Tapping Brilliance: The Ultimate Mastermind Workbook is Live! (Download your totally free 56-pg guide)

Tapping Brilliance: The Ultimate Mastermind Workbook is Live! (Download your totally free 56-pg guide)

What would be possible if the people around you refused to let you fail?

“Sticks in a bundle are unbreakable.”

– Kenyan Proverb

The free Ultimate Mastermind Workbook is live!

Today is huge! We just released The Ultimate Mastermind Workbook: A Comprehensive Guide to Surrounding Yourself with the People Who Won’t Let You Fail. This gorgeously designed 56-page guide is our 100% free gift to you. We hope you enjoy it – and put it to good use!

Note: Download link at bottom of this post

Now read on to understand the power of the right mastermind & the five steps needed to make it possible…


Those Who Make Failure Impossible…

Behind every successful person is a team of support and inspiration to make things possible. I have never seen an exception to this rule.

I am no different, as I’m sure you saw with our recent post about the LYL team.

This team consistently challenges me to create massively more value for LYL than I could ever dream up myself.

Whether it’s a better website design, a quicker response time to community questions or a completely new tool for LYL, they make it happen.

One of their best ideas was to take what we’ve learned about the magic of mastermind groups and make that information free to all of you.

A while back a volunteer from our community starting creating LYL Mastermind groups by placing our private Facebook page followers into groups based on their goals, interests and time zone – and it was a hit.

We then did the same for our How to Connect With Anyone course, changing a lot of lives in the process. This idea literally quadrupled the value and benefit of the course by individually placing nearly 300 members from 25 countries into just under 50 mastermind groups.

After months of research and experimentation…

how to create your ultimate mastermind team WorkdbookWe’ve have bundled up everything we’ve learned and put it into the post below, as well as a 56-page comprehensive mastermind workbook, that we are both confident is the most in-depth mastermind guide on the Internet.

And as a celebration for the upcoming Connect With Anyone launch, and because we love you so much, this Ultimate Mastermind Workbook is 100% free. This is 1/100th of what we offer in the course, so let this be just a small taste of how we roll at LYL and CWA (download link at end of this article)!

I have mastermind groups for business, fitness and my personal life. I would be nowhere without them.

Without further ado, here’s our wisdom on the putting the power of mastermind groups behind your passion!

the mastermind principle

Note: The below post was written by Liz, our former Community Manager, and the rest of my team, with a little editing thoughts from me. 🙂 Enjoy…

The people around us have everything to do with our success.

That much we know.

And in the next few minutes, you’re going to learn about one of the cardinal principles of that success. What you decide to do with this information can change your life forever, as it has for me and countless others.

I’m talking about the most celebrated concepts in Napoleon Hill’s book, Think and Grow Rich: The Mastermind Principle.

When you think about the history of the Mastermind Principle, it’s not difficult to see why.

The Inklings: Composed of poets and writers who helped to deliver The Chronicles of Narnia and The Lord of the Rings. A few of its members were C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, and Owen Barfield.

The Junto: Founded by Benjamin Franklin. There were twelve members, and they came together to discuss self-improvement, politics, theology and science.

The Vagabonds: Composed of Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Warren G. Harding, Harvey Firestone.

The Chicago 6: A group of 6 men who met every Saturday evening. None of them had any money when they started their mastermind. Within a few years, they were all millionaires. William Hertz and Charles Wrigley were the most successful of this group.

The Graham Group: More than 50 years ago, Warren Buffett began hosting an annual gathering with a few close friends in the investment space. At first, it was just a day to talk about stocks, but it soon grew into annual weekend or week-long events around the world with business leaders in all industries (including Bill Gates) to discuss ideas far bigger than just stocks.

These are only a few examples of endless mastermind alliances throughout history.

But the fact that these folks became unbelievably successful is just the beginning. Simply put, the power of a mastermind group allowed them to change the world.

The Unlimited Power of a Mastermind Group

What is it about the gathering of minds united in harmony that generates a level of mental stimulation which no single individual could experience alone?

If I asked you this question, you’d probably say that mastermind groups give people access to more information, provide support for projects, and hold members accountable. While that’s technically correct, it’s not the whole story.

It is true that the more people you have, the more information you’ll have access to; but results of mastermind alliances prove that they aren’t just a gathering of people to exchange ideas and offer knowledge. In fact, mastermind sessions often lead to results in a depth of knowledge no single person had access to before that interaction!

