Whether you are already living a life that you love, or you feel like things are a bit mediocre and know there must be ‘more out there’, this membership program is designed to add more inspiration and education to your life in a consistent and sustainable way.

This membership is about meeting your needs on your time so it will give you access to all of our award winning courses for as little or as long as you would like.

There are over 45 modules and hundreds of hours of content, expert interviews, exercises and workshops designed to help you live your legend. This includes courses that walk you through all 4 pillars of the Live Your Legend Framework.

But because we believe in the power of surrounding yourself with passionate people, you will get so much more than course content.

This program includes: Courses + Community!

We purposely structured this to be an intimate community where you can get personalized attention versus being shuffled into an assembly line and never being seen or heard. Take a look at all the goodness that is included in the membership:

We believe in what we have created at Live Your Legend and have had tens of thousands of people go through our programs to have success, but our top values will always remain: service and integrity above all.

That’s why we are offering two options for you.

Monthly Member: If you only want to go through a part of the program, you’ve got a monthly option. There are absolutely no scams locking you in as you can cancel your membership at any time, easily from your own members portal. Stay for a month, or stay for a lifetime. The choice is yours…

Annual Member: If you know this is YOUR year to make a change and want to fully commit, you’ll save 65% on all our courses. It takes people an average of 10-12 months to complete all the materials so, this is the option for you if you know you want to take it at your own pace, and save at the same time!

So you’ve got nothing to lose, right?

Who is the Membership Program For?

Anyone who is looking to elevate or enhance where they currently are! More specifically:

  • Those who know they want or need a change but have no idea what their ‘passions’ are.
  • Those who have identified a passion but have no idea how to turn that into a business.
  • Those who want to scale to the next level of business, by connecting with and leaning on the shoulders of others rather than running the race alone.
  • Those who need and want to be surrounded by other like-minded living legends to get continuous hits of hope, support, feedback and encouragement.
  • Those who want a chance to pick Chelsea’s brain and the learn best practices of running an online mission-driven, passion-based business but aren’t in a place to invest in one-one work or a mastermind program.
  • Those committed to continuous learning and growth and want an easy way to expand their mind and knowledge on a regular basis, alongside a rad group of people!

Here’s what a few previous course graduates had to say:

And there are thousands more saying similar things, so join to take the first step to live your legend!