Kick-Ass Products I Love

Purchasing one of the products below is a great way to support ReadingForYourSuccess. I only endorse products I absolutely love and I don’t offer any advertising. The below are products that have genuinely moved the needle in my business and my life and helped me to live life more on my terms. Thanks in advance for your generosity and your support.

Finding Personal Freedom and Living Life on Your Terms

A Step-By-Step Guide to Reclaiming Your DreamsReclaim Your Dreams

Jonathan Mead has created the best guide I’ve found on getting clear about your purpose, strengths, mission and values so you can live a congruent life doing what you love for work. Not only is Reclaim Your Dreams super inspirational and get’s you fired up to live life on your own terms, it also actually provides the brass tacks of each practical step in the process of finding your freedom. Even comes with a workbook. You will take action after this book. Period. Now that I think of it, all of Jonathan’s products are pretty lights out.

Lifestyle Design Guides

Simple Guide to a Minimalist LifeThe Simple Guide to a Minimalist Life

Leo Babauta is the father of minimalism (and six kids…) and has been instrumental in me making a massive shift from filling my life with a bunch of crap, to trimming down and allowing simplicity to guide my freedom. I am squarely in the middle of this process and of course have a long way to go. I try to keep Leo as close by as possible in the process. The Simple Guide to a Minimalist Life is your minimalist roadmap.

Creating a Location Independent Business

Minimalist BusinessMinimalist Business: How to Live and Work Anywhere

Everett’s core ideas on minimalism applied to kick-ass e-business. In less than a year he built a blog and minimalist business that has allowed him to work from anywhere in the world and fully support his simple lifestyle. He really is doing it. Minimalist Business will give you everything from the big idea of why a minimalist business makes sense to the specific steps to make it a reality.

Everett describes this book as, “an experiment of mine that turned into my number one income source that now supports my location independent lifestyle…The world is changing, and creating a business around a completely digital product is the easiest way to create a small income that can support your minimalist lifestyle.”

Join the A-List Blogging ClubA-List Blogging Club

This is by far the best resource on blogging, writing and simple e-business that I’ve found. A sweet blogging club and intensive boot camps run by Leo Babauta, founder of, Time Magazine #1 Blog of 2010. Six months ago my blog and writing were nowhere.

Enter the A-List Blogger Club

Since then I’ve gotten guest posts on huge sites (including Zen Habits), totally rebranded and simplified my site, launched an eBook, and today my subscriber numbers are over 2,500. When I joined I was at 120. My traffic is up over 200x and subscribers almost 15x. I now have a viable business. Incredible community of successful people doing what they love. For specific guidance on gaining subscribers, check out the next product.

Guerrilla Influence FormulaGuerrilla Influence Formula: More Followers for Your Cause

In less than three months, Tyler Tervooren accumulated over 2,000 loyal followers and has been featured on the front page of among others, for his work at Advanced Riskology.

Tyler designed the Guerrilla Influence Formula purely to teach entrepreneurs the most high-value tools he’s learned in the past 18 months to get followers for your online cause. This basically takes what I learned in a year of taking seminars, bootcamps and reading countless articles & books, and boils it down into one bad-ass guide. Included with workbooks, interviews, videos and all the steps you need.

I started using these techniques in April, 2010 and since then, in the past 9 months, my following has gone from 120 subscribers to over 2,500 today.

The real kicker is this course also comes with an epic ‘1,000 Subscriber Guarantee‘. If what you learn and apply in this guide doesn’t give you an additional 1,000+ subscribers, you get your money back. No questions asked. Tough to lose.

Awesome E-Business Tools

Thesis WordPress ThemeThesis for WordPress

I’m a huge fan of this sweet premium theme for WordPress. I’ve been using Thesis for the last few months (since I drastically changed and simplified my old and not so cool design). I absolutely love it. I can customize and change the look of ReadingForYourSucccess anytime I want without messing with the theme’s core code. It’s also already been made search engine friendly and has an amazing forum of tips and tricks.

AWeber - Email Marketing Made Easy

Aweber Email Marketing

Aweber is my favorite service for email marketing and list management. Ridiculously easy to create campaigns, manage subscribers and build sign up forms. Killer visual editors so you don’t need fancy design skills (which I definitely do not have).