The Single Thing That Turned an Idea Into a Thriving Business

The Single Thing That Turned an Idea Into a Thriving Business

Happy Thursday Legends,

How have you been enjoying the info Bryce has been sharing with you all? I certainly know it’s made me see things through a new lens! In case you missed anything, here is his interview and the three tips that will make or break your website.

We love nothing more than sharing with you the things that have worked for us – both me personally and for members of this community. Because let’s get real if you Google search: “How to build an online business”, you get exactly 3,090,000,000 results – and that’s just a touch overwhelming isn’t it?!

So today, we are going to share a little about a program that was a huge part of what built Bryce’s business to what it is today. His journey began at LYL, which helped him identify his passion—and give him permission to start a business around it. But a few years after that, he joined a program called B-School which helped take his passion project that was bringing in some income and turn it into the thriving business that it is today!

B-School offers a free training series which includes:

  • The Six Pillars To Growing Your Online Business
  • 13 Strategies For Massive Online Success
  • 7 Common Excuses That Hold You Back From Doing The Work You Were Born To Do
  • And a live webinar: “5 Mistakes Even Smart Entrepreneurs Make — and How To Avoid Them.” (taking place Thursday, February 20th and Saturday, February 22nd)

All of this is offered free of charge so be sure to head here if you are interested in these goodies, but for now, Bryce is going to share his personal experience about what B School is and how it helped take his business to the next level!

Take it away, Bryce….

Before B-School I honestly felt like my dreams were too big for me and I was scared of *literally* everything. I’d been working in my business already for about 5 years and I’d tried selling my services but it always came across a little scammy and I felt gross putting myself out there. I actually had zero knowledge (or confidence) on how to position my work in an honest way that reflected why I charge the prices I do.

I felt stuck, I knew I was doing what I was passionate about but I had zero framework for how to demystify the path to being relationally & financially successful—until B-School.

Fast forward to today and I’ve seen a 30% year over year growth in my company (which I 100% credit to B-School’s profit clarity classes) and I’m on track to hit $500,000 in revenue in 2020. And to be clear, B-School alone didn’t make me successful, the work I put into Marie Forleo’s B-School and pushing myself to learn is what brought me this success. If you feel that tug—that voice speaking from within, and know that if you could gain more knowledge and confidence you’d be able to step up your game, then my friend you’ve now found a great next step that you can’t not take, but hard work is required.

Get loads more of free information here (and after you opt-in click on “No Excuses” video and you’ll find my real life B-School interview where I share about experiencing 30% year over year profits).

Dreams take time and passion takes work… Here’s to making yours a reality!

That’s it for now, next week we are going to get some tips on how to optimize every single email you send!

– Chelsea