How to Find And Do Work You Love: 3 Dead Simple Steps (Our TEDx talk is live and has 30,765 views!)

How to Find And Do Work You Love: 3 Dead Simple Steps (Our TEDx talk is live and has 30,765 views!)

How to Find & Do Work Your Love?

This is the ultimate question.

And last month I had the honor of taking the TEDx stage in San Francisco at the gorgeous de Young Museum to provide my best shot at the answer.

It was probably the most surreal and exciting 18 minutes of my life, and no doubt a dream come true. It was also a tad terrifying ;) .

I even got so animated in one of my stories that my mic flew off my ear – see if you notice – kind of hard to miss…

The fact that there were 4 different cameras, two of which were five foot tall 3D cameras, about four feet from my nose, certainly added to the fun a bit.

And at 11:15pm last night they published the video – It’s now live for the world to see!!

I have never been more honored or excited about a talk I’ve given. After all, the topic is exactly what Live Your Legend, our community and all of you stand for.

I also believe it’s a message that has the potential to change a lot of people’s lives.

But I cannot get this message out to the world all by myself…

That’s where I need your urgent help (in the next 36 hours)

For a host of reasons, the popularity of a video on YouTube (and the likelihood that an important message goes ‘viral’ and gets heard across the world) is almost 100% determined by what happens in the first 36 hours of it being posted. The number of comments and views in that first day and a half can change everything.


Please take 30 seconds to share your thoughts below the video on the YouTube page here and help get our message out to the world!

Also, as a huge added bonus, if we can get enough people to watch, comment and share this video in the next day or two, we’ll have a good shot at the official TED community featuring it on their site. Then it might really be off to the races ;) . I hear they start paying attention at 15,000 views or so…

But I cannot do that on my own.

I may have given this talk, but it will always be OUR message.

Thank you for being such a huge part of inspiring people to do the work that inspires them.


P.S. And of course, if the talk moves you, I’d be honored if you’d share it with your own community via the share links on the YouTube page.

No comments on the blog today – please direct them all to YouTube and tell me what you think of this baby. We have about 27 hours left!