Years of working with thousands of people has shown me that you can have information and courses with amazing tools, but if you aren’t taking action, you won’t get very far… Which is why behind every successful person is a team of support and inspiration to make things possible.

When you’re collaborating in the right environment, you can’t help but think bigger and accomplish more because:

  1. You have access to the knowledge, perspective and experience of several minds rather than just yours.
  2. You have the accountability to actually show up and make progress. It’s easy to sit on the couch and watch an extra episode of your favorite show, but if you know you have a call at 9:00am with the people you connect with every week, I guarantee, you’ll be way more motivated to get real sh*t done.
  3. We are often our own biggest limitation. We are conditioned to keep ourselves safe, so our nature is to play small, but the best way to play big and do things you never could have dreamed of doing, is to get people in your corner that see what you cannot see in yourself. When you surround yourself with people who dream for you when you aren’t able to dream for yourself, and lift you up when you are full of doubt, your possibilities can’t help but expand.

And one of the most powerful ways we know how to do this is to put a few minds together into a mastermind, hence the name, master-mind, get it?!

What is a Mastermind?

A mastermind is an accountability group that regularly meets in order to provide accountability, support, feedback and ideas to one another.  

You might even think of it as The Board of Directors for living your most awesome life! Because, by participating in the right mastermind group, you instantly elevate your possibilities as you can’t help but be far more resourceful than you could ever be alone. 

At Live Your Legend, we’ve helped create over 100 masterminds for 700+ people from all across the globe. In the beginning, we saw groups flourish and flounder. So, through our experience over the years of of watching certain groups disband, we collected the tools to create absolutely amazing groups!

And that’s why we now offer a 10 week fully facilitated mastermind accelerator, where I (Chelsea!) will personally sit down with you and your mastermind of 4-5 people every single week to get help you discover, uncover, and make progress to design your best life.

What Will I Get?

Over the years of participating in masterminds and running them, I have honed in on what I believe to be the sweet spot. Due to the personal attention you will get in this accelerator, the groups will be limited to 5 people each, so that you get personal attention every single week from me and your other mastermind members. 

The Program Includes:

  • An Align and Design Life Plan Template: Before the initial call, you will receive this to help you get clarity around where you are, versus where you want to be and how to get there.
  • Weekly Calls: Every week for 10 weeks, you will meet with Chelsea and a maximum of 4 other mastermind members at your chosen time slot on a virtual call. We will meet as a group every week for 60-90 minutes to discuss what went right, where you need some help and what you will commit to before we meet the following week. There will be time for a Q&A on every call and there will also be a ‘hot seat’ for every single member of the group where you’ll get the spotlight for a deeper dive into where you are, where you want to be and how to get there. If you are unable to attend the calls live, they will be recorded for you to revisit in your own time.
  • A Private Facebook Group: While your weekly mastermind will be limited to 6 people, this will be a group of all Align & Design Masterminders so you have a place to share wins, ask questions and get feedback in between calls. 
  • Workshops: Chelsea will hold a few workshops outside of the regular calls based on your areas of need. Past topics have included: Scheduling for Success, Manifesting Momentum, Why we do What we do, so you can do it Better and Getting Beyond Procrastination.
  • Lifetime Access to Your Mastermind: This accelerator is designed to give you and your mastermind members the tips, tricks and tools to run a successful mastermind after the 10 weeks of facilitation. Many of our mastermind groups have been running for years! As long as your group wants to keep meeting after our facilitated calls are done, you can continue to do so. We will place you in a group, give you tools to build momentum and those of you in agreement can keep the momentum going for years to come. Note: This will be dependent upon member willingness to carry on, but we have had many masterminds go for years!

We are currently not in an open-enrollment period but are accepting applications for our next round of masterminds. If you are interested, please fill out the application here:

“Today is the 10th call of our group and amazingly it keeps getting better. My group is blessed to have been brought together through the mastermind. We have grown to know each other better but ourselves even more.

Our main focus at the start was clarity of what we are looking to achieve, then we progressed to why. We have gained accountability to one another, shared ideas, stories and resources on different areas of our lives.  The level of trust continues to grow and all of us now share a lot of positives from our work.” – Anthony, Jersey 

Who is it for?

This 10-week accelerator is the perfect boost for the people who know they need some help, accountability and support to elevate or enhance where they are right now. This mastermind group is for:

  • The person who feels out of alignment with where they are and what they are doing but doesn’t know what to do.
  • The person who knows what they want but simply doesn’t know how to get there.
  • The person who constantly second guesses, procrastinates, self-sabotages or questions themselves.
  • The person who feels like they are playing small, are their own worst enemy or feels like they are going at it all alone.
  • The person who is ready to take the next step, whether that is starting a passion project, building a business or launching their first program.
  • The person who wants to be a constant student of life, and enhance where they are today, even if things are pretty great. When we learn, we can lead more and when we grow we can give more!

“Being a part of my mastermind group has been one of the best and most unique experiences of my life! I’m beyond grateful for the new insights and knowledge I have gained from my group. I’m ecstatic and proud of the momentum we have built thus far, which is helping us on our quest to be the best versions of ourselves. The experience and group synergy only gets better with each new meeting. 

