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Live Your Legend - Chelsea Dinsmore Speaking at the World Domination Summit
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Chelsea’s Bio

Chelsea Dinsmore is the owner and Chief Inspiration Officer of Live Your Legend, a community whose mission is to change the world by helping people find their passion and build a career around the work that only they are capable of doing. Live Your Legend hosts in person meet-ups in over 250 cities in 70 countries, focused on creating in-person connections with like-minded living legends. It’s like AA for world-changers.

Chelsea is a lover of food, adventure, the ocean, and wine country. When she’s not helping others live their legend, you’ll find her whipping up healthy vegetarian recipes, chasing sunsets, and exploring the world.

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Incredibly Inspiring
You are the most inspiring and courageous person I "know." We have never formally met but I was "introduced" to you a little over a year ago when news of Scott's passing blew up my Facebook feed. I have read every one of your posts, watched all of your videos and used Scott's free finding your passion toolkit. A year later I am working on a novel and playing with the idea of opening a fast casual breakfast/lunch place. This couldn't be farther from my corporate marketing job. It has also made me a better wife, friend and mother because plainly said, I am more fun to be around. Thank you for being so open about everything you are going through and sharing all that you have learned over the past year. You are truly an incredible person. Now every time I hear myself say I can't. I am going to ask myself questions to figure out how I can. It’s such a simple thing you said about being limitless but it is so true and so incredibly inspiring. It’s my new mantra. And what a great lesson to pass down to my kids. So thank you so very much for everything you do.
Thanks For Opening My Eyes
You’re the first speaker I've ever contacted directly. I just wanted to say: Thank you for saying yes and speaking to us. When I lost my mom, I lost myself too, for quite some time. It took years before I found myself again. I like to think that if I had heard you speak about not turning one loss into two before my mom died, I would have made a different choice in the aftermath of her death. I will for sure make a different decision in the future. I have tried every day since WDS to apply the filters of joy and curiosity and gratitude to everything I do. Sometimes I'm better at it than others, but I will tell you this: I am happier for it, every time I do. So thank you. Thanks for opening my eyes to a different way to view my life.
The Pure Desire To Help Others
I just watched your video blog and your thoughts resonated with me a great deal. You are an amazing woman. You share your thoughts, ideas and vulnerabilities with the pure desire to help others. You have been inspiring me for several years with your grace, knowledge and willingness to share your thoughts and ideas, even dare say your soul, with such a broad audience. You are brave, beautiful and rare. Whatever you consider your title, or your job, you are an amazing person, doing amazing things and making people all over the world, better and happier. I don’t think there is a title for that. You are a blessing for so many, including me. Thank you.
Danielle, Speaking Coach
Heart, Generosity, Clarity and Strength
I just wanted to write you a quick note to let you know that I watched your WDS talk last week, and I am struggling to convey in words how touched I was by you and the talk you gave – I literally can’t find a word to do justice to the extraordinary mix of heart, generosity, clarity and strength that came through. (And I work with speakers and think about words all day).