Live Your Legend | Join The Start-A-Blog Challenge! Free 7-day Dream Job Writing Course + Video Tutorial: Start Your Blog in Under 10 Minutes (with Zero Tech Experience)
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Join The Start-A-Blog Challenge! Free 7-day Dream Job Writing Course + Video Tutorial: Start Your Blog in Under 10 Minutes (with Zero Tech Experience)

how to start a blog in 10 minutes with zero tech experience

Join The Start-A-Blog Challenge! Free 7-day Dream Job Writing Course + Video Tutorial: Start Your Blog in Under 10 Minutes (with Zero Tech Experience)

“It’s a luxury being a writer because all you ever think about is life.” 

– Amy Tan 

The Free Live Your Legend Start-A-Blog Challenge is Back, permanently!

Plus, we created a free writing course, just for you…

Join Us for The Free Writing Challenge!

Our founder, Scott Dinsmore, believed a blog is hands-down the most powerful passion-discovery and career-transition tool on the planet.

When he considered everything he’d done to learn about himself, build a career and make a difference, nothing was more powerful than his decision to start a blog and adopt a daily writing, reflection and discovery habit. Nothing else even came close.

His first blog led to him finding his life’s work, building a thriving global business, getting invited to give a TEDx talk that’s gotten over 8 million views, launching Live Your Legend Local communities in 150 cities in 48 countries and getting the chance to have a bigger impact with his work than he ever dreamed.

It all started with his routine writing habit, but don’t take our word for it. Check out what two recent participants have had to say:

“You and your work at LYL is what gave me the courage to start a blog in the first place. Since then, I have fallen in love with my subject matter, and figured out what I want to do with the rest of my life!”

Bethany S. 

“The Blog Challenge, for me, was the perfect way to stop dreaming about your passions and finally start making them reality. In my case it was the perfect push: when you stop making plans and start doing, the inertia breaks, you start to learn and grow, get a little better each day, and eventually figure things out. That´s how a year later that blog I created during the challenge turned into a real business and got me invited to give a TEDx Talk!”

– Matías S.

Matias now works full-time on his passion-based business, is seen as an expert in his field and has given talks to audiences of over 1,000 people, including speaking at TEDx – a lifetime dream of his.

But this isn’t even about building a business (that’s just where it led Matias) – it’s about discovering who you are and starting to share it with the world.

It gives us chills to read these experiences…

“Writing has started me on the journey to loving who I am and towards helping others who are sinking in the same seas I’ve survived.”

Angela Y.

It’s like I’ve adopted a more beautiful and larger pebble to make waves in a pond.”

Haydee M.

“The most powerful result that I have experienced is that I got my courage back. As I sat down and spoke my truth on paper for the first time, I realized that I have something powerful and magical to share with the world that people need to know. With every article, I kept feeling less and less fear to speak my voice from what I know is true.”

Itatiaia D.

The scary thing is Scott had put it off for years!

Well, the procrastination ends today. We want to remove every barrier and excuse to get you creating your blog, learning to write and sharing your work.

Each year thousands of LYLers start blogs and become writers during our challenge, and many of them have told us directly that it is the most game-changing thing they did the whole year.

And that’s why we’ve created the free 7-Day Dream Job Writing Habits Course & Start-A-Blog Challenge.

Here’s what you’ll get immediate access to (& how to participate)…

  1. Free 7-day email course to help you build a successful writing habit in 10-20 minutes a day
  2. New writing prompt each day focused on helping you find your passions & do work you love
  3. Private insight on my favorite tools & process for writing and building the Live Your Legend blog and business
  4. Video tutorial on How to Start a Blog in Under 10 Minutes with Zero Tech Experience
  5. Access to our private writer’s & creator’s community for built-in accountability and support (with over 2,000 members)
  6. The confidence that you finally acted on an idea you’ve probably had for years!

IMPORTANT: In order to participate in the challenge, and access the free 7-day mini email series, writing course and all of the above, you must add your email by clicking this link.

Join Us for The Free Writing Challenge!
Everything you need for starting your blog and participating in the challenge will be provided at the link above.

Also realize that the real benefit in participating in our StartABlog Challenge will come from what you learn about yourself through consistent writing and sharing your ideas, which means that everyone who participates will win. And you’ll win big. That’s the fun part!