As quite an individualistic person and with a strong preference for individually undertaking such projects aimed at personal growth, admittedly, I had my doubts as to what extent this experience would work and how effective it would be. Yet, this program ended up far exceeding my expectations. It positively changed my views on the effectiveness of collaborating with others, even (and perhaps especially) when it comes to goals around personal growth. A big thank you to Live Your Legend for this wonderful opportunity!”

– Milad, Spain

In short, this is an accountability accelerator. It’s a facilitated mastermind. It’s a group mentorship program and it’s an opportunity to boost where you are (no matter where you are!) so that you make more progress in the next 10 weeks than you have in the last 10 months, or, ahem, 10 years.

Here’s to elevating yourself, your dreams, and your possibilities today!

“I had heard about masterminds before and I actually wanted to find out if being part of such a group would be beneficial to my personal growth. However, I had no idea which group would be the best suit for me, let alone knowing how to start a new one. So naturally, since I already had good experiences through LYL, I jumped at the chance. 

Once our group was formed, it became clear quite early that although we all had different lives and came from different places (and even different time zones), but we were an amazing fit. I couldn’t have wished for a better group!

Every call, we seem to be more open and honest with each other, which helps us overcome barriers in various areas of our lives. An example of a barrier that I have personally overcome through this group is that I finally started writing short articles about my travel experiences.”

– Niels, The Netherlands 

Mastermind Video Testimonials


How exactly will this work?

After joining you will receive the Align and Design Life Planner. This will help you determine where you are versus where you want to be, or what goals you want to accomplish. This will set the stage for what we will talk about in our calls and then every week for 10 weeks, you will hop on a video call (Zoom) live with Chelsea (at the same time each week) and your mastermind members to celebrate what went right, discuss what you are working on/where you need help/questions you may have, and commit to something you will accomplish before the next call.

The calls will be a mixture of round robin (about 15 minutes per person) and hot seats (30-45 minutes per person) so everyone is making progress every week but also getting real one on one attention on how to accelerate where they are.

There will be a lot of new material, knowledge and homework as a part of this program but there isn’t weekly content delivered outside of our calls and Facebook groups. This program is wonderful in combination with our courses, but it is not a module based course. It is more about aligning your internal systems (beliefs, mindset, thoughts) and external systems (habits, routines, what you do) and taking action to design the life you want to live.

Why should I join this mastermind ?

Over many years of facilitating and setting up masterminds, we have seen what works and what doesn’t. Because we have set this up to be small groups, you get personal attention, while also learning from the other members of your group. We really believe we have set this up to get all the benefits of 1:1 coaching or mentorship, alongside the instant elevation that happens when we are surrounded by and learn from others.

Chelsea has not only participated in many masterminds herself, she has also facilitated them over the years. She brings a background of thousands of hours of learning from some of the leading experts in the fields of personal development, coaching, behavioral psychology, quantum mechanics, and much more. But more importantly, she has applied these theories into her own life. Reading a cook book doesn’t mean you know how to cook, it’s only once you show up in the kitchen and put your knowledge into practice that you actually learn, right?!

After several unforeseen changes (both career and life), Chelsea has repeatedly reinvented and rediscovered a way to design her life in a way that allows her to align who she is and what she is doing with the world around her. This is a power we all have, we just need tools and support to help us along the way. Having been through it time and time again, and coming out on the other side, has given her the tools and experience to help others do so. You can hear more about her story here: A Message of Hope

Why would I pay for placement in a mastermind, can't I just do this on my own?

You absolutely can!

However, many mastermind programs charge upwards of $500-$1,500/month with a 12 month commitment, and personal coach may charge even more! So we have specifically designed the program to be available to those who aren’t quite there yet. Based on the quality and quantity of support you get directly from Chelsea, we personally think our fee for the program is an absolute steal!

What will my commitment be?

If you commit to joining a group, we ask that you commit to the full 10 weeks of regular meetings which will be 60-90 minutes depending on the size of your group.

Outside the virtual calls, there will be time spent taking action on the commitments you made in the meeting getting you closer to your goals.

If you want to continue with mastermind meetings after the 10 weeks, there will be options available for you to do so.

What if I cannot make all 10 calls?

Not to worry, if you need to miss a week or two, the calls will be recorded for you to review in your own time.

Is this program right for me if I don't have a clue what I want to do?

Of course, we offer plenty of self guided courses that are a great start, but this program is tailored to your individual needs when you are working with Chelsea in your mastermind. So, it’s really about elevating where you are, wherever you are.

What if something happens and I cannot complete the 10 weeks?

We ask that each member commit to the full 10 week accelerator to allow time to build momentum, ensure progress and navigate the cracks of working with others.

If you have unforeseen circumstances or are not satisfied, we will be happy to hop on the phone to discuss with you where you are having troubles and determine the best option moving forward.

I want to be a part of this but I can't do any of the time slots you listed?

There is only one of me and lots of you, but if you have a time slot you want me to open up, please let me know the day/time and time zone and I will see what I can do!

Additional Questions?

We are here for you, please email me at

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