Happy Birthday to Scott Dinsmore + A Must Watch Video!

Happy Birthday to Scott Dinsmore + A Must Watch Video!

Dearest Legends,

It has been awhile since I have written from my heart because my heart has been doing a lot of discovering, and often times during discovery a voice needs to remain silent for a bit…

But today, April 3rd is Scott’s birthday, and I felt compelled to express my gratitude for this community. Scott was one of the most grateful and gracious people I have ever known and in honor of him (and because of all you have done for me), I say thank you – to each and every one of YOU.

I thank you for being here and remaining a part of this community through the bumpy ride it’s been to continue it since Scott’s passing. You all welcomed me with open arms as I found my way last year and continue to do so as my own personal journey evolves.

There are so many beautifully challenging things that reveal themselves in every journey and I am doing my best to find the purpose in all of them. So, a quick update on what’s been going on behind the scenes… At the end of 2016, I (what felt like overnight) began to feel out of alignment. I felt a calling to continue to honor Scott through keeping Living Your Legend going strong but also felt called to honor myself and my own dreams, in addition.

To get back to feeling aligned, in January of this year I made the decision to bring on two partners to help me run Live Your Legend: Lonnie Rush and Jake Taylor, who were close friends of Scott. They were a part of the Lake Tahoe mastermind sessions that shaped Live Your Legend and were with Scott in Omaha every year to learn from Warren Buffett at the Berkshire meeting. Their strong operational and financial backgrounds will be a big help to Live Your Legend and allow me more time to do what I’m best at in growing and interacting with our amazing community.

Now I recognize how deeply fortunate I am but want to address the fact that this wasn’t the easiest decision to make, for number of reasons, but mostly because it meant is that I am now forced to face me…

Keeping Live Your Legend as my sole purpose would have undoubtedly been an honorable thing to do. Helping people lead better lives is a reputable and enjoyable way to spend your days. But in making the choice to step aside from actually running the business, (not back, just aside), I have to answer one of life’s biggest questions:

“Why are you here, Chelsea?”

I wasn’t ready to answer that last year while processing the deep loss. And trust me, since making that decision, I’ve many times wanted to backpedal from it, haha. But while it would have been much easier to continue to ride Scott’s wave, I am not here to live an easy life, I am here to live a meaningful one. And, if I have learned anything from surfing, it’s that catching your own wave is so worth it in the end. #yeeeeeew

So, I practiced what we preach at Live Your Legend, and instead of running to something else to fill an emotional void, I relinquished the pressure of Live Your Legend needing to be my sole source of income. Neither myself nor the partners are likely taking a salary this year because we wanted to be driven by the motive to keep Scott’s mission alive, rather than by stressing to meet certain revenue goals. I tapped into my savings account and came out to spend a few months in Australia becoming my own self-expert all over again.

Because my life changed so drastically and suddenly, it only makes sense that who I am and what I want out of life may have also changed… So, that’s what I came to discover. And once again, I recognize how fortunate I am, but also want to note that the decision to welcome change in a fairly comfortable situation does require some level of courage. Much more on that in a post coming soon…

Meanwhile, as Scott’s birthday was nearing, I have had many in our community approach me about ways to honor Scott on what would have been his 35th birthday. And I personally believe that there is no greater way to continue to love, thank and remember a man who impacted so many than to, not only live and breathe what he stood for, but to also spread the message that he believed in so deeply.

And that is why I am honored to share this compilation that Live Your Legend member and How to Connect With Anyone Graduate Ryan Foss put together to tell the amazing Live Your Legend story (so far!). Thank You Ryan!

Scott said it time and time again: when you do the things that inspire you, it inspires others to do the things that inspire them. That is how we create a ripple effect that becomes unstoppable.

If you believe in this mission, this community and what Scott set out to do, I encourage you to first and foremost, live it, but also to share the message with those around you and inspire them as well.

We each have an opportunity to do our small, but meaningful part to change the world.

So today (and every day), I do my part to live my legend but I also share what Scott stood for with the world around me. If you believe in the Live Your Legend mission, I hope you’ll feel compelled to do the same with your friends and family – who knows, maybe it’ll make a massive difference to spark the change in someone’s life…

Happy birthday to the amazing Scott Luckey Dinsmore…

Here’s to continuing to fight the good fight,

Chelsea Dinsmore

P.S. Here’s a link for easily sharing the new video on social media: https://vimeo.com/208496125

P.P.S. In a coming post, I’m going to share with you what I’m f’ing angry about!  Stay tuned!