Year-End Special on all of LYL’s Courses for 3 Days Only + Our Annual Live Your Legend Loves Giveaway

Year-End Special on all of LYL’s Courses for 3 Days Only + Our Annual Live Your Legend Loves Giveaway

Hey legends,

We want you to kick off 2019 with a bang, so for 3 days only, we are offering a sale on all three of Live Your Legend’s award winning courses, for the price of one!

Click Here to Get the LYL Holiday Bundle
This deal will expire at midnight PST on January 1st, so if you have always wanted to take LYL’s courses but never ‘gotten around to it’, now is your time to act.

Note: If you purchased any of our courses in the last 60 days, we will give you the option to pay the difference and receive the whole bundle. Just email us at:

What’s This Bundle All About?

We have several courses at Live Your Legend that teach you everything from how to discover work that is meaningful to you, to how to make money from it, to how to genuinely connect with influencers and other people who will help you bring you and your projects to the next level. This bundle includes the following three products:

21 Days to Discover Your Passion: The sole purpose of this course is to help you get from knowing you want something different (but not knowing exactly what that is) to doing work that actually excites you! It is designed to provide you the path for finding your passion—because if you don’t know what you are looking for, you are never going to find it. 2019 Price: $129.00

Live Off Your Passion: 21 Days to Discover Your Passion is the very first step to finding and doing work you love. It’s for those who are just beginning the journey of living their legend. It focuses specifically on discovering your passion, while Live Off Your Passion helps you take the next steps to actually turn that passion into a business or career. It focuses on getting you into the momentum of taking action once you have discovered your passions and it includes our Make Your First 1K Workshop which teaches you a framework to make your first $1, $1k and beyond from things you’re good at and ENJOY doing and actually put it to use and get results. 2019 Price: $229.00

Connect With Anyone: This course offers a step-by-step process for making the genuine connections you need to naturally and honestly create a world-class network of passionate peers, partners, mentors, and supporters necessary to build your ideal business or career. 2019 Price: $329.00

Click Here to Get the LYL Holiday Bundle
The bundle offers over 45 modules full of videos, expert interviews, exercises and tested and proven tools to get doing more meaningful work. We have had thousands of people graduate from our courses to go on to live their legend. And now it’s your chance to do the same.

These 3 courses sold individually would cost $687, but we are offering this one time deal for all three courses for $330! That’s over 50% savings…

Click Here to Get the LYL Holiday Bundle and Save!

Get One, Give One

We obviously want you to have the tools in your toolbox to make the most of the year ahead but we also offer such a massive discount because we do so in conjunction with the launch of a program that is all about giving back: Live Your Legend Loves. A one-for-one model where we give away one product for any product purchased during promotion windows.

We have people in our community from every country in the world and because we are a business established in the United States, our courses are priced in US Dollars, but we know first hand that $1 has a very different value around the world. So today, we are offering the chance for people who cannot afford our courses to apply and receive a free bundle for each one we sell.

And it is absolutely no sweat off your back. You simply get to reap the rewards of knowing that by taking the steps to live your legend, you will help someone less privileged live theirs too. Win-win, I think so!

I am Ready to Spread the LYL Love
To apply for the LYL Loves Scholarship, please click here.

Here is what some of our past graduates had to say:

“I got my first client within two weeks and ramped up from there. Now, not quite two years later, I run a solid marketing communication agency – with a suite of clients that I adore. You’ve helped me make the transition in my life from employed to business owner. I expect to turnover $300K this year and celebrate the business’ birthday in November!”

– Kristin A., Sydney

“My life was almost perfect. I was a successful husband and father, a healthy Ironman athlete, surrounded by loads of loving friends and family, BUT something wasn’t clicking for me at work. The gift you’ve given me has had an incredible impact on my life, and now I’m passing it on in my own way. It’s my turn. Keep doing what you are doing. Give people the tools to empower themselves, and in doing so they will empower others.”

– Jason B., Canada

“I had no idea that one course could have the power to change my path, but Scott’s heartfelt encouragement along with concrete action steps and reassurance gave me the push I needed to start living on my own terms. If you’re feeling stuck in a life you don’t love and, like me, you want to change from a play-by-the-rules employee to an inspired career renegade, I highly recommend the Live Off Your Passion coursework. Thanks to Scott and Live Your Legend, I feel confident that I’m finally on the right path.”

– Kirsten, Boston

So are you going to take the chance to have full lifetime access to every single thing Live Your Legend offers, along with the good feelings from giving the same to someone less fortunate?

This one time bundle offer will expire as of midnight PST January 1, 2019! So…

Click Here to Get the LYL Holiday Bundle Now!
Here’s to making your 2019 Legendary,

-Chelsea Dinsmore