Everyday Legends: From Concept to Co-Creating a Christmas Book – Interview with Steve and Polina

Everyday Legends: From Concept to Co-Creating a Christmas Book – Interview with Steve and Polina

Hey Legends,

This Everyday Legends Interview is going to wrap up the series for 2019 – and it couldn’t be more timely. 🙂 This is the first time I have interviewed not one, but two, legends because they collaborated on this project together.

And, while I know I am guilty of saying that every single one of these interviews is special (because they are!)… this one is extra special because I have known both of these individuals for quite some time! Polina has been the Live Your Legend Local Toronto host for many years – and back in 2016, I went and visited the group. And Steve was also a Live Your Legend Local Host who eventually worked for Live Your Legend for a period of time, so it is quite interesting and exciting to now be featuring them on this series – which is all about giving you real-life examples of people who have turned their passions into profits!

I absolutely love their story because it takes two people who knew-of but didn’t necessarily know each other and shows what can unfold when you stay in your passions and strengths but detached from the outcome.

Steve had a story idea but knew he couldn’t make a book on his own without visuals.

Polina loves to draw and participated in a 30 day Instagram art challenge.

Steve saw Polina’s post and had the courage to reach out.

Polina had the courage to say yes.

And today they have a living breathing Christmas Story (which they reveal in the interview!)

It truly is a picture-perfect example of finding something you love/enjoy/are passionate about and sticking with that because it brings you joy – rather than it being attached to a specific outcome – and how when you do that, it can, in-time, come together and create something absolutely beautiful!

If you want to find out more or read Steve and Polina’s book (or buy a Christmas story with a great story behind it!), you can find more information here.

Happy Holidays to all of you – near and far,

Chelsea Dinsmore

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