We know many of you have held off on this for years for all kinds of reasons. We hope this finally inspires you to take a stand and publish something. The world is waiting.

Read on for details and why writing (and a blog) completely transformed Scott’s career, or just click here to join us for the challenge!

Check and see if the domain name you want is available.



Writing made Scott who he was.

In 2003, while sitting at a small café in Sevilla, Spain (where he was living at the time), Scott picked up his first journal and began to write.

From that moment, his ideas started to take on a new life.

His conversations changed.

His thinking began to develop on a totally different level.

He’s not sure why he decided to write that first line, but that ripple started a trend of experiments and discoveries that slowly took over his world. From there everything began to change.

Those first journal entries lead to discovering an online platform to do the same – a blog.

That little blog experiment turned into what Live Your Legend is today.

None of it would have existed without putting pen to paper (or fingers to keys).

Experiment and discovery is at the heart of the Live Your Legend way of life, so today, we want to share the most powerful tool we’ve found for learning, discovering and developing passions. It’s also the perfect way to learn to think like – and become – an entrepreneur.

Here’s why a blog is so damn powerful…

Writing Leads to Opportunity

A blog is simply the easiest way available for publishing ideas on the Internet for others to see. It encourages you to get ideas out of your head and into the world, which then allows you to further develop them and give you a chance to showcase those thoughts as well as your passions and talents to others. And when you do that, interesting things start to happen.

That’s exactly how Live Your Legend came to be. Scott started a blog as a fun experiment eight years ago. He had no idea what he was doing, but he had ideas he wanted to share. Over time, as his thinking, writing and passions developed, he was able to realize the way he really wanted to help people. Live Your Legend was born.

Developing your writing also happens to be one of the best ways for learning how to communicate, process thoughts and ideas, stay accountable to big plans and life changes, build an audience, develop your persuasion skills and to simply become a more interesting citizen of the world.

And SO many of you ask about how and when and how to start a blog. Today, we have the answer.

When is the best time? To be honest, a long time ago.

When’s the second best time? Right now. 🙂

With today’s tools you can be up and running in literally less than 10 minutes, even if you have ZERO tech experience. And depending on what option you choose, it can be free or cost less than a latte a month. And you’ll love the confidence that comes with knowing you set up your own site on the web. It’s fun!

If you’re serious about living your legend, it’s something you can’t not do.

Now, it’s time for action.

Remember: In order to participate in the challenge and access the free 7-day dream job writing course, you must add your email by clicking this link. You’ll be given all the instructions you need after joining.

How to Start a Blog (& Publish a Post) in Less than 10 Minutes with Zero Tech Experience

Note: We created this video of instructions below to be intentionally very, very simple to get you up and running with a totally basic WordPress blog so you can start publishing ideas ASAP.

There are about a million other decisions you could (and eventually probably will) make regarding your blog or site. Please do not worry about that today. All that matters is getting something published. Don’t worry about how it looks. Today is about creating your sandbox and starting to play a little. Landscaping (and other excuses for being afraid of getting a little dirty) can be addressed later.

For the more advanced folks who already have a blog, this is your next step: The 4 Pillars to Starting a Blog that Actually Matters (& grow it by 160x in 2 years). But if you don’t have a blog yet, just follow the steps below. It will be much quicker and simpler. 

1. Sign up for the most basic website hosting account at Bluehost.

*To make this as easy as possible, see the video Scott recorded at the end of this step that walks you through setting up a blog and publishing your first post in under 10 minutes.

We fully endorse Bluehost and we are a proud affiliate partner of theirs (and Live Your Legend readers get a special 20% discount from the public price – discount already included in each of these Bluehost links), and it’s where all our domains live. We’ve tried a lot of hosts in the past, and this is by far the best discount option available based on our personal experience and that of the people we respect online.

They’ve also been a top recommended web host by WordPress since 2005. All you need is the most basic option, which comes with a free domain (website address) of your choosing.

Check and see if the domain name you want is available.

You do not need any of the add-ons or up-sells, unless you want to get Domain WHOIS Privacy, which keeps your personal information from being made public on your site. But any of that can be sorted out later. We want to keep this as simple as possible!

One reason we love Bluehost is because their customer support is awesome. If you’re unsure of what to do, just start up a chat session with their support team and they’ll get your issues sorted out.

