LYL Local – March 2017

Get into Momentum: Taking Imperfect Action
and Doing Your Impossible


“So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable.” –Christopher Reeve

“What we can or cannot do, what we consider possible or impossible, is rarely a function of our true capability. It is more likely a function of our beliefs about who we are.” –Anthony Robbins

“Every noble work is at first impossible.” –Thomas Carlyle


Rock on, Rockstars!

We hope you all had amazing meetups and service projects and other gatherings last month for the fourth annual World Party. Now the question some of you might have is: how do I keep all this energy alive and momentum going for my people?

So, this month, we’ll be talking about getting into momentum, taking imperfect action, and beginning to do your impossible.

Below are all the instructions you need to be best prepared you can be, and you will find the Agenda and Worksheet for downloading (the full agenda is below, as well):

A Note on Creating Your Monthly Facebook Event

If you haven’t already, create your next event in your Local Facebook Group:

  1. Go to your Local Facebook Group
  2. Click on Events at the top
  3. Click on Create Event on the right hand side
  4. Add an event photo (the group photo from last month works well)
  5. Add in title – “Live Your Legend Local March Meetup: Momentum”
  6. Add in all other details – location, date, time, etc.
  7. Add a description:

At Live Your Legend, we’re all about Doing Your Impossible. It’s one of the most important pillars of the Passionate Work Framework, but sometimes it’s one of the hardest to do… because of a lack of belief in our own ability, or a fear of the uncertain, or a desire to be perfect (so we won’t be judged and found wanting)… or [insert your favorite fear or limiting belief here.]

This month’s theme is “Get into Momentum: Taking Imperfect Action and Doing Your Impossible.” We’ll talk about the (imperfect) actions we can take right now that will keep us moving forward in pursuit of our impossible, our dreams, and our calling.

  1. Create your event (make sure you have ticked “invite all members of LYL Local to your event”)
  2. Celebrate as people decide to join you

Pre-meetup Guidance

Below is some optional guidance to set you up for success for the meetup and to enable you to effectively facilitate a discussion around getting into momentum!

  1. Let the participants know in your local Facebook group that this month you will be focusing on getting into momentum!
  2. Follow set agenda below (always optional).
  3. Have an amazing time with your participants.

Meetup Agenda

  1. Check in and Mingling [15 minutes]
  2. Host Introduction(s) [5 minutes]

Introduce yourself and share about the LYL movement and the purpose of the meetup (i.e. to support each other in finding and doing meaningful work). Feel free in this part to touch on the vision that Scott had and how together we will continue to grow that legacy. That together we really can change the world.

  1. Take a photo of your group – to later share globally [5 minutes]
  2. Member Introduction(s) [15 minutes]

To keep this as succinct as possible, ask each person to introduce themselves and to briefly share why they came in a sentence or two.

  1. Introduce the topic of the evening – Get into Momentum  [40 minutes]
  • Discuss “How taking imperfect action can get us into momentum, and moving toward doing our impossible.”
  • Discuss the fears or limiting beliefs that hold us back from doing what we think is impossible.
  • Discuss how taking imperfect action can help us move forward, and how continued action can help build momentum toward achieving something we previously thought was impossible.
  • Discuss how breaking a “large, impossible” task into smaller, achievable subtasks can help us move forward.
  1. Activity – The Milestone Worksheet [20 minutes]

Pass out the Milestone Worksheet and have everyone work through it, following the instructions on the worksheet.

  1. Accountability Actions [15 minutes]

Invite each person to share one action they will be taking before you meet again next month. Remind them they are responsible for making it happen AND the local group is behind them to achieve it. (It can also be helpful for them to find someone to buddy up with for accountability purposes.)

  1. Share the date/venue for next meetup [5 minutes]
  2. Mix and Mingle [15 minutes]

Post-meetup Guidance

  1. Celebrate – You are an amazing host. Take a moment to celebrate yourself and your achievements.  What you have just done is nothing short of incredible!
  2. Follow Up – Make a post in your Local Facebook group sharing how much you enjoyed the evening. Ask the group to share what they committed to at the event.
  3. Share – Log on to your Local and Global Group Facebook Page and share your group photo
  4. Share – Log on to your Global Hosts Facebook group and share your favorite moment/lessons learned
  5. Reflect on your evening – What was your favorite moment? What do you think could be done better
  6. Complete this short questionnaire so LYL HQ knows what is happening
  7. Celebrate YOU again – you are a rockstar!

Monthly Resources

PDF Files:

Attendee Agenda

Host Agenda and Instructions

Milestone Worksheet