Featured Posts: How to Let Your Passions Find You

Featured Posts: How to Let Your Passions Find You

Hi Legends,

I received an email earlier this week from someone I had worked with in our mastermind groups that went something like this:

I can honestly say that I feel as excited as a kid in a candy store, energized by doing what I love, both in doing X, and in managing X. This process has made me realize that X is what I love most. Now I’m shaping my life more around that!”

The specifics don’t really matter because what’s important in this email is what the process revealed. I have seen that time and time again in my own discovery and with many of the people that I have worked with. It is often only in the doing that the discovery happens!

When you show up and put time, energy and effort into the things you are interested, or excited about, clarity presents itself TO you instead of you looking FOR it.

I have a personal example from when I started a food blog years ago. I love cooking and thought, oh since I love it, maybe that’s my ‘passion’ and I can build a business around it. I did the website, the social accounts, and even created a course, but… the reality was I didn’t love it enough to do what I needed to keep going. It fizzled out and I went on exploring other options, because the next step wasn’t worth it to me. I still love cooking, but I wasn’t willing to do what was need to keep going down that particular path.

However, many years later I have found myself willing to show up for something in a very different way. With the work I do at LYL and the other projects I am pursuing. I have been working on a book for nearly 2 years, with no guaranteed outcome, yet I still choose to show up, put in the work and go for it, because the next step is worth it to me. I’m making the conscious choice to pursue this and put myself out there even if it doesn’t work out, and knowing not everyone will agree. I think a huge sign of something that ‘matters to you’ is if you are willing to do it, knowing you might get pushback or criticism for it. But if it’s important enough, you will keep on keeping on.

  • Many musicians want the rockstar status, but not everyone is willing to swallow the million rejections it takes to get there.
  • Many people want a great relationship, but not everyone is willing to do the work they need to do on themselves, and instead just hope their partner will change.
  • Many people want to be an entrepreneur, but not everyone is willing to put themselves out there and keep showing up even when things don’t go well.

And that’s why I am super excited about a series I am going to be sharing with you guys called Everyday Legends.

While I have been lucky enough to share the wisdom and insight of best-selling authors, and notable business owners, I also want to share what everyday people just like you are out there doing. These are your fellow legends, that didn’t have some miraculous passion or business plan, but found the thing that was worth it to them to keep on showing up. They deepened their own discovery by showing up even when they ‘failed’, got ‘rejected’ or things went awry. And keep showing up, even after they have learned that they grass isn’t always greener… These interviews will be full of education and inspiration to keep you in momentum as you deepen your own discovery!

But to prime give you for that next week, here are a few previous articles on how why the discovery happens in the ‘doing’ not the ‘searching’!





Here’s to letting you passions find you,

– Chelsea Dinsmore