The 3 Rare Requirements that Make Passionate Work Possible (video)

The Simple and Absolutely Required Steps to Doing Work You Love 1

The 3 Rare Requirements that Make Passionate Work Possible (video)

Live Your Legend World Tour Update: We just arrived in the tiny Italian fishing village of Atrani, along the Amalfi coast. This will be our home for at least the next ten days as we work on learning a little Italian (language & cooking) and I get caught up on a few bigger LYL projects. We also hope to do an LYL event in Rome and/or Milan in the coming weeks. If you’re in Italy and want to help organize, please send us an email!

Moving on, I just published a new video that I’ve been dying to share with you. It lays out our core framework for finding and doing work you love, and can be immediately applied no matter where you are in the process. Watch it below…


Time to Dissect the Live Your Legend Passionate Work Framework

Ten years ago, after “firing myself” from a job I couldn’t stand, I set out with a simple goal: To find something I could screw up. 

That’s how bad it was. I so desperately wanted the work I did to actually matter – to have some type of an impact doing something I was actually good at (was that too much to ask?!).

So I kicked off on a quest to figure out what the seemingly “lucky ones” had in common – those who woke up excited and proud to go to work. Whether it was for their own business or as an employee inside a company of thousands made no difference to me.

I just wanted to see if I could find a pattern among the world-changers. 

After a few years of research and experiments, that pattern emerged. And like most revelations, after seeing it, it seemed so damn obvious – and surprisingly simple (not necessarily easy, but simple).

And now, a decade later, with thousands more data points and case studies from our community all over the world, the pattern and process has only been further proven.

It’s at the heart of everything we do at Live Your Legend (following it led me to create LYL in the first place!), and I believe it’s a fundamental requirement to finding and doing work you love.

It’s what we call the Live Your Legend Passionate Work Framework, which was also the foundation of my TEDx Talk that I’m humbled to see has helped millions of people wake up to what’s possible.

It’s not as much a step-by-step formula, but more so a process and framework for approaching life and ensuring you make the impact you want to make (and can look back and be proud of the way you lived it!).

I spent a lot of time putting this video together, because of how fundamental I believe it is to what we’re all working towards here.

I cover all three steps in detail, so please take a few minutes and give it a watch…

The 3 Simple (& Absolutely Required) Steps to Doing Work You Love

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How much do you embody each of the three pillars?

Remember, they’re not boxes you check, but practices you’re constantly building upon. That’s the fun part.

So, which of the three could use the most work right now? What’s one (very simple) thing you can do this week? Or if you’re already rocking the framework, tell us how it’s helped.

Let us know in the comments.

Here’s to always getting a little better.

Speaking of which – time to get back to my Italian!


– Scott

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