Simon Sinek Shares the Fastest (& Least Scary) Solution to a Miserable Job: Video Interview

Simon Sinek Leaders Eat Last

Simon Sinek Shares the Fastest (& Least Scary) Solution to a Miserable Job: Video Interview

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”

– Simon Sinek

World Tour Update: Yesterday we had an incredible night out with the LYL local crew in Panama City, and today I had my mind blown as I boarded a small boat and descended the locks of the Panama Canal. So much respect for people who build things!

Next stop is back to California (for a friend’s wedding), then Mexico before we board a one-way flight to Amsterdam to kick off the European leg of the LYL World Tour & Global Dinner Party Project – and hang out with a bunch more of you all!

Now, for today’s fun…

The Fastest Solution to a Miserable Job

That’s what we’re getting into today, and I have none other than Simon Sinek to drop some wisdom on us.

I published my first interview with Simon on LYL a few years ago, and it quickly became by far the most popular interview I’ve shared.

Simon’s Start with Why concept (“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it”) has become somewhat of an international sensation over the past few years. His first TED Talk on How Great Leaders Inspire Action, now ranks as one of the top TED Talks of all-time at over 21 million views (I personally account for over 20 of those).

I thankfully stumbled upon his work just as I was creating LYL, and it quickly became the foundation upon which I built the Live Your Legend movement. I also believe LYL’s shared Why has everything to do with the success of our LYL Local in-person communities and free monthly meetup groups, as they’ve spread to over 300 cities in 70+ countries.

Simon has since become a friend and was a huge help in dealing with the near-panic preparation for my own TEDx.

So today we’re going in for round two, as we dive into the findings from his recent research and book, Leader’s Eat Last. After reading it, I could not believe how perfect of a fit it was for dealing with a job you hate, doing work you love and living your legend. No, it’s not just about leadership – not even close. And certainly not in the way you’d imagine.

One of my favorite things about Simon’s work is how he manages to make his concepts so incredibly simple and practical, yet at the same time, they’re capable of achieving such immediate and lasting results.

I think you’re about to see why.

Most specifically, you’ll learn what you can do right this second, to turn a miserable job into something that inspires you. Hint: it’s 100% in your control.

Oh, and he’ll also share the most compelling proof and use-case for Live Your Legend Local – and lead into the next huge phase for our in-person communities. But I’m getting ahead of myself…


The Fastest (& Least Scary) Solution to a Miserable Job: An Interview with Simon Sinek

Don’t see a video? Click here.

 Click here to download the audio-only version of the interview.

Here are some highlights from the interview:

  • 2:21 – Simon’s inspiration for his book Leaders Eat Last – and why it matters so much
  • 3:07 – A matter of life and death – Why and how we must put trust back in the business and work world
  • 3:50 – The striking difference in how the military and workplace reward their heroes
  • 6:00 – Harnessing the four magic chemicals that control our actions (and emotions)
  • 7:24 – The data proving that today’s businesses and jobs (and the culture of fear and stress upon which they’re built) are literally killing people
  • 11:15 – The most unsuspecting definition of true leadership (I didn’t see this coming)
  • 13:01 – The surprising overlap between effective leadership and good parenting
  • 17:10 – Do I quit? Dealing with real risk vs. the devastating (and deadly) impacts of a toxic job
  • 20:35 – Stepping away from helplessness to be the boss you wish you had
  • 23:20 – Simon Sinek’s ultimate tips on everyday ways to immediately improve a job you hate
  • 24:42 – The one question all leaders must ask and own
  • 28:33 – The secret weapon to compounding happiness, confidence & job satisfaction
  • 31:19 – How to take the stand you’ve wanted to take for years
  • 33:05 – How social media is creating a new generation of addicts – and how to reverse the trend
  • 48:12 – The ever-powerful 12th Step: What Alcoholics Anonymous, Weight Watchers and Live Your Legend Local all have in common
  • 51:01 – Rapid-fire responses to reader questions (including past leaders Simon would like to meet)
  • 57:58 – Parting wisdom on the simple, small actions that can change everything – and what you can do right now (today!) to start making a dramatic improvement to a toxic job.

And for a little more from Simon…

Watch his in-depth talk given at 99U on Why Leaders Eat Last – the implications are incredible…

Don’t see a video? Click here

Click here to download the audio-only version of the interview.

What to Do Right Now…

Start by applying the last piece of advice Simon gave in the interview. We have to condition ourselves to do something about the few things that are actually in our control. That starts now.

Then check out more of Simon’s work here:

Let Simon help you discover your Why:

When you start to understand and live your Why, everything starts to change (it certainly did for me). Not only do you start to fall in love with your work, but those who share your same Why come out of the woodwork to support your cause.

To help you make these discoveries, Simon and his team created an incredibly powerful resource called The Why Discovery Course.

And since Simon’s a friend of LYL, he’s offered all of you a 15% off discount code if you decide to try it out. I’m not an affiliate and don’t get anything if you decide to buy – I just know how powerful this stuff is and want you to have a chance to experience it.

To get 15% off, just go to the Why Discovery link, and enter promo code LYLWhy15 upon checkout

Then make the decision, right now, to complete one random act of kindness today – because that is where being the change, and true personal leadership start. 

If you watched our interview, you’ll know why this is so damn important.

Much love from Panama City,

– Scott

P.S. And because even the smallest acts of kindness, generosity and service create such a powerful ripple – both in others’ lives and your own, I want to create a place at Live Your Legend to honor those small and random acts of kindness. So in the coming weeks we’re going to launch LYL’s Random Acts of Kindness (RAOK) as that place. Lots more on that coming soon – so get ready to get your RAOKstar on! 🙂

And if you have questions for Simon or me, leave them in the comments.