3-Day Scholarship Contest: What Impact Would You Make with the Help of ANYONE You Wanted? (win course access for life)

3-Day Scholarship Contest: What Impact Would You Make with the Help of ANYONE You Wanted? (win course access for life)

“Hang around people who do big things, and big things you will do.” – Unknown

The 3-Day Comment Contest Starts Now: Win a Lifetime Scholarship to How to Connect with Anyone 

It’s time for some fun!

Next Tuesday morning July 29th at 9am PST is the opening of our fifth class of How to Connect with Anyone, and to keep with tradition, today I want to throw down a challenge and give you the chance to win a free lifetime course scholarship.

To enter, all you have to do is answer one question in the comments by this Friday at midnight PST. Then on Monday I’ll announce the winner (we might even have more than one!). Everyone is welcome to enter. If you’ve entered in the past, all the better – I want to hear your most up to date dream!

Here are the questions:

  1. How would your life be different if you had the help of anyone you wanted?
  2. What would you pursue, what would you create, what would you do, what impact would you make?

Tell us your dream in 4 sentences or less. All we want to know is how you could most benefit from the How to Connect with Anyone course. Can’t wait to hear!

Email readers, click here to enter the contest.

Or read on for a little more background…

I owe everything I have to the people around me.

Everything I’ve created. Everything I’ve experienced. Everything I’ve gotten to do. And certainly nothing about Live Your Legend would exist if it weren’t for the people in my corner. The people who’ve shown me what’s possible and those who have refused to let me fail.

That started with my parents and family. Then my wife Chelsea. My friends. The authors, the TED speakers, the peers and mentors who have built things before me and supported and inspired me to think bigger and act bigger. That includes you – and every member of our movement here.

Most people don’t do things because they don’t believe they’re possible.

And they don’t believe it’s possible because they don’t have anyone around them who’s done anything like it before. And worse yet, instead they often have a bunch of people telling them they’re stupid for trying. After all, what’s the point in trying if you know it can’t be done?

But that’s the exciting part.

Once we get a glimpse of possibility, everything starts to change.

Once we start to hang around people doing the things we didn’t think could be done, those ‘impossible’ actions, lifestyles and careers start to become normal. And with that new normal, our reality starts to change. We start to pursue the projects we always dreamed of, or better yet the projects we never had the courage or creativity to dream up in the first place.

Environment truly is everything.

That’s why we built our How to Connect with Anyone course and community.

It’s an in-depth training and community designed to guide you in surrounding yourself with the people who won’t let you fail.

It’s intimate by design. That’s why we only let a max of 250 people in each time we open it, despite a few thousand being on the wait list. We hand place you into mastermind & accountability groups – many of which have lead to best friendships and business partners for our past members. We show you how to add real value to anyone you meet and how to genuinely build lifelong relationships with the peers and mentors necessary to build your ideal career. But most importantly we provide an online community and environment that makes some pretty wild dreams and ideas actually become possible.

But you’ll hear more about all that next week – I’m most excited to show you the dozens of member/alumni video stories that have been submitted from around the world!

For now I want to challenge you…

What impact would you make if you had the support of anyone in the world?

What would you attempt? Would you write that bestseller, start that charity, lose those 30 pounds, quit that soul-sucking job or finally pursue your passion for art?

Dig deep, get creative, make it personal and have some fun with this.

Because with the right people in your corner, more is possible than we could ever imagine.

I look forward to sharing that with you.


P.S. You must submit your answer via a comment on LYL by this Friday at midnight PST. On Monday I will announce the winner, who will get a lifetime scholarship to Connect with Anyone and join us for all the fun starting next week.

Oh, and in a few days I’ll also be inviting you to a special free Connections Workshop I’m hosting this Monday that’s just for our community. Keep an eye out.

Now take 20 seconds and tell us your answer in the comments!