Featured Posts: How to Make Progress, Even if you Don’t Know Your Next Step!

Featured Posts: How to Make Progress, Even if you Don’t Know Your Next Step!

Hey Legends,

Every month over in the Passionate Work Program, I feature a ‘Module of the Month’, where I focus on one of our 45+ modules that are all dedicated to helping you discover your passion, build your passion project and then monetize and scale it (if that’s what you are after!).

This month, I am talking all about maximizing productivity… because one of the most common things I hear from people I work with is how often they procrastinate!

But hey, I have a little secret to tell you… procrastination is not a you problem, it is a human problem.

We rarely procrastinate on the easy things, right? We tend to procrastinate on the things that make us feel a little uncomfortable (this could be discomfort in the form of: doubt, fear, boredom, etc.). And that’s because growth, while necessary, is uncomfortable for all humans.

Let’s say you want to start a blog or website, but have never done it before. You are probably gonna suck at first. You won’t know how to add a plug-in. You are going to think your writing is sh*t. You have to feel the discomfort of not knowing how to do things, try them anyway, make mistakes, and put yourself out there. You will most likely feel like a failure. And none of that feels good (in the short term…)

On top of that, there’s not always a specific roadmap to follow! And that’s why these types of creative ventures or following a non-traditional path, can often feel so difficult. Because you first have to begin with feeling the discomfort of not knowing the next step, and then sucking at that step once you decide to try it. It’s no wonder the automatic response is to check your Instagram, because that’s hell of a lot easier than the alternative!

But, I am not here to bring you down! In fact I’m here for the exact opposite. 🙂

Where I most often see people stop in their tracks is in the analysis of what to do next – what’s right or wrong, getting too far ahead, etc. So, often times, as long as we simply define our next step, we can and will figure how to do it! As long as we know what to do, we can sort out the how.

So today, I am going to share a few articles on how to move forward, and take action, even if you don’t know what your next step is!

I hope you enjoy the read and would love to hear your favorite productivity tips in the comments below.

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If you are looking for a roadmap, then come check out our Passionate Work Program. It is a step-by-step guide to help you discover and do more meaningful work. It’s laid out for you in a way that will help you discover your passions, build projects around them, and go on to monetize those projects, should you choose to.

And because we don’t agree with a lot of the business models that are out there in the online world today, there’s absolutely nothing locking you in if it is not a fit for you. Stay for a month, stay for a year, or stay for a lifetime. The choice is yours!

Here’s to defining your next step,

Chelsea Dinsmore