2016 Themed Agendas

Here’s the list of themed agendas for 2016. As always, use them as is or modify them to fit the needs of your local group.


January 2016 Meetup (Looking Back, Looking Forward)

February 2016 Meetup and World Party! (I am here to…)

March 2016 Meetup (Gain Momentum & Find Clarity)

April 2016 Meetup (Mini Experiments)

May 2016 Meet-up (Focus)

June 2016 Meetup (Mini Adventures)

July 2016 Meetup (Stop, Listen, Share & Connect)

August 2016 Meetup (Connect & Collaborate)

September 2016 Meetup (Making Money from Your Passion)

October 2016 Meetup (Dancing with Fear)

November 2016 Meetup (Giving and Gratitude)

December 2016 Meetup (Celebration!)