It’s Not Too Late For a Second Act: Cheryl’s Story

It’s Not Too Late For a Second Act: Cheryl’s Story

Hi Legends,

As you may have heard, we have enrollment open for our Mastermind Accelerator until this Friday, February 15th, and while I passionately believe in the power of masterminds, no one can share their experience better than someone who has been a part of the program!

I recently spoke with previous Mastermind member, Cheryl, to hear about her experience, but ended up finding her story a powerful reminder for us all – that it is never too late for a ‘second act’, as she puts it!

I often hear: I am too old to X, I am too young to X. And while age can enhance us or limit us in ways, it can also be a limitation the mind puts on us to keep us safe (aka: from entering the unknown space of making a change!). Because while we cannot all make massive changes over night, we can all make small steps to find more alignment in our days, which when done consistently leads to massive shifts in our lives!

Cheryl shares how all her mastermind members have already completed their careers but still want a little more out of life and are choosing every week to write their second chapter. It’s a quick burst of inspiration for anyone, and everyone!

And if anything in this video resonates with you about:

  • Not going at it alone
  • Getting feedback to see things you cannot see
  • Having accountability
  • Not being your own worst enemy
  • A proven process to grow and give at the same time!

Then head over and grab a space in our next Mastermind group! It is a 10 week program and we will meet every single week for 10 weeks at one of the time slots below. It begins next Wednesday, February 20th!

You can find full details of the program: Align & Design Mastermind, or sign up by clicking on your preferred time slot below.


And next week you’ll be taking the first step on your path to progress. 🙂


See you all very soon,

– Chelsea Dinsmore

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