Here’s the link to set up your site on Bluehost and get the special LYL 20% off discount.

A few clarifying points:

  • This Bluehost setup will run you about the cost of one latte a month. To get the lowest monthly price of $3.95, you will pay for the first couple years in advance. The month-to-month cost is still only the price of about two lattes. It’s a pretty small investment for finally getting traction on what makes you come alive. There are also some totally free options through sites like Blogger or Tumblr, although to be honest, we don’t really recommend those since you have much less control and won’t actually own the website (and we don’t have any personal experience with them). So if you go that route and decide to take your blog and site more seriously in the future, they can be a total pain in the ass to switch to something like the Bluehost option. You will also have a ton more resources and options available through the slightly less than free option we suggest. And you have the added motivation that when you pay for something (no matter how small), you become WAY more committed to getting use out of it than if it were free. That’s no small point. It’s your call, though.
  • Due to the increased traffic and complexity of Live Your Legend, we host it on a more robust platform via WP Engine (which we LOVE), but at $99+ per month, that is definitely not the option you need to begin.

Step #1: Watch this simple video to walk you through every step of the process in under 10 minutes…

Don’t see a video? Click here

Step #2: Click here to get a Bluehost WordPress blog at the discounted Live Your Legend partnership pricing (20% off the public price).

For the rest of the detailed written steps, read below (but the video above should be all you need):

3. Pick your blog name (called a URL or domain name).

This is part of the sign-up process through Bluehost in Step #1. When you sign up for basic hosting, you get a website name for free.

Keep it simple. Don’t hold off just because you can’t come up with some brilliant name. Using your first and last name (or a similar rendition) is fine and might even be better since you might not know the specific niche you want to focus on. You’ll be free to cover whatever topics you choose. Using your name can also allow the site to serve as a simple online resume if nothing else, and it helps with your name’s Google rankings.

4. Set up WordPress on your new site (or better yet, have Bluehost do it for you for free).

Scott covers all of this in the above video, but once you’ve purchased your hosting/domain, you are ready to install WordPress, which will allow you to edit and update your site without needing to do anything technical. Most every blog on the planet from LYL to ZenHabits to The 4-Hour Work Week are all run on WordPress.

Installing/setting up the very basic version of WordPress on a new Bluehost account is a pretty straightforward process. But we’re always a fan of having customer support do it for us. They should be happy to set it up. Just tell them something like, “Hey, I’m excited to get started with my blog. A big reason I chose Bluehost is because I’m not technical, and I heard you guys could get WordPress installed for me super fast. Could you please install WordPress on my new site so I can get started publishing content? Thanks so much!”

If you stall out on any of these steps, be sure to watch the video above. That should clear it all up. And you can always search Google or YouTube for other video tutorials on setting this stuff up, but again, that’s what customer support is there for. They love helping new clients.

5. Write consistently.

Do it daily or weekly. Ideally, make it happen first thing in the morning. Start with one sentence. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, but any time you get an idea that excites you or notice something on your mind, open up your computer and get it out there. Treat this as your online journal of sorts. Write about what fires you up or catches your interest. Developing your writing is a priceless skill, and the refinement of ideas that will result is magical.

If a passion or idea doesn’t have room to breathe, it will die.

6. See what happens.

Our favorite part!

None of this would be here without a blog.

Eight years ago, Scott built his first blog without even knowing it. It started as an experiment to see if a guy who didn’t know a thing about technology could start a website.

It worked.

The site was hideous, but he was damn proud of it – he loved it. The focus of Reading for Your Success initially was writing book summaries and recommendations on all the personal development books he was reading. He had no intention of turning it into a business, let alone its own movement. He didn’t even know that was a possibility.

Most importantly, it was an outlet for him to explore his ideas about what actually mattered to him. At first his writing absolutely sucked – the posts are still in this site’s archives and popular posts if you really want to see them!

Over time, he learned what topics made his heart race and what seemed to connect with others. Knowing people were watching (even if only his parents and girlfriend at first) motivated him to continue to learn and grow.

An audience naturally makes us want to get better.

Before long, more and more people were asking for help on different fun things, especially related to quitting a keyboard-pounding job and doing work that mattered. One thing led to the next (i.e. he worked his ass off), the community grew along with his passion, and then Reading For Your Success eventually became Live Your Legend. Those three initial members of the community turned into tens of thousands.

