Get $1,087 in Personal Development Courses for $97 – 2 day sale (plus free download)

Get $1,087 in Personal Development Courses for $97 – 2 day sale (plus free download)

**Sorry folks, the sale is now closed.

“Dedicate yourself to continuous learning & experiment, and passion will always be close at hand.”

In case you haven’t noticed yet, I am absolutely crazy about learning.

Second to doing (which happens to be the best form of learning), there is nothing more important to living a life on purpose and on passion than going to school on yourself.

For the past 10+ years, I’ve treated my life as an ongoing experiment. I’m constantly testing what I might like and what I might be good at. I’m thankful for the process and it’s no doubt why this site even exists.

Some of the best ways to do this are by reading, watching videos, mapping out ideas, hanging out with mind-blowing inspiring people and most importantly putting ideas to action.

The equation is simple: Learning + Testing = Working on Purpose & Living with Passion.

The more we know about ourselves, the better chance we have of doing something that actually matters to us and the world. But that doesn’t happen on its own. We have to seek these people, resources and experiments out. And then work our ass off to find out what sticks.

It all starts with a dedication to learn.

And the best part is some of the most valuable educations cost very little, if anything at all. Last week I found just that opportunity and I have to share it with you all.

Get $1,087 in personal development books and courses for $97 – 72 hour sale

Just last week, an unreal opportunity came up to learn from 22 of the top entrepreneurs, authors and bloggers for less than 90% of what their books and courses usually cost. No joke. This sale is insane. And it only lasts for 72 hours–There’s just over two days left.

Click here for the full details of every author and course offered.

Those of you who are loyal readers know that I rarely promote others’ products on this site. The only time I do is when they have had a massive effect on me and over-delivered on value in a huge way. This is over-delivery at it’s finest. These are the resources that have helped get me where I am.

Most of these courses cost $50 or so on their own. For me stuff like this is a no brainer. My guess is some of you will agree. I bought the same package and can’t wait to dive in.

If we want to do big things, we have to learn from the people doing them.

The right models are priceless. Both for living life and doing business. An extra benefit of these resources, is if you’ve been planning on creating your own eBook or course, this can serve as the perfect way to learn how to do it right. That was the biggest benefit last time I purchased a package like this. Let these be your model for your next product.

Here are the details:

  • 22 eBooks and courses for $97 – full retail is $1087
  • Top entrepreneurs including Leo Babauta, Jonathan Mead and Charlie Gilkey
  • Sale ends Thursday 6/23 at 12noon PST – No sales will be made after that for any reason–when it’s done, it’s done. The package will not be offered again.
  • $5 from every sale gets donated to research to prevent Kidney Disease.
  • A bonus from me…

As a free bonus, I’ve created the “27 Questions to Find Your Passion” PDF Report for any of you who decide to buy through this site (your support helps me keep working hard to provide all this free content for you all- so thanks!). I’ve put together a report that contains the most thought-provoking questions on understanding passion and purpose from 10+ years of testing and learning. No matter your age or stage, this report will make you think deeply about what matters. Just forward your purchase confirmation to my email and I’ll send you the PDF once the sale’s over.

I want you to benefit from this stuff as much as I have. I’m here to help.

Only buy these if you plan to use them.

Remember this is only a good deal if you actually plan to use the resources. Don’t buy it if it’s just going to collect cobwebs on your hard drive somewhere. Nothing good comes of that. Instead, pick a couple titles that excite you and plan to devour them over then next week or two. Make this worth your while.

Whether you take advantage of the these tools or not is totally your call. Most importantly, be sure to read, learn, experiment and go through life awake.

See what you notice.

**Sorry folks, the sale is now closed.