Our FREE 2018 Planner and Goal Setting Workbook is here!

Our FREE 2018 Planner and Goal Setting Workbook is here!


In my opinion, living your legend is about living in alignment with wherever you are, alongside my two favorite words…. right now. Sometimes that means setting big and lofty goals, but I also understand that sometimes we need to take a step back before we can take another step forward.

The first year after Scott died, I coped by accomplishing a sh*t ton. There are definitely worse ways to cope, but it certainly wasn’t sustainable… So last December I brought on partners (who happened to be Scott’s friends) to help me run the business because I was running on half empty when I closed out 2016. I literally said the words aloud in my first partner meeting… “I feel 99.9% defeated.”

Yet this December I feel 100% alive and aligned, with even more to give. So how does that happen?

Well, if we don’t take the time to pause, notice and reflect upon where we are, it’s impossible to stay in alignment with where we are headed. I could have kept on going as I was; it was actually the logical thing to do! But I began to feel out of alignment and therefore didn’t feel like I was able to give the best of me to this community and to the people around me.

In a way, it didn’t make ‘sense’ to bring on partners because it put me in a position that challenged me financially and I had no back-up plan. But I’ve often learned that listening to those signs when I feel out of alignment, while not always the safest choice, have never led me astray in terms of finding fulfillment. Because in my opinion, feeling fulfillment comes from feeling full. You can accomplish as much as you want but you won’t ever feel fulfilled if you are feeling 99.9% defeated. And running at the pace I was running was running me into the ground.

Well actually that’s not true, it wasn’t running at the pace I was running, it was how I was spending my time. What I was focusing my time on and why I was doing it… Because now that I am rejuvenated again, I am actually working even longer days than before, waking up and working on a project that has zero guarantee for 2 hours each morning before I go do the things that actually pay my bills. But the difference is that now, I am doing all of that with a sense of excitement for it, rather than the drain I was feeling before.

But I never would have gotten to this place if I didn’t have a practice in place of taking a look at where I am, what I am feeling and what it is that I want to be feeling. And that is why today I am so excited to share our weekly planning and goal setting and action workbooks with you. Because I truly think these practices alongside a daily direction practice that I have recently added to my routine is what has helped me to go from deflated to elated.

In the video above I share a little more detail about my routine of using weekly planning and daily direction to keep me going, grateful and wanting to give even more. So, I encourage you to watch the video.

But for now let’s take a quick look back before we look ahead.

2017 in Review

When I reflect back on this year, I don’t necessarily have any measurable accomplishments. But I think I did the hardest work that one can do – to not just keep running in a direction that I didn’t feel right running, but rather stop, assess and redirect in a way that didn’t require me to totally up root everything. I used the pillars of LYL as a guide:

  1. Become a Self Expert: I spent a lot of time alone learning to fall in love with my life, under these new parameters. I unraveled what was, so I could take a look at what is and direct that intentionally for whatever will be.
  2. Do Your Own Impossible: I got comfortable with routines I hadn’t had to do in a long time – living alone, letting go of the things that no longer work in this chapter so I can adopt ones that do, etc.. I got better at surfing. I worked less but did so by tapping into my savings and getting creative about how to live for free.
  3. Surrounding Yourself With Passionate People: I was away most of the year from the people I know and love and it challenged me in many ways. But very early on in my time Australia, I reminded myself to simply do the things that I love and in doing so I would come in contact with like-minded individuals. That led me to meeting amazing new people that have added a lot to my life and spending 8 weeks in Italy with women who nourished my soul. This allowed me to return back to San Francisco with a desire to be around all the people that I have known and loved for a long time.
  4. Do Something That Matters – Lead, Serve, Give: In 2017, this meant taking a little step back to fill up my own cup so that I could return overflowing and ready to give back again.

So while I cannot necessarily measure what I gained, I know what I feel – rejuvenated and motivated again… and that is priceless!  

2018 Intention

Scott worked a little differently than I and the Goal, Setting and Action Workbook is wonderful for people who function as he did, because that was what truthfully worked for him. But for me, it feels more in alignment to set a direction and (try!) to let go of how and when it needs to unfold.

So what does 2018 look like for me… well, my intention is to continue to live with what is true and present for me in the moment and right now I am very excited about teaching The Dailey Method, my role in this business, the work I am doing on my book and sharing the expertise I have gained over the years about traveling more for less. I have to have a little discipline to juggle these 4 balls at once, but right now I show up to all of these with a sense of excitement, wonder and inspiration.

So my intention is to continue to do that for as long as it serves me, while growing as a person mentally, physically and spiritually – and constantly checking in along the way to be sure I am still heading in the right direction. 🙂

Here’s to taking all that we have gained from our past and leveraging that to create a beautiful ‘right now’ which will lead to an even more beautiful future!

-Chelsea Dinsmore

PS. This is the link to the Daily Direction course from Fizzle I mention in the video.