Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, Outsource Your Life and Join the New Rich: Updated 4-Hour Work Week

Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, Outsource Your Life and Join the New Rich: Updated 4-Hour Work Week

The 4-Hour Workweek: Expanded and Updated
by Timothy Ferriss
Pub. Date: 12/15/09, Crown
396 PagesSuccess Rating: 5
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Why I Read this Book: Whether you’re looking for a full life makeover or just a nice shot in the arm of what’s really possible, dive into this book. It will change you–more than any other book I’ve read.


I have realized something in the past three years since I read Tim’s first book: Timothy Ferriss is an absolute genius. The more I live by his suggestions and I experience the things he writes about and learn the tricks to better enjoy life, the more I realize that he literally must be one in a 100 million. My life has drastically changed since I read his first edition (for the better of course) and I have Tim to thank for a lot of it.

I met Tim in Omaha for Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting in 2007. I managed to track him down after he of course was one of the chosen few out of the 31,000+ shareholders to ask the Oracle a question. No surprise. That was a fun chat Tim. The timing was perfect as it was only weeks before saying goodbye to my job at the time and giving life a real go.

A short list of life ocurrences that I credit Tim with:

  • Outsourcing much of my work to India for $3-5/hr, anything from finding a Valentine’s day gift in a pinch to locating the lowest cost custom wallpaper company on the web to cruching numbers for a investment project
  • Applying Pareto’s 80/20 Principle to most areas of my life resulting in more time than I knew what to do with
  • Doubling the traffic to my website in less than a month
  • Quitting my job to find something more meaningful
  • Launching a career of my own–or should I a say an outcropping of careers
  • Owning 100% of my calendar
  • Inspiring others to do the same
  • Forming a relationship with Warren Buffett and his lovely assistant Debbie
  • The list goes on…
I have given Tim’s book to 8 close friends and 6 of them quit their job or made a significant life shift for something more meaningful–in a matter of weeks within finishing the book. I was one of them.
Tim’s basic premise is simple. Your life’s value, is not based on some arbitrary number in your bank account, but instead on the experiences you live and the time you have available for those experiences. Once you realize this and modify your priorities accordingly, you have successfully joined the “New Rich”. Sadly, the whole developed world teaches us from the start that money equals power and success. It doesn’t take a genius to realize how backwards this is in many ways. But it does take a genius to tell it in a story that will change one’s life. Thanks Tim.
A quick note about the title. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve told about this book and they immediately balk at the title. Relax guys. This is not really about working only 4 hours a week. It’s about using your time the best way available. He only chose this title because after extensive online tests, it was the one that got far and away the most hits.
I wrote a review a while back so I will not bother to be too repetitive. Instead, enjoy the review (link at bottom). If you’ve read it before, great. I suggest you read it again. Same goes for Tim’s book. I’ve read it 4 times now and I continue to find new epiphanies.
The biggest differences in the two editions are two fold. One, Tim is now an official rockstar on the bestseller list for over 110 weeks. And two, there are thousands more examples of people quitting the deferred life plan and joining the New Rich. Kids, adults, families, mothers, fathers, and many of their experiences are shared in the book. Adds mountains of inspiration and “I could do this too” thinking.
Tim has turned conventional wisdom regarding career trajectory and social standing on its ear and replaced it with a lifestyle-design-rich existence of the things and experiences that really makes the world worth experiencing. Life is for living, not getting to the next rung. You’ll never be satisfied with that anyway.
I owe him a great praise of gratitude and I look forward to the day our paths cross again, hopefully somewhere outside the country this time. This book has changed my life and that of many of the people around me. It may very well go down as the most influential, practical, directly applicable read that ReadingForYourSuccess has come across. It’s robbery that you can get it on Amazon for less than 12 bucks.
Whether you’re looking for a full life makeover or just a nice shot in the arm of what’s really possible, dive into this book. It will change you.
How has Tim changed your life? At what point did you realize time was more important than money? Is it something you still stand to learn? Share with us in the comments section below.

~Reading for Your Success

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