My 2018 Annual Reflection, Review and 2019 Intention Setting

My 2018 Annual Reflection, Review and 2019 Intention Setting

Hi Legends,

Last week I shared our new and updated Weekly Planning and Goal Setting tools. Be sure to check them out here if you missed it!

I’ve done an annual review at LYL the past few years, and I can see my shifting values, my personal growth and how I needed to make changes around me to align with these changes within me.

  • In 2016, I deeply needed to prioritize growth and a finding a sense of purpose around me. Possibility and new opportunities felt better than structure and that led to me to traveling rather than setting down roots.
  • In 2017, I came more into my own, finding a deeper sense of purpose within me; and in order to be the fullest version of me, I needed to open myself up to new dreams and embrace a different version of myself and my life.
  • And 2018 has been all about setting down roots and building confidence in the person I am today. So here’s my reflection and review of 2018 and my intention setting for 2019.

2018 in Review

When I reflect back on this year, I am actually surprised because I found a cadence that didn’t take a lot of trying or feel like a struggle. It has been a lot less ‘efforting’ and alot more ‘inspired action.’ But looking back, wow, I did a lot of things! This is the power of aligned action… it doesn’t feel as burdensome or overwhelming, but it still leads to a lot of fulfillment, and it is fun and exciting along the way.

Major Celebrations:

  • Moved Across the World: As much as I tried to force a square peg into a round hole, San Francisco simply wasn’t the right place for me anymore. I kept coming back to it because so much of my life exists there: family, friends, etc. But there were many things ‘not right’ as well. I felt stale. I felt out of place. Being a single person in an expensive place is hard! I was working extra time at my second job just to make ends meet and it put me under a lot of stress. As hard as it was, I accepted it was not right for me, right now. Love was a beautiful catalyst and reason to settle in London and I am absolutely loving it!
    • Lesson Learned: You limit yourself by saying ‘never.’ I never could have imagined living here but am surprised how much I love London! San Francisco was a great fit for where I was 10 years ago and London is a great fit for where I am and what I am doing in my life right now.
    • Lesson Learned: Part of me felt selfish moving so far from family and friends. I am missing holidays, children being born, and girls nights.  And, while I miss them dearly I cannot deny that this is a better fit for me right now. I find solace in the saying: “When you come into your own power, you feel better. And when you feel better — those who love you also feel better.” – Abraham Hicks
    • Lesson Learned: I cannot see myself here ‘forever’ but once again, I cannot deny that it feels so much more right than I felt in SF. I don’t need to do ‘forever’ I need to do ‘now.’
  • Put on My Big Girl Pants: Ever since taking over LYL, I thought I needed help. I worked with a business coach then I brought on business partners. All these things are great and can definitely add to the growth of a business, but I think I leaned on them as a crutch. As I was starting out my new chapter in London, I wanted to create the opportunity for it to unfold in the way I have learned to approach my life— doing what is right, right now. When I moved over, I honestly wasn’t sure if I would carry on with LYL or get a more traditional job in London. So I used a big portion of the business resources to buy out the partners so I could decide once I got to London. And when I did, the ‘inspired action’ was to put my time, energy, effort and love into the business. And while the scale of LYL is not at all what it once was, I am proud of the improvements I have made, what I have added with the Mastermind Groups and the Gratitude Writing Challenge and that we are still standing today.
    • Lesson Learned: Confidence comes from experience. You can false confidence yourself into believing certain things, but when you dive in and do it, you give yourself evidence to support those beliefs.
  • Continued Exploration: I have been lucky enough to explore places in and around the UK. This year I got to sip coffee in Copenhagen, ski the slopes of Austria, discover canals in Milan, surf the English coast, experience the magic of the Maldives, have sundowners in Portugal and give thanks with family in Hawaii… and I am currently in South Africa with my boyfriend and his family for Christmas and New Years.
    • Lesson Learned: I will never stop appreciating the beauty of the world and my ability to explore it. After spending so much time on my own, I also truly cherish having someone I adore to share those experiences with.
  • Writing Without Attachment: I have been working on my book project for almost two years now and it has taken so much longer than I ever would have imagined. But I think the proposal may actually be going to publishers in 2019, so we shall see how it all unfolds.
    • Lesson Learned: Time has its own timeline. And it’s helpful to detach from how and when and just keep going with our why. At one point I was putting a lot of pressure on the book but now I have such a better relationship with it. I have a deeply rooted why behind my book, and that has kept me going every time a roadblock has come up. It has allowed me to not give up when things got hard. I also feel at peace about whatever happens so that I can actually enjoy the process of it, no matter how long it takes. I’ve learned to ask myself: Are you ok with any outcome? If not, why??? What is this saying about my identity and my attachment to this?
  • Building a New Foundation: I have been named Lead Teacher at the barre studio I am teaching at. I started a Wine Club, and am slowly but surely building new traditions, and creating new experiences. It’s taken a bit of courage but has come with big rewards.
    • Lesson Learned: The most rewarding feelings often come from aligning who you are, with where you are, and what you do. 🙂

2019 Preview

I try to create intentions for growth but with space for serendipity. So for 2019, I think I have a few real focal points:

  • My Next Step: I have had something brewing under the surface but is finally ready to be born. It is going to be a platform to make personal development and continuing education a consistent part of your life. We will cover topics from meaning and mindfulness, to permission and purpose. It’s an ongoing program to help you align who you are, and what you do with where you are… no matter what is going on around you. It will launch sometime early 2019 so if you want to be the first to hear about it’s release, join the waitlist!
  • Grow More, Give More: I have an insatiable curiosity for learning and growth but one of the things a reflection and review process reveals is how well your systems are working! While traveling solo, I dedicated a tremendous amount of time to it but I haven’t input as much time this year, (which is fine because we are always trading something for another) but I would like to intentionally set aside time to in my schedule to take courses, read books and  join communities, because I know the more I grow, the more I have more to give!
  • Continue to Fuel What’s Right, Right Now: I don’t have it all figured out. There are still a lot of question marks and areas of my life that could use some improvement. And when these get brought to light, it’s very tempting to get too far ahead of myself. But the only way to have a legitimate influence on the future is to do what I can do, now. To focus on what do have versus what I don’t and what I can do versus what I cannot. To prioritize aligned action over commitment consistency and let these small steps gracefully unfold. So it is my intention to show up to 2019 in a mindful way. To point myself in the direction of my goals but find meaning in my moments along the journey, and see what comes of it!

What can you celebrate about 2018 and set as intention for 2019? Let us know in the comments below.

Here’s to a happy and aligned year ahead!

– Chelsea Dinsmore