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Here’s a question for you to think about it…How many times does the normal person think about quitting their job each day?  

After you download the free toolkit, look for the test that will wake you up and potentially change your life!

Hint:  the test will tell you if you regularly think about quitting your job!

When you become a member of the Live Your Legend community, you get free access to a toolkit of exclusive member-only resources.

We regularly add tools to this package.  Now this package is easily  valued at more than $97 based on years of research and experiments.

Valuable resources that begin to move you in the right direction!

All we ask is that you use them and share them with others.

These tools and resources will help you set massive goals, discover your passions and start doing work that makes you come alive, and start surrounding yourself with the people who make it possible!

Oh, and if you score high on the forthcoming test, the tools will really be valuable!

Simply put, our tools and more importantly the online Live Your Legend community will begin to help you find and do work you love.  If you need more hands on support, you have our totally free Local community to connect with other inspiring members.  We also have great resources for all of our member’s challenges that they face along their journey.

We’re committed to finding and doing work that we love and that makes us come alive!

And surrounding ourselves with supportive and passionate people that make it all possible!

Enjoy & Welcome to Live Your Legend!

Onward and upward,

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Here are the details of what you’ll get in the toolkit:

2017 Goal Setting and Action Workbook (PDF)

Our full goal-setting process we use internally, including 28 pages and 11 detailed steps. Fully-interactive PDF version for printing and filling out by hand or for typing directly into.

The 27 Questions to Ignite Your Spark (PDF)

The best questions for digging deep and discovering what lights you on fire.

2017 Weekly Planning Process and Template (PDF)

The template Tony Robbins uses to plan every week. We’ve used this for years to massively increase our productivity and gratitude.

How to Create Your Own Mastermind Team (PDF)

A comprehensive guide book and step-by-step template for building your small team of supporters to ensure you actually make progress on the things you care about.

The Connect with Anyone Creed High-Resolution Poster (Image Download)

The 32 core principles from our How to Connect with Anyone course in high-quality printable format to serve as a reminder of how to interact with the world and create the connections that change everything.

The Creed of Living Legends High-Resolution Poster (Image Download)

The principles and “rules” of our Revolution at Live Your Legend to find and do work you love and surround yourself with the people who make it possible. Perfect for printing out.