Announcing the Live Your Legend “Transformation Tree” – Our Latest Free Tool!

Typewriters back in time

Announcing the Live Your Legend “Transformation Tree” – Our Latest Free Tool!

 “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road’ll take you there”

– The Cheshire Cat, Alice In Wonderland

World Tour Update – Day 52: After a few surreal nights on The Galapagos Islands swimming with turtles, iguanas, penguins, sea lion pups and sharks slightly longer than my body, we arrived in Cartagena, Colombia on Monday.

I took the above picture a few blocks from our apartment, while wandering around old town Cartagena yesterday. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a typewriter used in real life, let alone a dozen in the same place. This confirms that there literally is a street stand for everything. And I think the guy in blue might be on break…

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Now, speaking of typewriters, let’s talk about Forward Progress…

The primary goal of LYL is pretty simple – to provide the tools and community necessary to help you make constant progress toward doing work you love and living a life you’re proud of.

And since living your legend is a never-ending journey (that’s the best part), our focus will always be on Forward Progress

No matter where you are along the journey, all that’s important is that you’re always doing something to get you a little bit closer to what matters. No matter how small or big those steps are, the important thing is that you take them.

Over the years of building Live Your Legend, thanks to interactions with tens of thousands of you, we’ve noticed a dozen or so steps along the journey from “I don’t have a clue” to “I’m doing exactly what I want to be doing.”

And everything we create is designed to help with one of those steps.

But what I realized is that if our hundreds of articles, tools and resources aren’t easily available, they’re just about as useless as before they existed.

This brings us to our latest free tool…

The Live Your Legend Transformation Tree

Live Your Legend Transformation Tree

I went through and categorized all our free resources based on the 14 biggest and most common challenges our community experiences, and we’ve listed them in a fun little drop-down tree of sorts.

So, today I want to be sure you know about it and start using it!

You can always find a link to the Transformation Tree in the blue section of the sidebar on the right side of any page on LYL by clicking on “Popular Posts”…

Transformation Tree Link

Here’s Your Task List for Today:

  1. Read over each of the 14 challenges and click on the one you need the most help with right now.
  2. Then commit to reading at least one of the articles and doing one thing to get you closer to solving your current struggle.
  3. Repeat. 🙂

Here Are The 14 Most Common Challenges We’re All Facing…

1. How to Get Started, Find Your Passion & Begin to Find & Do Work You Love

2. How to Take the First Step (and figure out what the hell it is!)

3. How to Build the Confidence to Be Who You Actually Are & Stop Lying to Everyone!

4. Understanding Fear, Realizing What’s Actually at Risk & Making it Fun

5. Making Difficult Decisions and What do Do Before You Quit

6. Discovering Untapped Motivation & Seeing the Proof of What’s Possible

7. Build Your Own Practical Results-Driven Education & Become Your Own Teacher of What Actually Matters

8. Building Your Brand and Creating a Movement

9. How to Stop Being Terrified of Public Speaking, Learn to Speak Like a Pro and Give a TEDx Talk that Goes Viral

10. How to Get People to Actually Listen & Build a Massive Following Around Your Idea

11. How to Build Your Idea into a Successful Six-Figure Blog, Website and Online Business

12. How to Get Over Your Fear of Selling and Learn The Way of the No-Pressure Ethical Influencer

13. Firing Toxic Friends and How to Surround Yourself with the World-Changing People Who Make Failure Impossible

14. Clearing Space and Figuring Out How to Create the Time to Get it All Done

Stop being so damn hard on yourself – PROGRESS is all that matters

It’s so easy to look to the top of the mountain and feel like it’s impossible to get from here to there. The key is to stop spending so much time starting at the peak – and intimidating the hell out of yourself.

Instead, focus on the work you have right in front of you.

That one thing you know you need to do today, to get you closer to making the difference you want to make in the world tomorrow.

That one task, addressing that one current challenge, is the only thing we’re really in control of.

So the way I see it, it’s the only thing we should be giving attention to.

You with me??

Now, pick something from the Transformation Tree and let’s get back to changing the world!

Ciao from a little wooden table in an overly hot and humid (but gorgeously authentic) Airbnb apartment overlooking old town Cartagena,


P.S. For those of you who recently joined our Dream Job Writing & Blog Challenge, this Transformation Tree should be especially helpful with getting your ideas into the world.

P.P.S. Here’s a glimpse from this week’s office…

Cartegena sweeping old town city viiew

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