Live Your Legend LOCAL Host – Frequently Asked Questions (and Attempted Answers)

Hey Rockstar Hosts!

Here are answers to all the questions we’ve been getting. Remember, we are here to help you in any way we can to make your event a success. If we didn’t cover something below, just send us an email to Enjoy!

Where can I find information about the other hosts in LYL Local?

Our official LYL Local home base will be here on this resource page and your very own secret Facebook Host Only Group.  Please let us know if you aren’t yet a member. We are also creating a page with the list of all hosts globally, that will be coming your way very soon.

What should I prepare for my meet-ups?

The simple goal of these meetups is to bring passionate, inspiring and aligned people together in the same room to talk about living a life and doing work that matters. If that means you’re meeting with one other person at first, that’s totally fine. Or it might mean you throw an event with 100 attendees. We are happy with either or anything in between. Your only real job as host is to provide a safe and welcoming place for our community to share their ideas and get support in the real world on a routine basis. If you do only that, I think you’ll be blown away by the magic that comes as a result.

In addition, each month we will prepare for you a suggested Agenda with some other ideas on what to do.  You can follow this agenda or make up your own.  It is up to you.

What’s the purpose of the Global Meetup?

It’s essentially a kickoff to what’s going to be a worldwide movement of passionate people coming together to support each other in their causes – on a routine basis each month, at the least. It’s the beginning of the end of hiding online and being alone in your struggles, and it’s the start of a community that will transform your environment forever. It’s a celebration of all these things and more!

Can I promote my business or service at the event?

The short answer is that this is a “No pitching or selling” event. As a host, you have committed to providing a safe and welcoming place for people to openly share their ideas. That’s why keeping to a “No Selling” policy is so important. These events are not to pitch other community members on your products. They are to help each other do work that matters. Of course, you’ll be sharing your ideas, businesses and products, but we just ask that there’s no outright selling. This approach makes everyone feel a lot more at home. And trust us, this format is much more likely to lead to new business and partnerships than the alternative.

How different is LYL Local from other events?

LYL is not networking. This is community building and supporting each other to reach our goals. It is about figuring out, what we can give to others rather than a normal networking event where people are looking for what they can get from others. In addition it is a safe space for people to come and talk about their crazy ideas without judgement. Somewhere they can dream and start taking actions towards those dreams.

Where do I find a listing of all the LYL Local events in the world?

Right here.

Please do not hand out this link directly.  It is important that we welcome all new members in so they can feel at home.  If you want to let other people know about this incredible movement you can help them by sending them here.

How do I get the word out to the LYL community?

All you need to do is send an email notifying us of your event at least two weeks before your event so we can send the notification out to members of the LYL community located near your town.

Do all the attendees have to be from the Live Your Legend community?

Definitely not! Make sure to tell others that they can invite their offline friends to join the fun. That’s a huge part of the point of getting offline and into the real world!

What if no one in the LYL community lives near me to attend my event?

First off, we’ll of course do our best to find one. We have tens of thousands of members from nearly every country in the world, so we’d like to think there’s at least one other person near you.

But either way, that is part of your fun job as host! Since all you need to create a meet-up is one other person, you simply need to find a friend, colleague or person to join you. At the very least, invite a friend to dinner, coffee or a workout and let them know you’d like to have a fun discussion about doing work that matters and how you can make a difference in the world.

Make it fun and casual. A discussion related to living your legend is all that matters. So no matter what, you will have at least one attendee!

Who’s in charge of managing the Facebook group?

The official hosts are in charge of the Facebook group for that city. Although we will be creating the Facebook groups in the beginning, you as a host will be in charge of managing it. That includes approving requests for joining, posting notifications about your event, maintaining activity and momentum on the group, and other decisions about how you want to use your Facebook group for your community. You are free to use this tool as creatively as you’d like. All we ask is that there is no promotion in your group. Please reserve it as a safe place for people in your hometown to connect, help and support each other.

How do I know if I have a co-host?

The LYL Local team will inform all hosts of their position as official city ambassadors as well as if they have a co-host.

How can I stay in touch with fellow LYL hosts?

Just go to the LYL LOCAL Host Facebook Group!

I’m new at organizing events. Where can I find more help?

For those of you needing more help setting up events, download the Field Kit we put together specifically to help you host events. It has everything you need to put together an event that will leave you and your attendees anxious for the next time you can meet and create more magic!

Where can I host a Global Meetup?

All of that is covered in the Field Kit, but there are many restaurants and coffee shops that have a private floor or room. Many of them might offer you the place for free if they know that you bring people who will come to eat and drink.

Another option is an art center, museum or some other public building which has large spaces. This option would be good for a smaller type of event of up to 10-15 people.

Helpful Hint: One thing we’ve found to make a huge difference is to do your best to find a venue that embodies the core values of Live Your Legend and the purpose of these meet-ups. You don’t have to overthink this, but we’re just saying that hosting at a healthy restaurant, museum or park full of energy communicates a much more congruent and inspiring message than hosting in some dark and unfriendly bar. But any venue is better than no venue. Use your creativity and best judgement!

How can I find a place for the event?

You can ask friends, put a post on Facebook, call or visit a few restaurants and coffee shops which are located in the area that you are considering for the Global Meetup. If it is summertime at your place, then why not on the beach? Be creative and you will find a place. We’ve found that most restaurant and cafe owners are happy to welcome and offer their space for free in exchange for you introducing more people to their venue, especially if your attendees might be buying some food or drink during the event.

Helpful Hint: Remember the words of Simon Sinek: “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” Be sure to start with WHY with the venue owner or manager. Tell them why you’re hosting this event, that you want to provide a place for inspiring people to get together to discuss making a difference in the world. Who doesn’t want to be a part of that? Get them excited about the vision and they will likely roll out the red carpet for you! Also remind them that you’d love to host every month or possibly more often. They’ll likely love the idea of repeat customers and traffic. Get them involved and have fun! If they’re the venue owner, you could even give them the opportunity to tell their story to the group. That’s what Scott did with Jesse Jacobs at Samovar Tea Lounge at the first San Fransisco meet-up and the whole group loved it!

Thank you again for making this possible!

You are on the ground floor of a full-blown revolution to get the world (and yourself) doing work that makes us come alive. And this is just the very beginning. But we have a feeling this is going to be huge. And that is only possible because of YOU.

Here’s to making some magic and having some fun in the real world!

– Naz, Leah, Steve & the Live Your Legend Team