Everyday Legends: From Superbowl to Stylist – Interview with Alli from The Classy Broad

Everyday Legends: From Superbowl to Stylist – Interview with Alli from The Classy Broad

Hi Guys,

I am super excited to release our Everyday Legends series which is where we take the concept of turning your passion into your profession and give you real, living, breathing, examples of everyday people just like you who have done it. This whole living your legend thing isn’t just a title of a website, real people that have a been a part of our community are out there doing it!

In both the work I have done to build a life I personally love (under planned and unexpected conditions) and in helping our mastermind members do the same, I know that it takes an ongoing balance of education, inspiration, and action to make it happen.

  • Education: Because there are others out there that have done it that we can learn from. Almost any other new skill we learn – languages, sports, subjects, etc., we have a teacher or coach to get us from where we are to where we want to be. And the same should be true for personal development. We have loads of those tools for you at LYL, but you’ll also learn from the legends here sharing their stories!
  • Inspiration: This is important for the times you doubt yourself or the reality of your dreams – because trust me, this is bound to happen at some stage. It still happens to those who have something up and running! Because anytime we grow to a new layer beyond our current comfort zone, self-doubt is a natural human reaction. It doesn’t mean we have to listen to that reaction, we can choose how we respond when it comes up, but it is human nature. So, these legends are here to remind you that it is possible!
  • Action: Because you can have all the education and inspiration in the world, but at the end of the day, you determine how you spend your time, what you focus on and how you design your days. You can have tools, but it’s up to you to use them. Those who are proactive will move forward, even if and when they don’t know how… but those who are reactive will continue to hope, wish and wait for things to fall in their lap.

I see these three things as being major roadblocks for most people I connect and work with regularly so I hope this series will help fuel all three for all of you out there!

Today I talk to Alli, founder of The Classy Broad, who went from an amazing job, to pursuing her passion.

Wait, what? Did you just say from one amazing job to another?

Yep….She wasn’t in a place of frustration or desperation, in fact all signs were telling her to stay right where she was! But she still found the courage to listen to inspiration over logic. And in listening to that deeper part of herself, she went from Superbowl to Stylist and has so much wisdom to share.

A few highlights include:

  • How you can goal your way into something, but it may not always be the right thing.
  • Why it’s important to take note of your moments of joy.
  • Why your champions and your support system are super important in helping you realize your potential.
  • How Alli used to separate fun from work but then realized she could incorporate the two.
  • What made Alli make a change, because she was living her dream job, but as her life changed, she needed to adapt her dreams.
  • The single question that motivated Alli to take action… because you can think about it, or you can do it!
  • Why you can make a decision for now, not forever.
  • How often times commitment consistency can keep us stuck in the thing that is no longer right for us.
  • The realities of owning your own business, the challenges that come with it and the advice that Alli has around that.
  • Why your current connections matter more than you think.
  • And so much more…

I love how beautifully Alli’s story unfolded because she followed her interests and curiosity. She began a website simply to share what was in her brain while she was still in her job, and then when the time was right to take it full time, the leap didn’t feel so big. Textbook Live Your Legend stuff right there!

I hope you will be learn from and be inspired by Alli’s story.

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Please let Alli or myself know if you have questions, or comments below. Otherwise, be sure to check out all of Alli’s pretty things over on her website at The Classy Broad or on Instagram.

Here’s to turning your passion project into your profession… just add a little love, time and hard work, 🙂

– Chelsea Dinsmore