Live Your Legend LOCAL: Monthly In-Person Meetups in 206 Cities in 57 Countries (and counting!)

As you should have just heard in this video, at Live Your Legend, we believe that when it comes to doing work you love (or anything important for that matter), the people you surround yourself with will change everything. For better or for worse, depending on who you choose.

As Jim Rohn says, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

And as we say…

The fastest way to do the things you don’t think can be done is to hang around people already doing them.

The beauty of this is that who you do and don’t hang around is 100% in your control. No one can tell you you have to hang around the people who kill your dreams, or that you can’t surround yourself with those who inspire possibility.

And that is why we created Live Your Legend LOCAL: a non-commercial network of in-person meetup groups that meet on a monthly basis in cities all over the world to help each other find and do work they love (last count was 206 cities in 57 countries!).

And we have very, very big plans for what this can become.

My big lifetime vision for Live Your Legend LOCAL is… To have a LYLL community within 20 miles of every city and town in the world so no matter where you are, you always have a local support group of inspiring people – in the real world – to help you find and do work that matters.

And once you see the below 4-minute LYL Global Dance Party Music Video, you’ll see that we’re well on our way – thanks to all of YOU.

It might also give you a better feel for why we call our movement around here a Revolution.

Watch the video below and then come find a LYLL group near you or start your own. It’s totally free!

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“It was 18 months ago when I came across Live Your Legend and it just completely blew my mind. I was living this life thinking I have to kind of just do this. Then it was like a kid on Christmas Day with my wife thinking ‘we don’t have to do this anymore.’ It was literally a life change. It opened so many doors. Thanks for everything you’re doing.”

- Simon P., Singapore