Connect With Anyone Graduate Mike Goncalves: Impossible IS Possible!

Connect With Anyone Graduate Mike Goncalves: Impossible IS Possible!

There are approximately 24 hours left to join our flagship course How to Connect With Anyone.  Did you know that you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with? In all categories of life including income, stature, goals, relationships, career and business achievements, charitable givings, etc.

Are your top five people contributing to your success or holding you back from your dreams? We can help with that. Our course is specifically designed to improve your top 5!

Hear from our successful graduate Mike Goncalves of Entrepreneurs Fitness Academy on how he leveraged the How to Connect With Anyone course into a very successful health and wellness business dedicated to helping entrepreneurs achieve their dreams.

He’s a Live Your Legend inspiration to us all and we’re very proud of him! Mike will be one of several Connect With Anyone superstar graduates helping to facilitate the course forums and mastermind groups. Take it away Mike…

By Mike Goncalves

It’s rare for me to come across an online course that I think is worth paying for and that I believe can actually make a difference and deliver on the claims it makes.

Although I consider myself an optimist, I’m also a skeptic when it comes to products and services offered online, designed and intended to help me. I can’t help but think that it’s probably just someone out to make a quick buck with no real concern or desire to help those purchasing their product or service.

After making a move across country to San Diego from Boston two years ago, leaving behind a health and fitness business I had built from the ground up and successfully operated for 10 years, I decided that my physical location would never again jeopardize my ability to help and serve others as I had done for the previous 10 years.

In my mind there was only one way to make that happen, and that was to take my business online.

After several months of researching, reading, comparing, and deliberating on how and where I should start, I wasn’t getting anywhere. The online world of doing business and serving others was foreign to me. I was clueless where to begin and didn’t know anyone that was in that space either.

Frustrating to say the least.

I somehow, and fortunately, came across Scott Dinsmore’s Live Your Legend website and the How to Connect With Anyone Course.

After discovering the Live Your Legend community, I was immediately interested and intrigued with Scott’s message, his views, his ideas, and his willingness to share his own stories and experiences.

This wasn’t one of many courses I had previously come across where my skepticism was through the roof.

There was something different about Scott, his approach, his message, and his willingness to help.

His blog posts always contained valuable material, messages, and takeaways. Before I ever even considered taking the Connect with Anyone course, I developed a strong sense of trust for Scott and what he stood for, what he believed, and how he was helping others to find and do the work that mattered most to them, that made them happy, and connecting them with others who shared the same values and beliefs who could help one another.

It wasn’t long after that I watched his Tedx Talk on How to Find and Do Work You Love which now has more than 8 million views and helped people find their passion all around the world. If you’ve never watched it, do yourself a favor and do so right now.

Before I ever even met Scott, I reached out to him for guidance via email as I was deciding on what direction to go in long before my health and wellness business, The Wellness Bucket, ever came to be.

To my surprise, he emailed me back every single time.

Just about a year later, I enrolled in the Connect With Anyone course where I not only got to connect more with Scott and develop an awesome friendship with him, but also meet so many amazing people from all over the world whose friendships are still a big part of my world today.

I remember before actually taking the course, I was also debating attending another event titled, World Domination Summit.

Financially, I wouldn’t be able to do both.

Once again, I reached out to Scott and asked if he were in my shoes, would he take his Connect With Anyone course or attend World Domination Summit?

He of course said as much as he’d love to have me take his course, he thought I would be better off attending World Domination Summit… as he put it, “it is a mecca for connecting with like minds.“

I not only took his advice and attended World Domination Summit, but I also decided to do whatever I needed to do financially to register for his course – which I did.

His honesty and humility was incredible.

When I finally did meet him at World Domination Summit, as I walked up to him to introduce myself, I can still hear his voice say, “MIKE! Hey man!” with such genuine enthusiasm and excitement.

He knew who I was, remembered my name, and greeted me as if we had been best friends for years.

That was Scott – that’ll always be Scott.

Signing up and completing the Connect With Anyone course is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It was a game changer for me.

It helped me identify what I wanted, want I needed to do, and the surroundings I needed to make it happen. It put me in the right environment, with the right people, and the right mindset necessary go after and create real genuine connections.

It provided me with a group of other amazing individuals also pursuing their own dreams, goals, and passions.

It provided me with guidance and a highly productive framework to follow, steps to take, and weekly action items all geared towards getting me one step closer to surrounding myself with the right people so that I could begin doing the work that I loved.

The Connect With Anyone course helped me realize by making it abundantly clear that my surroundings, my environment, the people who I choose to spend my time with, play a huge role in what I believe and therefore what I achieve.

Environment really IS everything.

As I mentioned earlier, I didn’t know anyone personally that was helping and working with people online and therefore no one to ask questions to, lean on, or go to for advice. I had no one to help me take the first step into a world that was unknown to me.

Connect With Anyone changed all of that for me.

It wasn’t long before I started connecting with people who were part of the online space I too wanted to become a part of.

People who were serving others with their talents and services online, who were making a difference doing work they loved and that mattered to them.

I went from not having a clue where to begin, to being surrounded by people ready and willing to tell me what, where, and when to do it. I went from thinking this new world of helping and serving others online may not be possible or for me, to thinking this world is completely possible and absolutely for me. Amazing what our surrounding can do for us.

This course did more for me than I can explain in a single blog post but I will do my best to summarize.

I had an idea for an online wellness community I wanted to build, but no idea where to even begin.

I started the course and immediately began to connect with others within the member forums who were also out to do work that mattered to them. I finally realized I wasn’t alone and had all the support I would need.

Within this community, I asked questions, shared my ideas and stories, provided insight into other member questions as well as received insight in return from others. Most importantly, I began to create real, genuine connections and friendships.

The course material gave me the confidence and direction I needed in terms of where to direct my energy.

It helped me understand how adding value to the lives of everyone, not just family, friends, and clients, but everyone would pay me back in ways I could never have imagined.

I began connecting with others who I use to think I had no shot at connecting with whose work I admired and respected.

I began to believe in all that was possible and all I could do and create with my new found friends and their encouragement, guidance, and support.

Out of the 8 Dream Connections I identified early off in the course as part of an assignment we were given to complete, I have connected with 5 of them. Not just connecting with them through Twitter and Facebook either, I’m talking real live in person connections and friendships.

People such as Chris Brogan, Chris Guillebeau, John Lee Dumas, Lewis Howes, Keith Ferrazzi, Jenny Blake, Sean Ogle, Olympic Gold Medalist Joe Jacobi, and many others.


I’m a stronger believer (now more than ever) and because of Connect With Anyone that, Impossible is Possible.

When we surround ourselves with the right people, genuine people, those who believe what we believe, who share the same values, who support us, motivate us, encourage us, and simply refuse to let us fail… once we find these people, these connections, this tribe, it’s inevitable that you too will begin to think and believe that impossible really is possible.

If happiness, fulfillment, and doing work you love is important to you, something you are 100% committed to, and something you absolutely must do, Connect With Anyone is definitely for you and something you can’t NOT do.

I don’t mean to sound too dramatic here, but it honestly changed my life forever, and I know it can and will change yours too.


Thank You for your kind words, Mike.  How to Connect With Anyone was Scott’s proudest achievement.  Check out Mike’s latest venture Entrepreneurs Fitness Academy designed to help entrepreneurs take their life and business to the next level through fitness.  His academy is limited to just 50 students!