But the true power is this:

When a group of people come together in harmony to achieve a definite purpose, the increased mental prowess and capacity for intelligence created through this coordination becomes greater than the sum of the intelligence of the individual minds. This intelligence can be tapped into by any member of the group.

No two minds ever come together without, thereby, creating a third, invisible, intangible force which may be likened to a third invisible mind.

 – Napoleon Hill

Have you ever been a part of a collaborative project that was so in the flow that it seemed as if your group was capable of anything? Did you notice ideas and thoughts coming into your head out of nowhere? Thoughts that you never knew you had or that you were even capable of that left you feeling unstoppable?

That’s the third mind. Without your group, you’d never be able to tap into those thoughts. When you’re collaborating in an environment that naturally brings you into that flow, you can’t help but think differently.

Just the act of being around such surroundings will totally change your game, and that of everyone around you. Your energy, your inspiration, your creativity all of it rockets to a new level.

If I lost you with all of that new-age speak, allow me to sum it up for you nice and simple:

By participating in the right mastermind group, you instantly become way smarter than you could ever be alone, even on your best day.

None of us is as smart as all of us

The fact of the matter is, you can’t achieve great things all alone.

Whether it’s a formal mastermind or just you and two buddies using each other for feedback and guidance, it is imperative that you make use of this resource if you want to have a chance at hitting your potential.

Although this workbook is about the benefits of forming and participating in a formal mastermind group, the value of associating yourself with individuals you respect, admire and want to emulate is just as important. After all, that’s probably the biggest value of our community at Live Your Legend!

Let’s get to it!

The 5 Crucial Steps to Creating Your Ultimate Mastermind Group

Over the past four months, we’ve spent dozens of hours creating and organizing mastermind groups for Scott’s Live Your Legend community.

Since we started this whole process, we’ve created over 100 mastermind groups for more than 600 people from dozens of countries.

We’ve seen groups flourish and flounder. We’ve seen what makes a great group, and we know why groups disband.

We’re going to share everything we’ve learned with you, but not here in the blog. We have created a 56-page Ultimate Mastermind Workbook chock full of everything you’ve ever wanted to know about creating a mastermind group and more. You can download it at the end of this post for free, no signup required. Participating in a mastermind group is so essential that we don’t want anything getting in your way. Including us.

To be honest, after scouring the Internet for mastermind resources, I’m confident that this is by far the most comprehensive free resource on the web. I cannot wait for you to read it!

For now, here are the 5 crucial steps:

Step 1: Choose Your Most Effective Mastermind Group Type

Will it be based on topic, mission or business based, or related to specific goals or accountability? Maybe a combination?

Step 2: Define Your Purpose

Agree on a focus, purpose, or mission for your group. You and your members need to know why you’re meeting, and more importantly, you all must truly believe in your group’s reason for existing and desired outcome you hope to produce.

Step 3: Define Your Expectations, Ground Rules & Penalties

The right expectations are crucial, both for effectiveness and productivity, as well as handling the occasional tough situations that inevitably come up with group and team dynamics. Nail down the fundamentals, like how often you want to meet and anything else that’s non-negotiable to you. What will happen if you don’t deliver on what you committed to, like a penalty donation to kiva.org or 25 pushups? Define what matters.

Step 4: Find, Recruit & Build Your Team

How many people will you include and what backgrounds will give you the best chance at accomplishing your purpose? What are the criteria of your ideal member? Will they be in your hometown, over the Internet or a combination? Where will you find them? How will you invite them?

Step 5: Establish & Host Your Ideal Meeting

What meeting structure leads to the most success? What’s your routine agenda? How often will you meet? Will you rotate who gets the majority of the focus each meeting or will it be equal each time? How will you set goals and accountability for the next meeting?

*Note: Each of these steps can be huge and quite in depth, which is why we went into massive detail on each of them in our Ultimate Mastermind Workbook guide below. We want to give you the absolute best chance at success!

On Finding Support: If you want more information about how to create an environment filled with people who will inspire you and believe in your ability to make the impossible possible, be sure to check out our How to Connect With Anyone course, where we will be putting every participant into hand-selected mastermind groups based on who you are as an individual and what you’re looking for in a team.

small groups of people change the world

Choose Your Destiny

It’s been said that choice, not chance, is what determines your destiny.

