Manifesting Momentum: Common Roadblocks (& Solutions!) that Stop you Before you Start

Manifesting Momentum: Common Roadblocks (& Solutions!) that Stop you Before you Start + LYL Meet-Up at World Domination Summit Details

Manifesting Momentum: Common Roadblocks (& Solutions!) that Stop you Before you Start

Happy Thursday Legends,

Today’s topic is Manifesting Momentum!

For quite some time now, I have personally asked (and responded to!) one question to everybody who joins Live Your Legend—which is over 2,500 people/month, though of course, not all of them actually respond:

“What’s the biggest roadblock keeping you from reaching your greatest potential?”

I’ve heard thousands of people’s answers, and in doing so, I have realized that while they all are unique, they also all fall into a few categories… but the interesting thing is, more often than not, the biggest thing in our way, is actually ourselves! If we could stop stopping ourselves, we’d actually be so much better off!

So today I am going to share:

1. The most common roadblocks that stop you before you even start, and

2. Solutions to remove, get around, climb over, demolish (or whatever the heck you have to do!) to remove those roadblocks, so you can stop stopping yourself.

There’s a lot of material to read if you want to go down the rabbit hole, woo hoo! So, without further ado…

5 Common Roadblocks (& Solutions!) that Stop you Before you Start

1. Fear

“F-E-A-R has two meanings: ‘Forget Everything and Run,’ or, ‘Face Everything and Rise.’ The choice is yours.” – Zig Zagler

This is the number one response I get from people. It is amazing how much our fears (aka: our desire to know it is all going to be okay) can be such a big dictator of our lives. Fear of change, of failure, of the unknown, of success, and so much more, stops us from attempting so many things that could actually make our current situation far more amazing. Therefore we remain as we are, even if that thing is unenjoyable—all to avoid something, just because we don’t know how it is gonna turn out. Sounds crazy when you lay it out, right?

And the thing that is even more funny about our fears is that they are all made up! Most of our fears come from a projection of an imagined future, or attaching a realness or sense of permanence to a thought that is not actually real. In some ways it is the equivalent of believing that you have won the lottery, and taking action based on that in the current moment. Might not really be the best choice, right? Yet we are willing to do the same with our fears… hmmmmm.

However, given fear is a natural human instinct, we aren’t gonna stop it from showing up anytime soon, so here are a few solutions to learn how to have friendlier relationship with fear.

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2. Skepticism

“There is nothing in this world that can trouble you as much as your own thoughts.” – Unknown

Your belief of what is possible is directly correlated to what actually is possible. Our human nature is to rationalize the things we believe to be true so when you think something is impossible, you naturally will see all the ways in which it could never happen, yet if you believe something is possible, you start to notice all the ways in which it could… A lot of this is happening without our conscious understanding, so we assume that whatever we see and believe is truth.

But as I have mentioned many a times on LYL, your beliefs are not facts, they are what you believe to be true. Alternatively, this is why you some people easily accomplish what others believe to be impossible in a number of different scenarios. I remember how crazy long I thought my first international flight was, now they feel short! The flight length didn’t change, but my belief around it did.

This is obviously a simplistic approach as there are other factors involved in our belief systems and changing them, but more often than not, our belief of what is possible is the biggest factor that stops us from reaching our greatest potential.

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3. Limiting Beliefs

“Are you creating your thoughts? Or, are your thoughts creating you?” – Brooke Castillo

This tacks on to the above point, because any belief that has limiting boundaries around it will, by nature, limit you. However, if you can find a way to genuinely expand your beliefs, your opportunities expand as well.

I frequently hear these ‘limiting beliefs’ as specifics: “I am too old” or, alternatively, “I am too young.” “I don’t have enough experience” or “I have too much experience (i.e. I got a law degree, I can’t do anything different now).” “I do have three cats” or “I don’t have three cats”… you get my drift…

All too often, we believe our situation is ‘different’, and we believe this for good reason—because it gives us a reason to stay where we are. It justifies our situation, and our resulting behavior to that situation. Once again, this is likely happening at a level you are not consciously aware of, so don’t beat yourself up!

But….. what you think is your limitation is often another person’s desire. #ouch

I know that is a tough pill to swallow and I am by no means diminishing anyone’s very real situation, I am just here sharing the results of some serious data collection. So, if you think there is no way out because of your current scenario, check out the following articles.

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4. Uncertainty

“It’s not what you don’t know that kills you, it’s what you know for sure that ain’t true.”- Mark Twain

“I don’t know” are a few very simple, yet very dangerous words, because they justify inaction. If you don’t know, then what you do know is that you cannot act, right?!

Now this does not mean you should go around on a high horse pretending to know things you do not, but it is important to remember that the mind plays tricky little games with us to innocently justify not taking action (such as saying “I don’t know”) so that we can avoid making changes. Everyday people do lots of things that they don’t know how to do. Heck, most of the things you do on a daily basis you didn’t just naturally know how to do, you had to learn how to do.

So… don’t let that be your excuse for inaction. Especially in today’s world where a simple google or YouTube search can give you access to things you used to need to get a degree to understand. The biggest killer of progress is inaction, so to stay in momentum (even when you don’t know how to do the next step, or what the next step is), check out the following articles!

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5. Lack of Support

“The fastest way to do things you don’t think can be done is to surround yourself with the people already doing them.” Scott Dinsmore

Looking deep within to understand who you are, and what you want and why, is some of the hardest work you’ll ever do. And testing, experimenting and doing things differently than “norm” can cause others to feel uncomfortable and therefore tell you that you are crazy or stupid for thinking differently. So surrounding yourself with people who support instead of discourage your dreams is required to maintain momentum on your journey, especially as you are starting out. Trust me, it is very nice to have someone who believes in me on the days, I question myself!

And that brings us to how to find and surround yourself with those supportive people!

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And keep your eyes open for an upcoming email regarding our mastermind placement program. Because we believe in the power of supportive surroundings, we’ve got a little mastermind placement opportunity opening up to offer a way to help you guys get into masterminds.

Let us know in the comments below what your biggest roadblock is and if you were able to identify one solution you can commit to today. 🙂

Until next time,

-Chelsea Dinsmore

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