Announcing The Live Your Legend Creators’ Guild Online Community (it’s free) + Official Blog Challenge Entry Form

Announcing The Live Your Legend Creators’ Guild Online Community (it’s free) + Official Blog Challenge Entry Form

“It is better to create than to learn! Creating is the essence of life.”

– Julius Caesar


Check in below for details on entering your blog into the Start a Blog Challenge & the $500 WDS 2014 ticket giveaway.

You’ll also find a special invitation to join our brand new LYL Creators’ Guild Private Online Community. It’s free to you, and I think it’s going to take our creation potential to a whole new level.


Creation Creates Possibility

This is a driving force for so much of the work we do at Live Your Legend.

You can consume, read and learn until you’re blue in the face, but it’s all for nothing until you actually decide to drive your stake in the ground and start applying your strengths, talents and passions to create things of your own. That’s when people start to pay attention, and that’s when your work starts to make a difference.

That’s why we spent so much time last month focusing on our Start a Blog Challenge.

When you write (or record audio, video or any type of self-expression), you begin to learn about yourself. When you get your ideas out of your head, they begin to transform. They also actually start to have a chance of helping the people around you.

Nothing has been more powerful in creating my career and finding the work I can’t not do than developing a consistent habit of writing and creating.

That’s why it was amazing to see over 300 of you create blogs last month!!

Thank you for deciding to take a stand and move from observer and learner to doer. That’s the kind of action that starts to change everything.

And as promised, one of you creators will be winning a $500 ticket to World Domination Summit 2014! So today I wanted to share the official rules for the Start a Blog Challenge.

But First Let’s Start with Why – The Real Goal of This Challenge

To be crystal clear, this challenge is not about building an online business or making money from your blog. It’s not about how many subscribers or page views you can get. That’s not at all what this is about. In fact, it’s not even about winning a ticket to WDS 2014.

This challenge is about YOU.

The goal is for you to develop a life-changing habit of sharing ideas and creating value for the world. For you to use your writing as a sandbox for running personal experiments, developing your thoughts and understanding the impact you want to make in the world.

That is all that matters. And the wonderful thing is that’s 100% in your control.

Here are the Official Rules:

#1 You must write 500 words each week between now and December 31st.

That’s starting this week! This could be two posts of 250 words or three or one. All that matters is that you hit 500 words, which is a very small number once you start writing. (This post is already at 418.) Or if you’re doing a video show or podcast, then one new piece of content a week will do. It can be in any language, too. English is not a requirement.

#2 Any type of content is welcome: text, video, audio – you name it.

Writing is the fastest for most of us to get up and running, but all I care about is inspiring you to create something of value. You decide.

#3 Share what you learned at the end of the year.

This challenge is all about self experimentation and discovery. So once the year is over and you’ve written one post a week, we want to hear what it’s taught you about yourself, life, the world, anything. You will get 250 words to share your experience with us, so make ’em count!

#4 All entries will be reviewed and a winner chosen in early January.

The next wave of WDS tickets go on sale in January, I believe, so we’ll announce the winner before that happens.

#5 Everyone wins!

That is the point. If you write and express your ideas, your world will change. So no matter what, everyone wins.

In Order to Enter the Challenge, You Must Follow These Steps:

Step #1: Fill Out this Short Form Telling Us about Your Blog & Goals

This is super important as it will not only help you stay accountable, but it will also allow everyone else in the challenge to see your blog and help you along the way. Despite this being a “Challenge,” this is a team effort. And we will all be better off if we do this together.

*Important: You must fill this form out by November 12th to be entered into the WDS giveaway.

Step #2: Join our free LYL Creators’ Guild Private Community on Facebook

This is the really exciting part!

Given how important surroundings, collaboration, inspiration, feedback and accountability are for any project – and especially when creating and sharing ideas – yesterday I decided to create a special online community dedicated purely to the writers and creators in Live Your Legend and the members of this challenge.

It’s a place where we can share links to our work, form accountability groups, help each other in our own areas of expertise and just have a lot more fun as we go on to create things.

*Important: You must have a blog or way of sharing your ideas in order to join the Guild.

Once you have your blog and complete the Step #1 Application Form, then please click here to request access to the LYL Creators’ Guild.

The Guild is invitation only, so we’ll be sure to approve you as soon as we see your request come through!

Step #3: Create & Help

That’s the fun part. 🙂

Write Consistently, Publish Weekly (at the least) and Add Value to the Other Members of the Community

If we can all promise to do that, this challenge and our new community of creators is going to be a runaway success for everyone who steps foot inside.

You all are in charge of whether that happens or not.

I’ve given you the tools and the community. Now it’s up to you to do something with it.

I cannot wait to see what this turns into.

And more importantly, I’m super excited to see what you all create!


P.S. If you are a little late to the party and still don’t have your blog, that’s totally fine. Unfortunately, you won’t be eligible for the WDS ticket, but you still get to transform your life and career by building a consistent writing and creation habit.

So if you don’t have your blog yet, watch my short video tutorial and two-step process on How to Start a Blog in Under 10 Minutes with Zero Tech Experience.

P.P.S. If any of you have questions about the challenge or the rules, please leave them in the comments so everyone can learn from them.