That’s a truth you get to face right now.

What you do with this information is up to you.

Will you do nothing and choose to continue to go at it on your own – putting yourself out of the game by default?

Or will you take a stand and create the surroundings that change everything?

If do you choose the latter (And I’m pretty confident you will!), I guarantee that over time, your results, and that of your mastermind, will speak for themselves.

If you find the prospect of tracking down an entire mastermind team sort of like your own nightmarish version of Ocean’s 11, remember that you don’t have to have a whole team. Having just one other person is enough to start a revolution. Literally.

James Watt and Matthew Boulton developed the steam engine and started the Industrial Revolution.

J.P. Morgan and Andrew Carnegie built the U.S. Steel Corporation, which became the largest steel company in the world.

Bill Gates and Paul Allen started their mastermind group in 8th grade.

I’ve seen three total strangers come together and change each others’ lives forever. Rock on, Team Amigas from Connect With Anyone – Leah, Nazrin and Melanie – you make us proud! These three girls just announced they’re making the trip from Australia out to Portland this year for World Domination Summit – can’t wait to meet them live! They’ve also started a coaching business together.

I’ve seen five guys from five different countries get together and support each other on their missions for success. Shout-out to Joan, Andrew, Michael, Eugene, and Marcus from Team Mordin, also from Connect With Anyone! You inspire us with your progress and your stories. This is truly a team of superheroes!

And most recently, one of our members from Israel landed a dream gig with TED Global in Edinburgh, Scotland with the support of his mastermind!

I have people in other masterminds helping each other create the type of lasting change that most spend their whole life trying to achieve.

I’m currently in multiple mastermind groups, and I can honestly say that mine have made this business exponentially more successful. I’m grateful every day for my team.

Hard Work is Always Required – Might As Well Have Some Company!

I’m not going to lie to you and say that putting together a wildly successful mastermind group is easy.

It requires real effort.

Just like anything worth having, it takes work to find the right people and circumstances to form the group that will help you change the world.

The only thing you have to do is give every ounce of your conviction to your mastermind. Then add a little more. What follows will blow your mind.

It doesn’t matter where you live, who you know, what you do, or how old you are. There’s a group of people out there that are waiting for you to connect with them.

Here’s to making magic happen.

-The LYL Team

Need Help Forming Your Ultimate Mastermind Team? Download our Totally Free Workbook.

It’s the only comprehensive free guide to creating your own mastermind on the web. There’s nothing else like it and everything you need to know about creating a thriving team is included, such as…

  • The 4 Most Common Mastermind Group Types & How to Choose the Most Effective One
  • How to Define Your Purpose + 4 Real Life Examples
  • Defining Expectations, Ground Rules & Penalties: The 12 Crucial Questions to Ask
  • How to Define Your Perfect Member & Build Your Ideal Team
  • A Comprehensive List of Resources for Finding & Recruiting Members (In Person & Virtually) and Leveraging Today’s Technology
  • The 5 Meeting Structures & Choosing the Best Fit
  • Best Practices: The Not-So-Obvious Actions Consistent with Success
  • Worst Practices: The 10 Most Common Reasons for Failurehow to create your ultimate mastermind team Workdbook
  • Mastermind Group Interactive Worksheet + Real Group Example Template
  • Defining Team Members and Purpose Worksheet
  • Word-for-Word Email Templates to Prospective Members
  • Mastermind Meeting Preparation Worksheet + Real Group Example Template
  • The Top 19 Questions to Ask Prospective Members (Including Yourself)
  • The Mastermind Resource Repository: A List of the Most Powerful Online Tools for Creating, Conducting and Managing a Successful Mastermind
  • Finding a Coach or Mentor to Help You Build the Perfect Team

Seriously, it’s our free gift to you. No catch, no games, no strings attached.

All we ask is that your promise to put it to good use!

Click here to download the totally free Ultimate Mastermind Workbook

Would you like us to personally place you in a mastermind group based on your goals?

That’s exactly what we do for every member of the How to Connect With Anyone Course. If you’re interested, be sure to sign up to get lifetime access. There will only be 150 spots available, and if it’s anything like last time, they’re going to go fast. Join the How to Connect with Anyone Team here.

This is going to be so much fun!