5 Overnight Changes that Grew Our Community & Conversions by 2-3x: Derek Halpern Dissects LiveYourLegend

5 Overnight Changes that Grew Our Community & Conversions by 2-3x: Derek Halpern Dissects LiveYourLegend

Small changes can change everything

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Growing A Community Around Your Own Cause…

We’ve been talking a lot about the power of community in the past few weeks – both our community at Live Your Legend as well as the fundamental importance of the people in your own town.

To take that a step further, today I want to give some very specific tools for growing your own online community around a cause you believe in.

And it comes in the form of a special treat for you all – an insider’s look into the workings of LYL.

Whether you’re currently building a career around your passions and the impact you want to make, or you’re working towards getting there, building an online community is a huge part of making it possible. After all, nothing at LYL would exist without you all.

So to teach us all a few things, I want to introduce you to my friend Derek Halpern.

His site, Social Triggers, is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs use proven psychological principles to grow their business and communities.

And he’s damn good at it. In under two years he grew Social Triggers from 0 followers to a community of over 100,000 fans.

The Small Tweaks that Can Cause a Movement to Explode

A few months ago Derek did a “site review” of LYL, where he recorded a screencast picking apart our design and user experience. It was more than a bit humbling, but the education was priceless.

This video was filmed last December. I wanted to wait to post it so I could first measure the actual results of his suggestions. It turns out they were dramatic – and I still have a lot more work to do.

You’ll notice in the video that our subscribers were about 21,000 when we filmed it. Today, six months later, that number has nearly doubled. While lots of factors contributed to the growth, I know his suggestions were a huge part of it.

In fact, one of his simplest pieces of advice lead to an additional 10,366 new members to our community. And it only took a few hours to implement. Watch the video and see if you can guess which it was!

And as an added bonus, Derek’s a passionate New Yorker – he’s intense, he’s sharp and at times even part comedian.

Get out your note pad, pay attention and have some fun!

There might even be a few more than 5 tips in here…

Don’t see the video? Click here to watch it on LYL.

What 80/20 Are Your Missing?

Often times the smallest tweaks lead to the most dramatic improvements. So the magic question always comes back to – which 20% of the effort yields 80% of the results? It’s a question I’m constantly asking about every part of life. I encourage you to experiment doing the same.

Thankfully, in the case of building an online community, Derek removed the guesswork. And a lot of you are probably reading this because of it.

Need more help?

Be sure to have a look at how incredibly simple Derek’s Social Triggers site is. Basically black text on white background. But he adds massive value and his community loves it. Amazing to think what I’ve learned from him in the past months and years.

And for a deeper dive, have a look at his Social Triggers TV (his recent episode on How to Meet New People Who Want To Help Your Business and Career is spot on!). His free newsletter and tools on building community are also damn powerful.

Once we know the right places to focus our energy, magic starts to happen.

Your task this week? Pick one tip from the video and apply it to your own project. Then come back and report the results.

Here’s to building a community around a cause we believe in. Thanks for being a part of this one!


For the comments: Can you see the changes we’ve made at LYL since Derek picked the site apart? Some are big, some are small, and all of them had a lot to do with our community growing by nearly 100% since we made the changes (and our conversion growing by a lot more than that). Also, let us know what you plan to implement!

Btw, this is just the beginning. We plan to make some major changes to the design and flow of LYL in the months to come. We’re always doing all we can to improve the experience for you all. Keep an eye out!

P.S. And finally, this week we will be posting the recording of last week’s live webinar on How to Build an In-Person Community of Inspiring Passionate Supporters. Thanks to all who joined us live!