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*Update from Scott [January 15, 2012]:

1:1 coaching is now closed to new clients. Please check out our Live Off Your Passion self study tools below.

After much thought I have recently decided to close my coaching program to new clients for 2012 until futher notice. In 2011 I realized that in order help the most people possible to find their passions and do work they love, I have to focus my time where it’s most effective. For now that is in building products and courses to share with our whole community at Live Your Legend. Whereas I’ve loved working with some amazing clients, one hour of my time with them can only help one person.

On the other hand, one hour working on a product or course can help thousands.

I’m sorry if you had your heart set on doing some one-on-one coaching work together, but I do have good news. I spent a good part of last year developing the self-study eCourse Live Off Your Passion: An Unconventional Guide to Finding Passion and Getting Paid to Do Work You Love. I created it as a way of documenting the exact process I go through with coaching clients to get them loving their work and changing the world. Simply put, this course was designed to get you to discover your passion and build a career around it. And it’s already worked for countless readers.

A less expensive way to start doing work you love…

If you can muster up the motivation, I strongly suggest you take a look at the course. You’ll get a ton more tools (and access to other experts) than a coaching client usually gets by the hour, and this is much less expensive. My coaching rates range from $150-$250/hr which means it would cost well over $1,000 to get all this information one-on-one. Now you can get it for a tenth that price through Live Off Your Passion.

How’s that for win/win!

*If you absolutely demand to work with me one-on-one, there still might be a way as I have reserved space for 1-2 sessions per month for very special situations. But given the increased demand and my very limited time, the rate is now $500 for each 90-minute session. Sorry for the increased rate, but it’s the only way I can justify prioritizing 1:1 work over the work that helps so many more people at the same time. I hope you understand. If you’re interested, email me at scott [at] liveyourlegend [dot] net. But trust me, you can use Live Off Your Passion (and all the free resources on this blog) and still get massive results for a lot less money.

Thanks for your interest and I hope you’ll find the self-study tools as valuable as thousands of other readers have so far. Remember, I’m here to help any way I can!

Learn the full details and testimonials for Live Off Your Passion here.

Here’s to getting paid to do what we LOVE!