m doing.

I used to be ashamed of this stuff.

Sure, you can go around acting like you’re someone you’re not.

You can puff your chest up and act big.

The only problem is you’re fooling no one.

Everyone knows these people are full of sh*t.

Stop holding everything so close to the chest.

Be proud of how crazy your ideas are.

Because as soon as you embrace you, you’ll start to make friends with more of the ‘crazy’ ones.

And that’s when things start to get interesting.

That’s why we created Live Your Legend. And it’s why I poured my heart and soul into creating How to Connect with Anyone.

And thank you to Naz, Melanie, Leah, Liz, Lorena, Kevin, Dean, Kerri, Stacy, Laurent, Ben and the rest of you who leaned into the fear and filmed your first video to show tens of thousands of our readers a little bit about who you really are.

You’ve given us more courage than you surely realize.

Let’s dance,


For the comments: Be vulnerable – share one thing about who you really are!

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