Meet the Team: The Legends Behind Live Your Legend

Meet the Team: The Legends Behind Live Your Legend

Hi! I am Chelsea Dinsmore, The Chief Inspiration Officer of Live Your Legend. The Live Your Legend movement was founded by my dear and late husband, Scott Dinsmore.


Over a decade of research led him to create a process for making discoveries about what lit him up and for finding and doing work he loved. He started helping others find the same through 1:1 work, writing, documenting folks living their legends all over the world, and getting out on all kinds of adventures. You can check out his full story here.

Unfortunately, he was in a tragic accident in September of 2015 as we were nearing the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, and I have since stepped in to carry on the message and mission of Live Your Legend.

As I lost my husband at an all too early age, one of the only things that has given me comfort while dealing with this loss is knowing that Scott lived his life with passion and purpose. He truly lived more in his 33 years than most do in a lifetime—and there is some peace in that, even in the midst of such a tragedy.

So while I stood by Scott’s mission while he was on this planet, I have never believed more strongly in it than I do now. The greatest gift he gave me was the way he lived his life – with intention, purpose, passion and doing what he loved with those he loved each and every day. And in that he made a tremendous impact on the world and left an incredible legacy that lives on. This has given me a unique perspective on how important it is to spend your time in a way that matters, not only for yourself but for those you love.

So, encouraging others to discover the work they love, not settle for a life of mediocrity and realize they were meant to truly live, not to just slowly die, is my way of carrying on Scott’s mission—and giving back to the world the gift that Scott gave to me.

At Live Your Legend, we believe that doing work you love is a fundamental human right. It’s not just reserved for the lucky few who have the extra time, resources or luxury to “just quit” and move on.

The following are fundamental beliefs behind the LYL movement: 

  1. We are capable of a lot more than we give ourselves credit for.
  2. You don’t have to do things the way they’ve always been done.
  3. There’s usually a better way.
  4. Most things aren’t as impossible as we think. They must be tested.
  5. Exploring and getting out on adventures adds clarity to most of life’s confusions.
  6. We can all do work we love, we just have to understand ourselves first – and create the proper surroundings.
  7. Environment. Is. Everything. The fastest way to do the things you don’t think can be done is to hang around people already doing them. Choose your friends wisely and brainwash the impossible.
  8. The education and experiments never end.

If you share any of these values, you will be right at home here.

Scott intentionally built the Live Your Legend community to be bigger than just one man. That was his motivation behind the Live Your Legend Local movement. He never wanted the possibilities and community to be limited to him, and it is a testament to his heart, passion, and vision that his amazing legacy – this community – will indeed continue on.

Over the years of building Live Your Legend, Scott put together and incredible team, who continue to help me with this mission today.

Scott laid the foundation for Live Your Legend and many of the words and videos you see on this site come from him and his unbelievable passion for helping others. You’ll also be hearing from the trusted people behind Live Your Legend who are motivated and driven to keep the mission moving forward. We are only as strong as those that support us and we’ve got a wonderful team that is supported by an unbelievable community – you!

So Thank You! 

It is you and the rest of the community that makes Live Your Legend what it is. Together we can make big things happen—we can Live Our Legends.

So welcome to the adventure, and thank you for being here – not just for yourself, but everyone around you.

This is just the beginning…

Chelsea Dinsmore, Live Your Legend Chief Inspiration Officer

Without further ado, Welcome to our team at Live Your Legend!

Chelsea Dinsmore – Chief Balance Officer

San Francisco, California


I’ve officially unofficially worked for Live Your Legend since it’s inception. I began as Scott’s editor but quit after only a few weeks. The reason? Well, because we’d be sitting in the same room together (I often worked from home for my job) when Scott would send me a post to review. Only a few seconds after it landed in my inbox, he’d start asking me, “So did you get to my post yet?” I quickly learned that his deadlines were a little too tight for me. 🙂

I then transitioned into being Scott’s Chief Balance Officer (CBO) – a title he proudly gave me. I gained my position as CBO mostly because I helped him maintain his work-life balance. In other words, I pulled him out of the house when he was nose deep in work! I also helped him keep things in line when the wheels were falling off during a launch or one of the other million things that can go wrong when running a business. And finally, because I acted as a sounding board for him when he was making big and small decisions. If you only knew how many ‘What Do I Title my Post?’ conversations we had…

I’ve been by his side for nearly every talk, interview and milestone that LYL has had (I still remember the 4,000 Party I threw for him and I when he reached that number of subscribers). Because LYL was such a core part of Scott as a person, I have always been a huge part of LYL. I am by no means a replacement for Scott’s voice, enthusiasm and passion. But as his wife, his partner, his voice of reason, and his confidante, I am happy and confident that I can help carry on his message and mission together with the core LYL Team.

Charlie Gilkey  – Business Strategy Coach and LYL Team Captain

Portland, Oregon


I will never forget when Scott asked me what I thought about him getting a business coach. My natural response: What does a business coach do? His answer: Oh well, they help you better manage a whole bunch of stuff at once. And they help keep you sane and focused….

Yes, absolutely yes!

As I mentioned above, I was Scott’s only sounding board for a long time. But then Charlie came into the picture in 2014. I’d generally be sitting in the other room as they had their calls this year and after Scott would get off the phone, I’d ask him what Charlie had said. He usually let me know that Charlie would tell him to not worry so much and get out and enjoy our trip! I gave Charlie virtual high-fives and hugs from nearly every one of the 20 countries we visited this year!

Charlie is a mixture of entrepreneur, Army officer, philosopher and, as of late, has also taken on the role of big brother to me. He helps creative giants thrive by using their talents in ways that maximize themselves, those around them, and the world at large, which is why he was the perfect fit for Scott.

