Get Featured on LiveYourLegend! (share your story & win a coaching session or $100 cash): Reader Spotlight

Get Featured on LiveYourLegend! (share your story & win a coaching session or $100 cash): Reader Spotlight

Inspire us with your story LYL Reader Spotlight

“We don’t accomplish anything in this world alone … and whatever happens is the result of the whole tapestry of one’s life and all the weavings of individual threads from one to another that creates something.”

– Sandra Day O’Connor

Letting Our Community Inspire

In honor of Live Your Legend’s first full year on earth (as of tonight at midnight), and my eigth year helping people do work they love, it’s time to step it up a notch.

And the only way we can do it is with you.

Last week I asked you how we could take this community to a new level. How we could bring us all together to inspire, help and support each other to Live Our Legends. Your responses nearly put me to tears – both in your praise and your ideas.

The most invigorating ideas included:

  • Live in-person events hosted by LYL (the first one of those will be in S.F. in about a month- more on that soon!)
  • Satellite in-person meetups hosted by our readers around the world – anyone is welcome to host 🙂
  • Have a mini social network of sorts for readers to share their own inspiring stories, goals and talents so they can get accountability, give and get help, and inspire one another
  • Achieve a common goal such as raise money for a charity together
  • Create a premium membership for those who want a more focused & dedicated community to help them Live Their Legends

Your ideas left me literally shaking with excitement. In fact, I couldn’t sleep, which is why I’m writing this at 4am…


Thanks to you, there are some very powerful community focused tools to come.

And to start I want to put the spotlight directly on YOU.

For the past six years (back when I first started writing online), you have inspired me with your stories in unreal ways.

I cannot tell you the types of emails I get every day from people doing amazingly inspiring, creative and all together different stuff. I wish you could see them. Up until now, I was the only one hearing about the talent of our community – and the only one getting to soak in all your inspiration.

But I want that to change – I want to give you the chance to do the same for the rest of our community.

The true value of any gathering is not in the themes discussed or the topic of the keynote. That’s all great and can take us to powerful places. But the true magic of a community, whether it’s virtual, in person or both, is what happens when the community beings to share and put their minds together to make meaningful change. I’ve seen some of this go on in the comments, and I love that. But I want to find a better way.

That starts now.

So today I want to announce…

The Launch of Monthly Living Legends Reader Spotlights

Of all the responses I got last week, this was at the top: allow the community to share their stories, projects and accomplishments as a way to inspire the rest of the community, as well as get help from everyone else, in achieving their goals.

So starting today I am going to give all of you the chance to share a story of something you’re doing (or have accomplished) to make a positive impact, to Live Your Own Legend, no matter how big or small.

The goals are simple:

  • Inspire our community to pursue wild, fun and unique projects, to Live Their Legends, by showing them what other LYL readers are doing
  • Provide a way for all of us to give and get help on our projects from the rest of the community of all you crazy talented folks
  • Promote and share your projects with our community to help make it a success
  • And more selfishly, to get ideas from all of you, for me to go out and put to work in my own life 🙂
Here’s how it will work:
  1. Using the form below (or on LYL at this page) you share your unique project, goal or accomplishment as well as how you’d like help to make it happen, and include a link back to your site related to the project (so the world can see it!).
  2. Each month I will choose 10 of them to feature and send out to our whole community – Eventually I’d like to feature every project submitted. In fact I want to document 1,000 of these over the course of our time here.
  3. I will choose one of you to do a free live coaching session to help you succeed any way I know how. And to kick this off right, I will choose another one of your submissions to receive $100 in cash to invest in the success of your project. (When Chris Guillebeau gave me $100 at the World Domination Summit earlier this month, he said to invest it in something meaningful – I cannot think of a better way!)

So how’s that sound? All you have to is fill out the form below and next week I’ll announce the coaching and $100 winner and feature a bunch of you to the rest of our community next month.

Wondering what types of projects I’m talking about? The only requirement is that it’s something that’s truly meaningful to you and gets you closer to Living Your Own Legend. Either a past accomplishment or a future goal. This could literally cover anything.

Some examples I’ve recently learned about are:

  • Donate to a different charity every day (or week or month) for a year and get others to do the same
  • Walk, run, or bike across the U.S. (or whatever distance – the length doesn’t matter) to raise awareness for a cause you believe in
  • Quit a toxic job
  • Negotiate a remote work schedule
  • Get your first client – helping them with something using your unique talents
  • Start a charity to provide education to young girls in Sierra Leone, or give clean water to those in need, or whatever…
  • Write your first book
  • Write the first chapter to your first book or maybe just write something every day for a few weeks
  • Provide a random act of kindness or find a way to uniquely help a new person every day for a month
  • Rent an R.V. with your husband and two kids to tour Mexico and teach them about the world
  • Sell all your stuff and attend a mediation retreat in Nepal

Are you seeing a trend?

The point is anything goes – as long as it’s meaningful to you and gets you closer to doing what matters. The more creative the better!

Impact is Our Only Measure

I have one way of measuring the success of Live Your Legend…


The value our community gets from being a part of what we’re building. Both from the material I write and create as well as what other members share and support along our journey.

That’s all that matters to me, and my guess is that’s all that matters to all of you.

Up until now, this has mainly been a one way street. In the sense that I’ve created content and you all have consumed it.

It’s time for that to change.

This community does not exist because of me. It exists because of all you. Because you felt compelled to listen to, support, share and act upon the ideas put fourth in our products, videos and articles.

Live Your Legend is based on the belief that everyone can Live Their Legend. It’s not just for the lucky few. All it takes is the right creativity & wanting it badly enough, combined with the proper support & inspiration. That starts with the smallest of steps.

This site is not about me. It’s about all of you and our quest to make an impact in a way each of us are uniquely capable of.

The more we can see the inspiring things that so many around us are already doing, the more it will raise us to a new level and inspire our own actions. The more our community sees this, the more change we’ll create and the more we can help each other. And the snowball will continue to build with the new members that join us every day.

Think of how fast that snowball could grow. Think of the impact it could have.

Up until now, that growth has been limited by me not giving all of you a better chance to share the stories that shift our thinking.

Our community is nearly 16,000 strong at this point (and over 40,000 of you visit each month).

We can have a bigger impact than we realize.

In a word, the future of Live Your Legend comes down to community. To sharing our inspirations, ideas and fears with those around us, to give us a new belief of what’s possible.

This community, this movement, is what it is because of who you all are.

I want you to be a bigger part of that.

I want you to have the chance to inspire our community as much as you’ve inspired me.

If you don’t have a project or an idea yet, that’s totally fine. I hope what you read about your fellow LYL community members will inspire you to launch your own.

And that’s exactly the point.

Inspirational stories of those around us have the power to influence and ignite emotions, and in turn, actions.

It’s time for you to provide that inspiration for each other.

Everything starts by starting.

Before long the momentum becomes unstoppable.

I can’t wait to hear from you!

Please tell us your story by filling in the form below.

Thank you for doing what you do.

We’re inspired,


P.S. In order to have your story featured and to be entered to win the free coaching session or the $100 cash, you must fill out the below form by Sunday 7/29 at Midnight PST. So I’d jump on it!

Also, if you know someone on an amazing quest who you think would like to share it with us, please share this with them. We’d love to have them a part of what we’re building!

**Email Readers: Since you’re reading this in email, you need to click here to access the form on LYL.


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