Keeping the Revolution Alive: Live Your Legend Local Global Memorial Meetup – 15 October 2015

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Keeping the Revolution Alive: Live Your Legend Local Global Memorial Meetup – 15 October 2015

“Environment. Is. Everything. The fastest way to do the things you don’t think can be done is to hang around people already doing them. Choose your friends wisely and brainwash the impossible.” – Scott Dinsmore

If there’s one thing we know about Scott, it’s that he believed the world would be an altogether different place if we all did work that actually mattered to us.

And from all of your incredible tributes and stories rolling in, it’s clear that the revolution has well and truly already begun.

We also know Scott was not one to sugarcoat things; he was clear that making the transition to doing work you love takes a MASSIVE effort and above all else, you need a tight community of people who actually understand you – to inspire and support your big ideas.

And although Scott is no longer with us physically, his legend is alive and well and now it’s up to each and every one of us to continue to push this revolution forward.

We’ve seen first-hand the magic that happens when you get a bunch of passionate, inspired people in the same room! And in case you’ve forgotten – check out this video.

There is undisputable power in surrounding yourself with people who ‘get’ you, who support you and who, in Scott’s words, ‘refuse to let you fail.’

So with that in mind…

Live Your Legend Global Memorial Meetup

As Scott’s family makes preparations for their intimate memorial service for Scott, Chelsea had an amazing idea—a way to allow the whole community to gather together at around the same time, to remember Scott and honor the contributions he’s made to all of our lives…

As Chelsea put it, “Scott loved this community so much and he never excluded anyone from anything! I think it would be magical and powerful to allow everyone an opportunity to honor him if they want to. I’m pretty sure it’s exactly what he would have done.”

So, we’re arranging a Live Your Legend Local (LYLL) Global Memorial Meetup—where living legends around the globe are invited to hold meetups on the same day (similar to our annual Live Your Legend Local World Party each January) as the memorial service.

The LYLL Global Memorial Meetup will be happening next week, on October 15. We’d love to get as many of you together in meetup locations around the world on that date (or as close as you can arrange).

Click here to find out where your local meetup is happening.

The team is also working hard on the tribute video, which we expect to have ready in time for you to show at your meetups.

In addition, we’ll open the live chat in the LYLL community on Mightybell on October 15 as well, so that even if you don’t have a local group (yet!) you can join and share your stories and feelings.

We are looking forward to celebrating Scott’s life together and making this a powerful representation of his tremendous influence in the world!

With love and gratitude,

The Live Your Legend Team

P.S. We continue to be inspired and uplifted by the tremendous support, energy and outpouring of love you’ve shown in the last few weeks and especially in response to Chelsea’s incredible post last week. From Chelsea & the entire LYL Team….Thank you! It is certainly not going unnoticed.