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Since I got started, I’ve had the opportunity to write articles for some amazing people, websites and companies all over the world. As long as it some how ties into discovering personal freedom and living life on your terms, I’m excited to contribute.

The experience has been unreal and I’ve loved the rockstars I’ve met who are out with all the same awesome intentions. My gratitude goes out to all these earth-moving people and friends.

My Latest Guest Posts and Interviews:

  1. The One Question – Finding Passion and Getting Profit: Video Interview with Scott Dinsmore
  2. Live By Me – Scott Dinsmore Interview on Passionate Congruence
  3. Info Chachkie – Interview on Building Businesses: Scott Dinsmore, Co-Founder Cumbre Capital and author of the inspirational blog, LiveYourLegend
  4. Inside Personal Growth – Podcast Interview with Greg Voisen on Living Off Your Passion and the recent product launch
  5. Zen Habits – Simple Daily Habits to Ignite Your Passion
  6. Career Renegade – The Hacker’s Guide to Finding a Job: 9 Tactics No One’s Using
  7. Motivational Memo – Video Interview by Peter G. James Sinclair
  8. Good Life Zen – 6 Hacks to Make Fitness Goals Reality
  9. Matthew Ferry – Audio Interview of Scott Dinsmore on Matthew Ferry Player’s Coach
  10. Zen Habits – How to Summit Life’s Everyday Mountains
  11. Tiny Buddha – The Beginner’s Guide to Simple Daily Happiness
  12. On Startups – Commit To Your Core: 9 Reasons Why Every Entrepreneur Should Outsource
  13. Tiny Buddha – Discovering Happiness through Purpose in 3 Natural Steps
  14. Live Bold and Bloom – Make ‘No’ Your Best Motivator
  15. Elance – How One Man Elanced His Way to Life on His Terms
  16. Big Girl Branding – Be Your Own Most Valuable Brand and Sell Yourself to Anyone: 13 Steps
  17. Illuminated Mind – How to Find Life-Changing Opportunity in the Worst Situation
  18. Think Simple Now – Find Peace in a Busy Life
  19. Elance – 12 Tips for Outsourcing Your Business to the Next Level in Today’s Economy
  20. Change Your Thoughts – Finding Short Time Fulfilment Whilst Keeping The Long Term Vision
  21. Write To Done – 12 Life Lessons from Warren Buffett to Becoming a More Compassionate Writer
  22. Write To Done – Become a Book Review Ninja: 10 Steps to Mastery
  23. Good Life Zen – The Power of Solitude: Taking Time to Reset
  24. Make It Happen – The Ultimate Secret to Always Winning in Life

Also check out the embedded video interviews below:

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Keep an eye out for more to come!