How to Say Goodbye to the Monday Blues

How to Say Goodbye to the Monday Blues

Happy Monday Legends… Or we hope it is a happy Monday at least! 🙂

We love showcasing our community members, their work and the transformations they have made. Nothing makes our hearts sing more than seeing all of you in the midst of living your legends out in the world.

Because the thing is, ‘living your legend’ isn’t a destination, it is a journey…

I have to admit, I felt really badly after being on the monthly call we have with our Live Your Legend Local Hosts and in one of their updates they said: “Well I am not living my legend yet…”

I also recently received an update from a community member whom I met while traveling last year proudly sharing the transformation she has made in 12 months time. It was so exciting, yet when I asked if she would want to be featured she said: “Well, I am not there yet.”

It really got me thinking about how I can do a better job of sharing what I believe it means to Live Your Legend. Because to me, Living Your Legend isn’t an end goal. It’s not a place you get or a box you check. That’s why our courses aren’t structured as a multiple choice test that come to a conclusion for you, only to have you excitedly pursue that and find yourself unfulfilled.

Because only you know what is right for you at any given time in your life. 

That’s why, to me, living your legend is about aligning what you do with who you are, whatever stage and season you happen to be in your life. For some, that has to do with their career but for others, it has nothing to do with work at all, it means taking some time to step back, explore, and fill up their own cup (like I did in my time in Australia) so you can’t help but overflow and give back to others. Or I am watching many of my friends do what they need to do to spend more time with their families as they are raising their children, because right now they value family over career expansion, at least right now!

That’s why living your legend is not end goal, because our values are ever-changing, therefore it’s a process. There was a period of my life where I worked a job I hated, but it allowed me to pursue and gain experience doing something I loved—teaching yoga. There was another phase of my life where I valued freedom over stability (enter nomad years), but that has changed and right now I value stability higher than freedom (hence a an apartment lease).

Living Your Legend is about:

  1. Knowing your values right now, and,
  2. Taking the steps to align your life to meet those values.

And that’s why I love this video from community member Christel Price that presents this idea in terms of whether or not you dread Monday.

Because we can all make our Mondays more meaningful, can’t we? For some that might mean showing up at a job they love, like Christel. She was doing work that wasn’t particularly fulfilling when she found LYL, and now she states:

“Two months ago I started an amazing job as the marketing and fundraising manager for a food rescue charity called Kaibosh. It’s the happiest I’ve ever been with work, doing work that I feel really matters.” (Ummmm, can we talk about how much I LOVE the cause!)

But for others of us, that might mean doing what we love on the side, like I was when I was only able to teach yoga part-time. That eventually turned into a full-time thing (which didn’t happen overnight!) but when I was doing that, it still made my Mondays more meaningful because I was working towards something that mattered to me at the time.

The key is taking the time and doing the work to know what really matters to you. Because when you get to know your values, strengths, weaknesses, fears, and insecurities, and marry that knowledge with specific tools and processes, you create Monday’s that feel more fulfilling. And to me, that is most certainly living your legend!

So thank you Christel, for being a living example of a true legend and using your crazy cool video creation skills to share the idea of living your legend under the context of a very important question:

Do You Dread Monday Morning?

And if you do, what’s one thing (even if it is teeny tiny!) you can do to make your Monday a little brighter? Let us know in the comments below! We are of course a bit biased, but we think our Live Off Your Passion Course is a great start.

Here’s to making more meaningful Mondays,

– Chelsea Dinsmore

P.S. If you are a community member who has found a way to make your Monday’s more meaningful, please reach out to us at We love to hear and feature your stories of how you all are living your legends!