Getting Out There & 3 Examples Of What Happens When The People Around You Refuse to Let You Fail: LYL Reader Spotlight #7

Getting Out There & 3 Examples Of What Happens When The People Around You Refuse to Let You Fail: LYL Reader Spotlight #7

This is a special post by Liz Seda.

Every month or so we profile a few members from our Live Your Legend community who are doing their part to make an impact on the world.

We do this both to show you what’s possible, and to give us all a chance to support their dreams.

Today we have a special group of Legends – all of the below folks are graduates from our flagship How to Connect with Anyone course and community.

Connect With Anyone isn’t just a course, it’s a community and family bent on helping you make the lifelong friendships you need to live your own personal legend. Most of our grads would say there are three primary constituents that make up the total CWA experience:

  1. Course material including live webinars & bonuses.
  2. Active community forum and support for CWA topics as well as non-CWA topics.
  3. Personal and individualized accountability group placement.

We set you up for success from day one by giving you the option to submit your information so you can be placed in an accountability group that will be your team and second family for the duration of the course (and probably longer). I read each and every submission so I can put you into the best possible group; a team that will inspire you, believe in you, cheer you on, and never let you fail.

We created Connect with Anyone with one goal in mind: to surround yourself with the people who refuse to let you fail.

Whether that be by using the content to create your own environment, using the forums to immerse yourself in an environment you can thrive in, taking advantage of an accountability group that will be in your corner from the beginning – or ideally all three, is up to you. Either way, your life will change based on the new connections (i.e. friendships) you make.

We only open the course every six months or so to a very limited number of people. The next opening is Sept 3rd and given how many people we have on the waiting list, it’s likely to fill up fast.

So if you’d like get on the Insider’s Early Access list, click here.

We are so incredibly proud of every single CWA graduate.  We are honored to showcase the kinds of things our alumni have done as a result of their new surroundings. We’ve been blown away and we know you will be too.


3 Examples of CWA Grads Changing The World by Building Relationships

1. One mastermind group supports thousands to quit their jobs, chase their dreams and fight for freedom.

AmigasLiving Legends: Leah Hynes, Nazrin Murphie & Melanie Baseden

Location: Brisbane, Sydney & Canberra (Australia)

Why and How Leah, Naz & Melanie Are Making an Impact:

We are three Aussie women living unconventional lives. In April 2013 we launched our passion business, The Pursuit of Purpose. Our vision is to inspire people to stop existing and start living. We do this by:

1. Facilitating small groups to pursue their purpose, passion and achieve their best life through our ‘In Pursuit Accountability Program’
2. Hosting world-class speakers at our summits called RYPL: Rock Your Purpose Live.

We provide people with a place to connect, feel a sense of belonging, be comfortable in their individuality and rock out their deepest purpose. When pursuing your purpose in an unconventional way the naysayers around you can be the hardest to deal with. We have created a place for people to be supported as well as held accountable for achieving their goals.

How you can help: If you know someone who is in a habit of procrastination, excuse making or generally feels stuck who could benefit from our Accountability Program please send them our way. Also if you want to be part of the RYPL effect Down Under either as an attendee, a speaker or someone who can help us make these events rock, we want to hear from you! Also please share our business through Facebook or sign up to our newsletter through our website if it you want help to stop existing and start living!

Fun fact: In July 2013 three women (us!) who had each only met once or twice in person decided to fly half way across the world to attend the World Domination Summit. Fortunately, our business not only survived it, we are stronger than ever!

Note from Liz: Naz also made it onto the big state in WDS this year by putting herself out there, all the while being supported by people who wouldn’t let her fail. You can read all about it here.

My favorite or most powerful piece of Connect with Anyone: 

My favourite moment would be watching the growth of John E Shenouda after simply sending him a hello email. He went from not speaking to anyone in four years to hosting a LYL meet-up in Canada (hosting Scott). The power of the small things becoming big things. – Naz

The most powerful and fun part was firstly forming connections incredibly quickly with like-minded people online and then actually getting to meet them in-person at WDS and feeling like you’ve been friends forever. – Leah

Being able to give back by becoming a member of the CWA connection crew then meeting people from the LYL / CWA community at WDS and instantly feeling so connected. – Melanie


2. Artist connects with Gobi Desert Runner to make the impossible Possible!

GregLiving Legend: Greg Manley

Location: Ottawa, Canada

Why and How Greg is Making an Impact: 

In June of 2013, ultra marathoner Ray Zahab, completed an amazing feat – running 2300km days across Mongolia’s Gobi Desert, one of the most remote deserts on the planet. To put this into perspective, Ray ran close to 70km, each and every day for 35 days!

What fascinates me about Ray Zahab and his foundation impossible2Possible (i2P), is they have total clarity of vision. Their sole purpose is to EDUCATE, INSPIRE and EMPOWER. Connecting with the i2P Team has inspired me on so many levels to take my art, and my life, to an entirely different level.

My project with i2P was very simple. For the 35 days of Ray’s journey I created a series of paintings inspired by Ray’s expedition, and donated 50% of all proceeds directly to Ray’s foundation i2P. I will continue to work with i2P on new inspiring and challenging projects.