The site and topics started to become his personal brand. A brand he was proud of. One he believed in.

That brand turned into a career.

People had a reason to come to Live Your Legend, and a specific way they wanted help. And he absolutely loved helping them.

The confidence and conviction that came with it were priceless.

As an LYLer by the name of Libby highlighted in our recent post…

“Even on the smallest scale, as you start to act in a way that’s congruent to what matters to you, you begin to notice more and more actions following suit. People start to pay attention. You and those around you begin to expect it from you. So you continue to show up in a bigger way. Before long, the only actions you take are ones deeply rooted in the difference you want to make.”

But building a business and movement is not why Live Your Legend started. If it was, Scott likely would have given up.

It started because Scott was pursuing something that he thought might interest him. That continued for four years of exploring and refining, without any publicly visible progress. He kept at it because he’d found an outlet for focusing and honing the impact he wanted to have. And it was published in a place the whole world could see, if they decided to look.

Momentum is a powerful thing.

Once a snowball starts rolling, it become difficult to stop.

Give your ideas a place to grow and transform, and you might be surprised where they take you.

Actually, we know you will – and that’s the most exciting part of all!

It’s about time you get those ideas out of your head and share them with the world.

Serendipity is waiting,

– The Live Your Legend Team

Now it’s time to take some action. We want to see how many blogs we can start or revive as a team!

  1. Join our Start A Blog Challenge & free 7-day email course and private writing community here. Do it right now.
  2. Start your blog. Visit Bluehost, click the green button and take 10 minutes (your 20% discount is already included on the linked page).
  3. Write your first post. Anything goes, no matter how short or simple.
  4. Tell a few people and follow the steps above. And have some fun!
Time to get creative!

Join Us for The Free Writing Challenge!


  • Sophie Thompson
    September 23, 2014

    Dear Scott

    I know you get a lot of replies and emails but I’d like to let you know about my 180 day drawing challenge and how it’s changing my life.

    I challenged myself to practice drawing for at least one hour every single day for 180 days in a row and to post photos of my drawings on a blog and Facebook page (so publicly) before midnight GMT each day. I am now just over half way. Today is day 98.

    After being literally terrified of taking up drawing again after loosing confidence with it for several years, it is literally miraculous that I have managed to do it consistently every day for over three months so far. And I’ve improved so much!

    I have been trying to persuade friends and family to do their own 180 day challenge, whether it’s learning French or song writing, so I completely full heartedly believe in your challenge for others to create a blog and commit to it. I just wish I had the readership you do to persuade others to help themselves in that capacity.

    I think LYL is awesome and I am truly one of your biggest fans. Thanks so much for all your hard work.

    All the best


      • liveyourlegend
        October 10, 2014

        Test comment

  • JoyfulDancingErica
    September 23, 2014

    Scott I do not see where we are supposed to add our email to enter the challenge? Thank you so much for your website and this challenge, and all the super helpful and valuable information you provide free :O)!! It is so serendipitous as I just announced to the Facebook world how I will be starting my blog on my year off to travel, dance and live my passions!

  • Sebastian Aiden Daniels
    September 23, 2014

    Writing can change your life. It can be of great benefit to your mood to as your learn to reframe your thoughts.

    You are right that the best time to start a blog was a long time ago hehe. I say go for it and start a blog today. It can be a great outlet for creativity. As long as you aren’t obsessed with traffic or making money then it will be a great tool to utilize in making sense of your thoughts.

    How long does it take for the snowball effect to really get momentum?

  • Matt
    September 23, 2014

    What about those people (like me) who have nothing to write about or sell?

  • Victoria
    September 23, 2014

    Dear Scott,

    Thank you for this blog challenge and free writing course! I have been a long time reader of your blog, for more than 2 years, and Live Your Legend has played a big role in my life. I quit my job last year because I was just miserable and it was a great decision. It was definitely not well accepted to many people but I stayed proud of my decision. Reading your blog helped a lot on reminding me to focus on my joy and passion and knowing that there are others who did just the same. My career path is starting up again and I know my break from work served me well. Your passion for life, helping, people, and authenticity is inspiring. You’re amazing!

