Everyday Legends: From Big Law to Leaving Law Behind – Interview with Casey Berman

Everyday Legends: From Big Law to Leaving Law Behind – Interview with Casey Berman

Hi Legends,

I am SO excited to bring you our latest Everyday Legend—Casey Berman, of Leaving Law Behind.

He has a story that really touches my heart because I have had so many people say to me…

“I am not happy in my current position but I invested a lot of money, and time, to get here! There is no way that I can ‘waste’ all that and make a change!”

This statement tends to come from doctors, lawyers or any other profession that takes a tremendous amount of investment in both money and time. But… just because you made a decision at one stage of your life, doesn’t mean you are bound to that decision for the rest of your life.

Easy for me to say because I haven’t personally been in that predicament, right?! Which is why I snagged some of Casey’s time, so that he could share his experience of transitioning out of law to starting a business called Leaving Law Behind where he helps fellow unsatisfied lawyers make the transition away from law into something that they feel more aligned with!

We cover a lot of topics but a few highlights include:

  • Identifying what Casey calls your ‘unique genius’
  • Choosing courage over commitment consistency
  • What inspired Casey to make a move away from big law and the challenges he didn’t anticipate on the other side
  • Why Casey believes fear is the root of all your obstacles
  • Learning not to attach your worth to your outcome
  • Turning cycles of self-sabotage into cycles of self-empowerment
  • How to fall into the grace of letting things unfold for you, rather than trying to control them…
  • And so much more!

You don’t want to miss Casey’s wisdom, so be sure to listen! I hope you will learn from and be inspired by Casey’s story. We’d love to hear your take-aways, so please let us know in the comments below.

To check out more about what Casey is offering, head over to Leaving Law Behind.

Here’s to honoring what is true for you, regardless of what previous decisions have been made!

– Chelsea Dinsmore