Dressing Your Mind And Body for Success: A New Look for RFYS

Dressing Your Mind And Body for Success: A New Look for RFYS

Dress for Success

“Change is the essence of life. Be willing to surrender what you are for what you could become.”

-Mahatma Gandhi

Written by: Scott Dinsmore

Average Read Time: 5 minutes

I’ve always believed that if you want to do something, you have to act like you deserve it. Show the world that you are ready.

We hear this all the time when people talk about dressing for the job you want, not for the one you already have.

The clothes you wear are obviously only the beginning (and can surely make a big difference). But even more importantly is how we dress our minds- the attitude and beliefs we must adopt if we are looking to do something on an entirely new level.

Act like the person you want to be, represent them in your mind and actions, and soon that’s who you’ll become.

The same goes for your business and relationships.

That time has come for Reading For Your Success.

Dressing RFYS for Success

We must modify our appearance and expectations if we plan to think, act and be perceived on a higher level. It is time for Reading For Your Success to dress more for the role I want it to serve in your lives as readers and contributors going forward.

So in the next week or so you are going to notice a pretty big shift in the appearance and functionality of the site. As I’ve dedicated more focus to RFYS, and written more articles for other productivity and personal development sites (such as ThinkSimpleNowMakeItHappenWriteToDoneGoodLifeZen and Elance), my following has increased faster than I first could have hoped. A few readers have turned into hundreds, rapidly approaching a thousand. It’s been awesome. And thanks to you I truly believe this is only the beginning. The change is an important step forward.

The Vision for RFYS: Help You Discover Your Own Path to Success

When I first started RFYS, it was my way of sharing with the world, the books that I’d found to be most useful for finding and achieving one’s own success. For years it was solely a place for book reviews and summaries. But as I’ve learned more about the space and how I’d like to make my mark and help people, the focus has expanded and refocused at the same time.

RFYS has now become my vehicle for sharing and teaching the lessons I learn from my reading, doing, exploring, traveling, limit testing and life experimenting. To give you a better chance at understanding yourself and what you are most meant to do on this earth. To allow you to live life on your terms.

All of us are here for a reason. We’re all unique and can add value to society it our own ways. We are the only ones who can be the judge of that. How we spend our time or how we define success is not something society should tell us (they don’t have a clue anyway) and it’s not something we should aimlessly go about. There is nothing more important than intentionally discovering your own success and your unique purpose. And all this learning leads up to…

Discovering Your Own Path To Personal Freedom.

For now this is the tagline for the new site design. There will be plenty of testing as to the best fit and I hope to get lots of feedback from you all. The focus is on finding our own path and taking that road less traveled, which will surely make all the difference (it certainly has for me).

Here are some other tag line ideas. Which resonates most with you?

-Discovering life on your terms

-Discovering your own path to success

-Discovering your path, your terms, your success

-Discovering success on your terms

Purpose and freedom are something we all desire, yet few of us take the time to collect the tools for the journey, let alone learn how to use them. RFYS is my best shot at providing this guidance.

Some Ways I Hope You’ll Benefit:

  • Get motivated to better realize your goals and dreams
  • Find your unique strengths and purpose
  • Leverage your time to spend it doing things you love
  • Take action on new ideas to better your life experience
  • Lead healthier and richer relationships
  • Become a valuable addition to society and leave the world a little better than you found it

Making Positive Change

And this is just the beginning. In the future, I plan to use RFYS as a venue for offering all kinds of other tools to help you along the way.

How I Plan to Contribute Down the Road:

  • Writing more inspiring, take-action, articles and book summaries
  • Offering custom book suggestions relating to a reader’s goals
  • Writing a number of eBooks on the most powerful life-enhancing principles I’ve learned
  • Writing a physical book to further spread specific knowledge and experience
  • Offering one-on-one and group coaching for those seeking guidance with specific goals along the journey
  • Speaking to groups of motivated people on how to live life on your terms

While you can still find plenty of book summaries, it is now a place dedicated to finding your own path to success by learning and taking action through articles, summaries, courses, coaching and whatever else I come across. I want you to find success on your terms and this is my guide.

Why Make a Change?

The previous design of my site was put together on a very old Word Press Theme that provides little leverage with the new tools available (and Google’s little search robots don’t like archaic technology so much either). As a result, the site is a bit cluttered and lacking some focus.

I have wanted to make a change for a while but had only recently refocused the positioning and found a super talented group to help with the transition at the A-List Blogging Bootcamps. The team there and The A List Blogging Club have been an amazing resource for ideas, inspiration and connections over the past months and I can only imagine where it will take us going forward.

Improvements to Expect:

  • New header design: more focused on taking the road less traveled to find your unique success
  • Less clutter: more focused on the reader’s experience as opposed to other bells and whistles
  • Color scheme: I found something that’s a bit simpler and easier on the eyes
  • Usability: I hope this new format will make it more inviting to read, learn and act
  • Socializing: better ways to interact and share your stories through comments and social tools

Please Share Your Feedback

The design process can be a challenge as things never turn out as you first plan, but often much better once you get used to them. I hope the change doesn’t have any negative effects on you all. My only end goal is for the readers’ experience to be enhanced as a result. That’s why I do all this.

I cherish my readers and the interactions and comments I get on my work. So please share your thoughts. Be honest. If you don’t want to leave it in the comments then email me. I take your thoughts very seriously so I hope you’ll chime in. It would be a huge help for all of us.

Deserve Your Future

If you want to better live your purpose further down the road, you must dress your mind and body so that you deserve your desires.

Let this be a step in that direction for Reading For Your Success. Thanks for joining me on the journey. I can’t begin to express my gratitude for all of your support. There are good things to come.

“There is nothing wrong with change, if it is in the right direction.”

-Winston Churchill

What else would you like to see on the site? What would be more helpful? Which tag line do your prefer? What do you think of the new design (it should be up a few days after this post)? Please share in the comments or via email. It’s greatly appreciated.

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