    I have always wanted to start a blog but was fearful of putting myself out there and all the steps it takes to start one. I also was waiting for the “perfect” blog name as I knew I wanted to purchase a domain and wanted to have my heart and soul fully invested and proud of what I was writing and representing. I have been researching for months now, brainstorming, and writing little drafts but when your e-mail popped into my inbox, I knew it was a sign that today was the day. Thank you for your discount link for Bluehost. Such a great deal! And also thank you for the video on how to start. It made the whole process easy. I just purchased my domain and I’m so excited!

  • Debbie DeVoe
    September 23, 2014

    Thanks for the inspiration! I created a blog today to discover my “work potion” — work I love that really lights me up. Yeehaw! Let the discoveries begin.

  • Patricia BT
    September 24, 2014

    Hey guys!

    I believe I did that challenge last time with my personal blog.

    So this time I will do it with my *DREAM* project bloginteraction, that I postponed “until ready” (analysis paralysis?) since too long.

    Site to be opened in a few days then 🙂 (before Oct 1). I’m in, thanks all!!

    Take Care & Peace

  • Mike Goncalves
    September 24, 2014

    Awesome post Scott and loving this challenge you’ve put out there. Since I already have a blog (thanks to all of your tools, resources, and support), I will jump to the next step as you’ve suggested, The 4 Pillars to Starting a Blog that Actually Matters. I couldn’t agree with you more than writing daily has definitely changed how I think, what I think, what I do, and even the conversations I’m having with others. It’s incredible. Never would I have thought (and didn’t at first) that starting a blog could lead to everything that it’s led to so far for me if I hadn’t taken action, taken your advice, and started a blog. So damn happy I did. Thanks for the push, encouragement, and support. You’re awesome…. Cheers!

  • Eric Murphy
    September 24, 2014

    This is actually pretty fantastic timing, since I’ve been meaning to start a blog for a long time. The hard part for me is actually writing something that I actually like enough to share it with anyone else. Of course, the only way to move from being a bad writer to a good writer is to write… a lot.

    I already have the website up, now I just need to start actually writing. Thanks for the bit of motivation I think I needed. 🙂

  • Lisa
    September 24, 2014

    Hi Scott,

    I am a newbie to the community. I want to thank you for issuing this blogging challenge and for describing your own blogging path. I have long wanted to write but have, for just as long, listened to the voice in my head that says “You don’t have the perfect idea yet.” I understand intellectually that it doesn’t have to be fully formed. It just needs to be a nugget of an idea that will naturally grow once you start writing. Taking that first step is the hardest and I am my own nearly insurmountable barrier. Since I have committed to the challenge, though, I have to jump in with both feet now. Thank you again. It was just the push I needed.


  • Rebecca
    September 24, 2014

    I’m quitting my job to write books. Earlier this month, I started a semi-anonymous blog about it.

    • Simran
      September 25, 2014

      Hey Rebecca,

      Just visited your blog, personally I found it very encouraging to read about how you quit your job to write. It’s always nice to see people actual DO something, instead of just talking about it. Especially loved the part about ‘What others think.’ Kudos to you on having the guts to take the next step and Wish you all the best on your journey ahead.

      • Rebecca
        September 29, 2014

        Thank you guys! I really appreciate all the help and encouragement that comes from everyone here at LYL!

      • Rebecca
        September 29, 2014

        Thank you guys! I really appreciate all the help and encouragement that comes from everyone here at LYL!

  • Simran
    September 25, 2014

    Thanks a ton Scott, for this awesome post. So helpful and so needed right now for me.

    I keep putting things off for later, so I don’t have to face reality, so I can remain in denial and pretend things are okay. But okay isn’t good enough, it will be never be good enough. Living in denial and waiting for things to happen isn’t going to work anymore- that I have to say is one of the most valuable things I’ve learned from LYL as well as from Chris’s ‘The Art of Non-conformity’ (Thanks to you for introducing me to AONC) And I definitely don’t want to be unremarkably average anymore. Every time I thought about starting a blog or even just writing, I have put it off thinking, I will wait for a better idea to come along. But this blog challenge is exactly what I need to just start somewhere, and then see how it goes. It’s scary thinking about baring your thoughts to the world, but I’m excited for this challenge and to see where it leads.