How you can help: Keep doing exactly what you are doing. Live Your Legend embodies the optimism I would love to see really take hold in our world. I am actually more interested in how my projects can help LYL.

Deepak Chopra said, “If you speak to someone from the level of mind then you’ll speak to their mind. If you speak through your heart then you’ll speak to their heart. But if you speak through your life, and your life is the story, then you’ll change lives and that’s what mythical beings do”.

LYL and i2P change lives – That, is what I want to do.

Learn more here: The Manely Art official website.

Fun fact: At 51, I rekindled my love of running 3 months ago, and am training for November’s NYC Marathon. I stopped running in my 20’s when my kids were born, and am proof age is no barrier. I may not be as fast, but I can still outrun all 5 of my kids!

My favorite or most powerful piece of Connect with Anyone: When I started the course I really had no idea what to expect. What I took away after CWA was a sense of enhanced optimism. CWA has added an important tool to my kit that enables me to do anything and everything with intention; pulling the best out of every situation. It’s quite liberating!

If it were not for CWA, I likely would not have taken the initiative to make contact with Ray Zahab. Ray is an awesome guy and I really believe in the i2P vision. CWA has enabled me to create a vision for using my artwork in a constructive manner to give back.


3. South American immigrant searches for freedom through connections so she can show you how to suspend your disbelief and allow something unthinkable to happen!

Secret-AgentLiving Legend: Mercedes Calcano

Location: Birmingham, AL

Why and How Mercedes is Making an Impact: 

I believe the artist in us can change the world and lead the impossible; through the art we explore our creative and thoughtful being and learn to perform in original and innovative ways. Personal reflection and self-awareness is vital to develop strong interpersonal skills and become more effective leaders. Art is personal and teaches about who we really are and our passions.

ARTLeads-U is an art-based program focused in developing authentic leadership through a deep and joyful understanding of our natural creative abilities and the place they have in building a coherent and purposeful life based on personal core values and passions.

Art is the wand to cast the spell to bring back our authentic Self and live from a place of fulfillment and freedom. Artistry is a universal gift; we all have an artist within… When we were kids thinking five impossible things before breakfast was fun, we believed in possibilities, we dare to see ourselves limitless and unstoppable, capable of building empires and conquering unknown territories with a wood stick, bubble gum and a paper hat.

This magic is always there awaiting our recognition and pinching restlessly. We need to regain respect for the creative energy within ourselves and its power to shape our destiny and the world.

How you can help: I am an immigrant from South America who came to USA running from the political chaos and repression and in the search of freedom. To continue to make this project a reality and success I need to change my visa. I have an OPT (Optional Practical Training) visa which allows me to be here legally for a short period of time as along as someone sponsors me. To be able to stay and develop ARTLeads-U into the life-changing program I know it can be, I need to change my visa. I am looking for that person, organization, opportunity to help me make a difference and give back.

Learn more here: Leading The Impossible

Fun fact: I am a bookworm, to learn English. I forced myself to read in English with a dictionary! I had to look up almost all the words! I learned and came here just to realize that the only one thinking I spoke English was me!

My favorite or most powerful piece of Connect with Anyone:  In the modules, I got the most out of the expert interviews because of the amazing insights and awesome path these people were living. The forums were the most helpful because it allowed me to connect with like-minded people that have become lifelong friends and inspired me to buy a ticket to WDS, which changed my life!


It All Comes Down To Getting Out There

Half of the battle is simply showing up.

The only difference between the people above and you is they’ve already decided to show up. They’ve made the choice to put themselves in an environment most conducive to their success. They reached out using some CWA principles or relationships developed in the forum and the payback was immeasurable.

A little over a year ago, I had no idea what a blog was. I had no idea what Live Your Legend was and I thought bloggers were people who whined about life via online journaling.

The massive strides I’ve made in such a short period of time comes down to one simple Facebook message I sent to Scott offering to put together groups for the LYL private Facebook group, no strings attached.

I nearly deleted the message after writing it because I was sure he wouldn’t answer back. I was sure he’d think I was a weirdo and the best possible scenario for me would be him not remembering it was I who sent that message when I decided to meet him in the future.

On an impulse, I used one of Scott’s CWA rules (the 3 second rule) without knowing it, and I hit the send button. I shut my laptop and suppressed the anxiety I felt from putting myself out there and making myself so vulnerable.

Obviously, he answered back positively and the rest is history.

How many times have you wanted to talk to someone, email someone, offer help or ask a question only to convince yourself not to for whatever reason?

How much different would my path towards living my own personal legend be if I didn’t become the Mastermind Maven for How to Connect With Anyone?

And it all boils down to one little message. One split-second decision. A fraction of a moment in time when I decided to get out there and try to make a connection.

These days Scott is only one of the people I have in my corner who won’t let me fail.

It happened to me by accident, but you can make it happen to you on purpose. Joining CWA is one way to tremendously increase your odds. You immediately get a few hundred people rooting for you, and 2 or 3 other people holding you personally accountable to your commitment to show up in the world.

So, get out there today and make a connection. It just might change everything.  And don’t forget to sign up for insiders access to Connect With Anyone

I hope to see you on the inside!


For the Comments: Let us know what connection you’ve been wanting to make that you’re finally going to do something about. Then do it – today!


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