I Have a Request… or, Frequently Asked Questions

Here at Live Your Legend we get a lot of requests. Many of them fall into these common categories:

Because we get so many requests, it’s often difficult for us to respond individually to each one we receive. And we don’t want you to think we’re not being responsive, or that we don’t read your emails—we do. So, we’ve created this FAQ to address these common questions.

Transformation Stories/Reader Spotlights

Please note that if you have a compelling personal transformation story that we could feature as one of our Living Legend Transformation Stories or Reader Spotlights, please complete and submit this form [link to form]. We will use this information as we consider telling your story on the Live Your Legend blog at some point in the future.

Guest Posting on Live Your Legend

Live Your Legend is not accepting guest posts at this time. Our editorial calendar is full for the remainder of 2016. However, if you are interested in guest posting for us in the future, please complete and submit this form [link], and we’ll keep your information on file when we open to guest posts in the future.

Promoting Your Offering (Book, Course, Service, etc.)

We are entirely focused on serving the Live Your Legend community with top-quality free content, with in-person communities through Live Your Legend Local, and with our premium courses for those who want to go deep or receive more focused support in finding and doing the work that matters to them. While it might seem easier to look at external products or courses or offerings that might serve the community, rather than create them ourselves, reviewing the offerings of others—for appropriate alignment to the LYL values, and for outstanding value to our community—takes significant time, and at this time our time and energy are focused on creating and delivering the information and guidance and support that will help the most Living Legends achieve the personal and professional transformations they desire.


Provided you are not using the Live Your Legend platforms (Facebook groups, courses, LYLL meetups) to overtly sell your coaching services to others (“No Selling” is a big rule in our platforms, because we want everyone to feel safe and not constantly “sold” to), if you find someone who’s requesting coaching services, and you can meet that need, by all means reach out to help them. All we ask is that you don’t position yourself as affiliated with or approved by Live Your Legend—please be clear with your potential clients about your coaching credentials and experience.

Partnerships (including Affiliates)

We have chosen our few partners very carefully, and we cultivate those relationships we feel best serve the Live Your Legend community. Much like our response about Promoting Your Offering, reviewing partnership opportunities is time-consuming, as we want to assure that anything we offer the community is aligned with our values and provides provides tremendous benefit to our community, and that review takes time away from the work that we feel is core to our mission. This is not to say we won’t consider mutually beneficial partnerships, just that we are limited in the time we can reasonably devote to them, and we’ll select any we do move forward with very carefully. Please address any partnership requests to partnerships@liveyourlegend.net.

Speaking/Interviews/Writing Articles or Guest Posts for Your Publication

We love sharing our vision and mission with the world! If you have an idea for something you’d like Chelsea or a member of the Live Your Legend team to contribute to, please visit our Media page for more information on requests of this type.

Anything else you think we should include on this FAQ page? Please send us an email to support@liveyourlegend.net and let us know!