    Thanks again Scott, for all that you do.

  • Pingback: Do you have integrity?… | michelledeanna
    September 25, 2014
  • cat Haffejee
    September 26, 2014

    Hi Scott,

    Are we supposed to receive daily emails starting from the day we sign up?

    I signed up and received my welcome email yesterday, took the plunge and created a blog via your directions, however I didn’t receive an email today with the next writing tool and prompt.

    I haven’t told my husband yet that I pinched $100 from our living expenses to become a blogger. I desperately need your expertise to make it awesome enough to justify eating only dhal for the next fortnight!

    – Cat : )

  • Steve
    September 26, 2014

    Now, can anyone join this challenge or is it only for new bloggers? I almost gave up on blogging but than came back with a vengeance in August 2014. Been writing consistently and I think this challenge would make me even more accountable!

  • Hanz Florentino
    September 28, 2014

    Just what I need! I’ve been blogging on and off for some time already. And I guess things went sour some time when I’ve been writing much and was getting less than 10 views only.. I guess, I gave up easily…haha! And I few days ago, I decided to give it a shot again, and then poof! I got Scott’s mail!

    Let’s do this!

  • Pingback: Meu segundo post… | Who Knows Nin
    September 29, 2014
  • Susan Pannell
    September 29, 2014

    Well Scott, you did it…gave me a push, but I FINALLY walked through the door. The video to start a blog was a major plus for me as I can be technically challenged at times. This is the start of my dream to be a writer, but even more I want to help people. I have adopted the motto of “Dare Something Different”, and today I did it! Thank you so much for being the change and making the world a better place. Change happens in an instant when you change your mind. My blog still looks bare, but I will figure it out. I’m grateful.

  • Beth
    September 29, 2014

    Thanks for this Scott, I have been “flirting” with your site/writings/program for a while now but have finally started to do something. I love all the other posts here — folks who are pushing themselves, like I am, to do something and be uncomfortable and just get started. Thanks for the push; looking forward to being in the process.

  • Pingback: Social Feedia - The Nomadic Spoon
    September 29, 2014
  • Rohit
    September 30, 2014

    Hi Scott,

    This is a great initiative by you & the LYL team.

    I have signed up for the ‘Start your Blog ‘program. I have recently started a new blog & hope you check it out –

    It was almost about a year back that I came across the LYL community & I had also attended an LYL meetup here in Pune, India.

    Keep the good content coming. Cheers!

  • Pingback: The First Thoughts… | The Online Person
    September 30, 2014
  • George
    September 30, 2014

    Hello Scott,

    Greetings from Greece! It’s a nice thing that we have 10 hours difference in time,because I almost missed the “deadline” for this.

    Your “Challenge” couldn’t have better timing. My first attempt to start a blog was some years ago, but it never went public for various reasons (not a good enough name, not knowing what to write, not “perfect” enough for publication…) . The thoughts for a second attempt was just a few months ago, but that too failed.

    This past year I was lucky enough to work at my dream job, but it wasn’t at all what I expected. I demythified a lot of my standards, and that changed my thoughts and plans for the future. I was (and still am) undecided if I should continue for Master/Phd studies, start working, or take some time off and travel around the world. I talked with a lot of my friends about it and I’ve realized that it’s not just me who has these “troubled thoughts”.

    After the various discussion that I’ve had, I’ve started fearing that most people my age continue for a higher level diploma, mainly because studying and taking exams is the thing we know how to do best. We don’t know what to do in a world that’s changing quicker than ever before, and being scared of the unknown, we remain to the “safe” and familiar place of the academia. This and other thoughts like that made me want to start a blog, to share them and discuss about them.

    And even though I was being troubled by them for months I was postponing it again for other reasons. Being challenged by you however, made me put it on the top of my list and actually do it in less than an afternoon! 😀

    Right now there’s just one post (after all it’s was just created 😛 ), but I plan to put a lot of stuff in the following days.

    I’m also impressed by the blogs created,by the other people who’ve commented on this post. They’re really inspiring and interesting! It would be really great if at the end of the challenge you’d send a list of all the blogs that were started due to this!

