Featured Blog Posts: How Your ‘Passion’ Can Help You and Hurt You

Featured Blog Posts: How Your ‘Passion’ Can Help You and Hurt You

Happy Thursday Legends,

I have a confession to make. I kinda hate the word passion…

I mean, I love it and hate it at the same time… It’s a trigger word for me both good and bad. Good because following my passion has allowed me to build a life that is filled with a lot less stress and a lot more ease. Not necessarily less work, but ‘passionate work’ feels fun and exciting… while effortful work feels utterly mind-numbing. And that is powerful discovery because it allows you to show up energetic and inspired versus drained and deflated.

But, simultaneously, there might be no word that has brought me greater stress than the word passion. Because while I know and love the feelings described above, I have also lived through the times where finding or living out my passion felt like a huge burden. Like something was wrong with me that I wasn’t one of ‘those people’ who were seemingly struck by the lightning bolt of life purpose. 

So, while this singular word has brought me unparalleled joy, it has also brought me a lot of pressure. And that’s why today I want to share a few articles that debunk the myths around this little word and how it should look, feel and be a part of your life.

What If You Have More Than One Passion?

It’s funny how such an innocent question, “What are you working on these days?” can create an existential crisis.  In this video, I share some of my truths and insights around passion and purpose.

5 Debilitating Myths About Discovering Your Passion

Find your passion! Do what you love!  How often have you heard those phrases being thrown around the online world?

The 4 Required and Necessary Steps to Discover Your Passion

Living with passion is living in the state of doing things that matter to you. You are the only one who can define what you want out of your life.

Why You Might Be Looking For Your ‘Passion’ in All the Wrong Places

Why do you do what you do? It’s a question that the Live Your Legend community circles around constantly. And the answer is of course passion. If you can do anything, how do you pick the right thing?

I hope you find something in these articles helpful to release pressure and find joy in the discovery and pursuit of your passion!

Happy reading, 

Chelsea Dinsmore