Charlie has been managing the business strategy and operational side of things while I get up to speed and focus on communications. We will continue to work closely together (along with the rest of the team and Scott’s trusted colleagues) on the long-term goals and plans for Live Your Legend.

Nazrin Murphie  – Master Coach, Mastermind Maven and Community Visionary

Sydney, Australia


I liked Naz way before I met her, and then once we met in person, it was lights out. No one could talk to us at the first WDS we attended together in 2014 because we couldn’t stop talking to each other!

To me, Naz is synonymous with the community at Live Your Legend. She held the first LYL meet up in April 2013 before LYL Local even existed. Scott and I called into Sydney on Skype from our apartment in San Francisco and it was from that meeting where the idea for local meetups worldwide began.

Not only was Naz an innovator in the way of helping Scott realize the potential of a community and the power of a common vision, she also happens to be insanely talented! When he realized he was unable to offer one-on-one coaching due to time constraints Naz (and her other half Leah) were the first people called upon. They have acted as Live Your Legend’s Master Coaches and Mastermind Mavens for both the How to Connect with Anyone and the Live Off Your Passion courses.

Naz brings expertise, excitement and passion to everything she does at Live Your Legend.

Leah Hynes – Master Coach, Mastermind Maven and Chief Wordsmith

Brisbane, Australia


Read what I wrote above about Naz and multiply that by two. Seriously.

Leah and Naz met after being placed in a mastermind together while taking Scott’s first ever release of the How to Connect With Anyone course in 2013. Since that day, I don’t think I’ve heard one of their names mentioned without the other’s following right behind!

Leah is a rockstar who left her secure job in Public Relations to find and follow her dreams. She took the steps to figure out what mattered to her and has since coached many clients to help them achieve mastery of their own inner game. And this is exactly why she came to the LYL team when Scott needed another set of expert hands.

On top of her ability to motivate, empower and work through the tough stuff, she has a beautiful way with words. Leah is the voice behind many of the emails you get from The Live Your Legend Team.

I feel so blessed that I have these two wonder women on my side!

Steve Arensberg – Live Your Legend Local Leader

San Antonio, Texas


Steve officially became a part of the LYL team in 2014 by taking a page right out of Scott’s book! One day, he simply told Scott that he felt incredibly passionate about Live Your Legend Local and offered some specific, hands-on ways to help.

This began with Steve volunteering his time, but as Scott began to realize the incredible potential of having an organized community, he hired Steve on to be the leader of the leaders!

Even though the local groups are totally free to attend and don’t add in any way to the revenue of Scott’s business model, it’s one of the things he cared about the most at Live Your Legend. The concept of surrounding yourself with the right people was invaluable in Scott’s opinion and we have Steve to thank for keeping it alive.

Live Your Legend Local simply would not exist without him and his ability to work across multiple countries, cultures, time zones and ideas is mind-blowing!

Celina Moreno – Community Happiness Manager

San Salvador, El Salvador


Celina is the jill of all trades! She truly is the backbone of Live Your Legend and keeps things running sanely and smoothly. Celina is the person you say, “I’d like X to happen.” And she figures out exactly how to get it done.

Since 2013 she has managed all the administrative work including emails, customer support, and the many systems that need tending to behind the scenes. She was a savior to Scott when she came on board and has kept the ship running smoothly since that day.

She also brings a tremendous amount of joy and energy to the team and regularly gifts us with pictures of her adorable son.

Rick Melera – Tech and Engineering Master

San Salvador, El Salvador


One of the things that Scott always wished was that he would have studied computer engineering. There were often times things he ‘wanted’ to do with LYL but was limited due to his lack of technical knowledge.

Once Rick came into the picture, that was no longer an issue. Any little thing Scott could dream up, Rick would whip up.

He helps us with all the things us normal people don’t quite understand. 🙂

Troy Young – Epic Video Editor

Worldwide Nomad


Troy is the man behind many of the moving videos to come out of LYL – he has an incredible talent for taking a whole bunch of video content and pulling it into a moving story. He also helps create, edit and enhance all the LYL videos, including the one that will be shown at today’s Global Memorial Meet-Up.

He became a friend through the community and once Scott discovered his mad video editing skills, he hired him on to help with any one-off video projects.

After selling everything they owned in Canada, he is currently on an epic travel adventure with his wife, Dorene, around the world and we had a number of Skype calls with them earlier this year to discuss the in’s and out’s of the nomadic lifestyle.

Shannon Dutton – Influence & Reach Optimizer

London, England (Via Sydney, Australia)


As with many of Scott’s team members, Shannon was also a graduate of Scott’s How to Connect With Anyone course. He began working with Live Your Legend in 2013 after offering to help Scott with the launch of Live Your Legend Local groups.

He was our first ever LYL Local Global Leader and has served as a Connect With Anyone Mentor. Shannon’s also been on launch teams for LYL Raw and How to Make Your First $1,000 From Your Passions & Talents.

In 2014, Shannon stepped into his current position as part of the work Scott was doing with Charlie. Charlie would ask Scott about numbers, stats, and trends and Scott couldn’t keep up with it all while traveling the world and doing this just happened to be what Shannon was focusing on in his own business.

With a background in digital marketing and management Shannon brings a wealth of knowledge, systems and process to ensure we are effectively and optimally serving our community.

Say hello to our global team!

These are the trusted people behind Live Your Legend who are motivated and driven to keep the mission moving forward alongside you all.

I feel incredibly lucky that Scott did the work he did to develop such an incredible team. I know Scott’s mission will continue on because of the collaboration that I have with these individuals. We are only as strong as those that support us and I’ve got a wonderful support team that is supported by an unbelievable community – you!

Please let us know if you have any questions about the team.

Otherwise, we hope to see many of you either in person or online for the Global Memorial Meet-Up.