    Thanks again for the challenge! And of course…



  • Ben Fader
    September 30, 2014


    First off, thanks so much for this challenge! It’s encouraging me to invest focused time and energy into doing what matters. 🙂 I wanted to give you some of my thoughts/feedback for how I’m approaching this challenge and what growth and inspiration it’s provoking in me. 🙂

    Nuts and bolts: I’ve decided to use my existing blog (blogger) to get this daily writing habit going. It’s already synced with my google account, can share via twitter/facebook, and it’s free. Basically, it’s the simplest way to DO THE THING (create content) without the scaffolding (look/feel, web design) getting in the way. My goal is to launch a more comprehensive website (including a blog) that includes pages for my family, real estate business, as well as other side ventures at the outset of the year. I’m already playing with content and ideas on my squarespace trial account, and having used squarespace before for a project I did with a buddy, that’s the route I’ve laid out.

    As for the deeper stuff, this challenge couldn’t have come at a better time. The realization that has been sinking in is the power of HABIT. For years, I’ve played with different ideas and plans for a daily routine, and rarely would anything stick. It was like I would have amazing days where I actually did the things I wanted to do (run, work in my passions, make some money for the family, spend time with people I care about and inspire others) and then total BLAH days where nothing was done. This year, I set a goal to run a marathon, and that helped to solidify a daily running habit. Within the last month or two, inspired by my career coach, this community and Donald Miller (; I’ve been digging deeper to focus on which habits I want to form and what the frequency is. For almost a week, I’ve held my personal morning routine which goes like this:
    1) Wake up @6am, get up
    2) Hydrate, Meditate, Ambulate (drink 2 huge glasses of water, meditate/pray, and take off for a 4-9 mile run.
    3) Stretch/Breathe/Be
    4) CREATE (aka write something and POST it!)

    On top of that, this habit of writing everyday has helped me to flesh out a number of distinct passions, bringing to my awareness how compartmentalized my voice can be and helping me to integrate the passions of my heart.

    I hope at least some of this made sense! I am posting this to 1) express appreciation and 2) give some specific details of where I am and what I’m learning. 🙂 I’d love to talk more about next steps and your thoughts, and I’m glad to be acting on my own passions NOW. Thanks Scott!



  • Roy
    September 30, 2014

    Challenge Accepted!!!!! It has taken me a long time to accept your challenge of started a blog. Honestly, I just did not believe enough in myself to really do something that is burning to come out. Ive pulled the trigger, and hope to really find myself through writing.

    Thanks for the push.

  • Jackie
    October 1, 2014

    Love the blog prompt today! Thanks Scott for all you do. You’ve had such a positive impact on my life. So glad Live Your Legend is out there and really enjoying watching it grow as more people get on board everyday! The world is a better place because of you.

  • BC
    October 1, 2014

    Thanks for this Scott.

    This will give me the impetus to get my blog beyond the first 3 posts!

    Looking forward to a fun time. 🙂


  • Carley
    October 2, 2014

    Hello I did not get a prompt yesterday or today, I had thought I had signed up about four days ago, the 29th I believe, is is still possible to start or is it too late? If it is not too late, how do I get access (I also tweeted you and emailed you, but I don’t know if you get those)

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    My youtube channel and this new blog I started several hours ago are to help me find a passion. I just know I won’t quit this time.

    Thank you^^

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    Stay tuned!

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    For example, lets say your a great golfer and you’re also passionate about nutrition. You could combine those two interests and write an ebook or start a blog about how to improve your golf game through nutrition. Then imagine you’re writing for your younger self. What information would you have wished you had when you first started down the path of your interests?

    I did this exercise for myself and a friend and it worked perfectly!

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    Hi Scott,

    I know this is a long shot. And logically, there is no way you’re going to do this for me. In any case, I’m going to give it a try.

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    I know there isn’t any reason for you to do this because you’re busy enough as it is, but if you could accommodate this request, this would mean so much to us. So please? 🙂

    But whether you do or don’t, I’d like to thank you for inspiring me to do the stuff that I love doing. I just quit my job and am currently learning design software so I can put my talent to good use. I think the community you’ve built in Live Your Legend is awesome and is one of the forces that will change the world and make it a better place.

    Thank you and I really hope to get a response from you.



  • Cristina Christmas
    October 28, 2014

    this is amazing I love what you are doing. it inspired me to create 😉 He was just born.. but I think he’ll be a killer one day 😀

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