How to Replace Anxiety With Purpose: A 21 Year Old’s Remarkable Transformation Story

How to Replace Anxiety With Purpose: A 21 Year Old’s Remarkable Transformation Story

Happy Thursday Legends!

A few week’s ago I received an email in my inbox that caught my attention because it talked about how to replace anxiety with purpose, an interesting concept indeed, and then went on to share the story of an incredible young man named Jake Heilbrunn.

Jake’s email was only written to thank LYL for support along his journey, but I was beyond inspired by what he had to say so I asked him if he would be willing to share his story with all of you… because I know if it inspired me, it is bound to inspire you!

Jake told me how the moment he went off to college he felt uncontrollable anxiety that got so bad it manifested itself as a skin condition. He went on to share his journey of turning that anxiety into purpose which eventually led him to the Tedx stage, a dream of his after he had watched Scott’s Tedx Talk over 30 times!!!

Because the thing is, the feelings we feel are really real when we are in the midst of them! Jake’s anxiety was very real when he was feeling it, as was my hopelessness after Scott passed away. I can remember it like it was yesterday, waking up everyday wondering the point of it all, and firmly believing that there wasn’t a bright future ahead, rather just one of ‘dealing with’ life’s circumstances.

I have since proven to myself that when life hits you hard, it isn’t just about putting your life back together and ‘dealing’; rather, if you allow it, you can actually create a new life that also makes you happy. But at the time, I was so blinded by pain and all the change happening right in front of me that I was unable to see the road ahead of me.

And that is why I feel compelled to share stories like Jake’s… because I know there are people out there that feel like there is no way out: of a miserable job, a life circumstance, a broken relationship, whatever it may be… and when you are in it, it is very challenging to see outside of it.

So, I hope that Jake’s story will be a reminder that there is a way out… it just takes a little courage and a lot of trust.

Some of my highlights of this interview include:

  • How the moment you own up to your truth, clarity reveals itself.
  • How Jake went from being completely defeated in 2014 to feeling fully alive today in 2018.
  • The two powerful questions that made Jake realize his biggest fears were totally unrealistic.
  • Why your worst case scenario is not an excuse to give up on your dreams.
  • How the only way to find a clear path is to take one step in front of the other, because the path only becomes clear once the steps have been taken.
  • The power of getting thoughts out of your head.
  • How dropping out of college was actually the best decision for Jake, even though everything (and everyone!) around him was telling him otherwise.
  • How we are always trading something for another, so we have to decide which sh*t sandwich we are willing to eat.
  • How curiosity allowed both Jake and I turn a negative into a positive.
  • How your personal development journey is an onion with endless layers.
  • How opportunities come to you when you don’t just believe, but honestly trust, that things will happen how and when they are meant to.
  • How feeling lost over and over again is likely part of the path of living your legend.
  • How decisions don’t necessarily get easier but when you start to make decisions that are right for you, the more strength you build up to keep doing so.
  • What keeps me up at night sometimes…
  • And his parting words for anyone dealing with anxiety, confusion or feeling lost.

And to find out more about Jake, you can go here:

I would love to hear what you gained from Jake’s story, so please let us know in the comments below!!!

Thank you all, and thank you Jake… you are a legend!

– Chelsea Dinsmore