World Tour Update #3: The Massive Falls of Iguazú, Argentina

Feeling small!

World Tour Update #3: The Massive Falls of Iguazú, Argentina

Sometimes life makes you feel really really small.

Memorable Moment(s): Our 1.5 hr flight from Buenos Aires to Iguazú turned into 4 hours when the electricity at the Iguazú airport went out 10 minutes before landing. So we started to fly back to BA, but the lights came back on just in time and we turned around again. Oh, and unfortunately the bugs. Too many bugs!

Empanadas Eaten: 110


(if you have local things we MUST do or happen to be in town, send us an email!)

Where we are right now


We’re obviously still playing major catch up on these posts – we’ve covered a ton of ground in the past few weeks, but today we’re just talking about Iguazú…

After Buenos Aires, we took a short flight up to Iguazú Falls. It was like nothing we’d seen.

Btw, when we visit more touristy destinations, where we will only stay for a few nights, we sometimes stay in hotels 1. Because often times there are not Airbnb’s in certain locations and 2. It’s nice to stay in a hotel every once in a while. 🙂

Boutique Hotel de la Fonte Taken moments before a torrential rainforest downpour.The hotel's outdoor Business Center The hotel’s Business Center

We stayed at a place Chelsea found on Trip Advisor call Boutique Hotel de la Fonte. We generally prefer the small boutique types hotels that are in or close to town so we can walk to dinner. This place was the perfect quiet oasis with an adorable courtyard and little cabin type rooms. The first night was a massive rain storm and we ate at the restaurant there as it was fairly well known and enjoyed a nice bottle of wine. Look at that pour!

the waterfall wine pour The waterfall wine pour

Next was a full day of exploring the park. It was an absolutely incredible experience and if anyone finds themselves in the north of Argentina, it’s a must visit. The size and power of the falls is humbling and their beauty is mesmerizing. We could go on but, the pictures do the most justice.

The falls from above

Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls


Double Rainbow! Double Rainbow!And because he can't help himself And because he can’t help himself

More shots can be found on both of our Instagram pages: Scott’s & Chelsea’s

For now, we’re off to explore our new backyard in Santiago and finish up our Galapagos Island planning!

If you have any tips or happen to be close by, send us a note!

– S & C