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“I am here to…”

Are you ready to get your World Party underway?

Can you believe we now have over 250 hosts in 222 cities world wide?  This February 9th together we are going to party across the globe!  We are going to celebrate you, your local community and the impact together we are making in the world.

And with the suggested agenda set to not just to help us share what we are here to do but also what we believe is holding us back, we are set for one crazy good night/day.

Unequivocally we know one thing for sure, when we start to talk about our dreams and the things holding us from achieving them in the company of other like minded people, we can turn our thoughts of the impossible to I’m possible.

This year we have rolled all the activities into the theme of “I am here”.  We have based your local gathering on one of Scott’s favourite songs.  “I was here” by Beyonce.

Take a listen now and make sure you are set up to be able to play it on the night.  It can be in video or audio.

Below we have included the agenda and worksheets to go with this song.

Time to par-tay and have fun!

You will find the Agenda and Worksheets below for downloading.  We are providing the agenda in full here too.

“I Am Here”

Congratulations Rockstar Host!

Are you ready to Par-tay!?

As we travel around the world par-taying together, here’s an agenda you can use to kick off  your February meetup with style!  Of course, like always you are welcome to change it up as you see fit.

Twitter # for the Event is: #‎LYLLWP2016

Suggested Agenda

1.           Check In and Mingling [15 min]
2.           Host Introduction(s) [3-5 min]
  • Introduce yourself and share about the LYL movement and the purpose of the meetup (i.e. to support each other in doing work that matters).  Feel free in this part to touch on the vision that Scott had and how together we are going to continue to grow that legacy.  That together we really can change the world.
3.           Play video from LYL Headquarters [5 min]

This video includes the introduction from Headquarters immediately followed by the Beyonce song.

4.           Play Beyonce Song/Video – ‘I Was Here’ [5 min]

  • Let your guests know that not only was it one of Scott’s all-time favorite pump up songs, but also Scott used to send this song to the team before anything ‘big’ we did.  As you can imagine, we have watched it many times.  This song will be the basis for the activity for the evening.
  • Before pressing play, ask your group – “As you listen to this song, consider for yourself: what do you think you are here to do?  What would you like to be remembered for?”
5.           Activity 1: Share Your ‘I am here to….’ [10 min]
  • Either provide Worksheet 1 or get them to write on their own paper: I am here to: _______________.
  • By way of introduction, ask your guests to think about how they would introduce themselves by starting with, for example: ‘Hello, I’m Nazrin and I am here to [insert why they are here/the impact they might like to make in the world]. Lead the way and share your own example.
  • Give your guests Worksheet 1 which will be printed in landscape on a letter-size/A4 piece of paper and markers to write down their ‘I am here to’ statement.
  • Then ask each person to introduce themselves to the group, while you video them holding their sign (this will form part of a wider LYL video post-event).  Make sure you double-check if it is OK with your group to film them and explain it may be used for a LYLL world party wrap-up video.
6.           Activity 2: ‘I am here’ Group Activity [20min]
  • Give everyone the ‘I am here’ Worksheet 2 and something to write with.
  • Ask them to find a partner to share with.
  • Invite everyone take 5 minutes to write down their answer to:
    • 1) List all of the fears you have when you think about making your impact on the world?
    • 2) What is the #1 fear holding you back from making your impact on the world?
      • Give them time to share with their partner.
    • 3.)  What is the worst-case scenario if you did it anyway?
      • Give them time to share with their partner.
    • 4.)  What is the best-case scenario if you did it anyway?
      • Give them time to share with their partner.
  • Now invite the attendees to share with the whole group their #1 fear and what action they are committing to take in the face of that fear.
7.            Take a group photo for you to share in your Local Group and then in the Global Facebook Group.
8.            Invite your guests to free-style connect / party until event closing [15 min].
9.            Post Event

  • Celebrate – you are an amazing host.  Take a moment to celebrate yourself and your achievements.  What you have just done is nothing short of incredible
  • Reflect on your evening.  What was your favourite moment?  What do you think could be done better
  • Log on to your Local and Global Group Facebook Page and share your group photo
  • Log on to your Global Hosts Facebook group and share your favourite moment/lessons learned
  • Upload all the videos to this dropbox link no later than the 1st March 2016.  Please ensure the file is saved with your City and Country.
  • Go on… celebrate again.  You are awesome!

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