Welcome to the Start Your Passion Project Course!

Congrats on joining our Start Your Passion Project Challenge. This course is designed to get you from talking about something to doing it. Because far too many people remain stuck in indecision, but the moment you actually get started, you open the opportunity to turn your passions into profits!

Yet we know that taking the first step is often the most difficult part, so that’s why we are here to guide you step-by-step to turn an idea into action. This course contains:

  • Daily writing prompts: To get the wheels turning about what it is that you are passionate about and how you can add value to other people with your passions.
  • Best practices and a step-by-step guide to get a website up and running: We believe as website is the simplest, low-risk tool to create accessibility, credibility, and allow you to share your gifts with the world.

A website requires zero investment (other than a little courage and diligence) and will help you build out your virtual home, which is a fool-proof way to share your thoughts, ideas, services or products with the world.

If that sounds scary, don’t worry, you are not alone. That’s been true for the thousands of people we have worked with at Live Your Legend… but you can either let your fear and self-doubt stop you, or you can let it fuel you, and that’s why we are here to hold your hand and provide you the tools we have used ourselves, and with many others.

The people behind Live Your Legend have personally seen unbelievable results from adopting a regular writing habit, and putting things out in the virtual world.

  • Scott’s (the founder of Live Your Legend) first passion project was the birth of this business. He started writing book reviews which turned into Live Your Legend, now a business that has been around for decades, helped hundreds of thousands of people, and has provided a source of income for those involved. All because he had the courage to put his thoughts down on paper without ever knowing how it was going to pan out…
  • Chelsea’s regular writing habit helped her overcome hardship while navigating the most difficult transition of her life, the loss of Scott after a tragic accident. While running Live Your Legend, her experiences, curiosity and writing led her to create courses about self-discovery and build out her own passion project that helps people navigate transitions, The Aligned Life School.

But most importantly, both Scott and Chelsea recognized that by sharing their experiences, they were able to help others that might be dealing with a similar situation.

And, it all started with a routine writing habit, and then sharing that writing with others…

We suggest creating a blog or website online, because it is the quickest way to prove to yourself and others that you might in fact have a way to add value to someone else’s life, and the absolute only way to turn a passion into a profession is to in some way, shape, or form help others!

Simply put, people pay for things that add value to their lives: whether that’s in the form of time, products, services, etc. So, if you are serious about ever turning your passion project into profit, you’ve got to get yourself out there for the world to see what you have to offer. You won’t necessarily have people knocking down your door on day one, but through working with thousands of people, we have seen that the best way to realize your unique value add is to:

1. Get thoughts out of your head,

2. Get feedback from others to see what sticks.

We never could have predicted how Live Your Legend would come to be, it was only by taking the next best step, putting stuff out there, and seeing what stuck that we navigated the path to where we are today, and we keep doing so in order to provide what our community needs!

We want to remove every barrier and excuse to get the wheels turning and your passion project up and running, so you can easily begin writing and sharing your work. So we’ve created a course designed to do just that.

Each day, we encourage you to do at least two things to optimize success:

  1. One writing prompt.
  2. One technique or tool for building your passion project

They will take 10-20 minutes per day, depending on how much you decide to write!

Writing Prompt Day 1 + Start Your Website

Day 1 is consists of 2 steps. Make sure to do STEP 1 to get the chance to be featured. We do a monthly feature on Live Your Legend of Everyday Legends who have turned their passions into profits, so if you join us you’ll have the option to have your project featured and gain exposure to our 65000+ subscribers.

This chance is only for those who register their site using instructions from this lesson because these are the only ones we can track. So make sure you watch the short video and follow the instructions from Day 1 Step 1.

Step 1: Mini Course – Start a Blog in 10 Minutes with Zero Tech Experience

Step 2: First Writing Prompt

STEP 1: Start Your Website!

It’s so much simpler than most realize.

Blue Host makes it incredibly easy to start your blog in minutes!

To make it crazy easy and fast, we created a video tutorial on how to start a website and publish your first post in under 10 minutes.

1. First things first: Sign up for the most basic website hosting account at Bluehost.

We fully endorse Bluehost and we are a proud affiliate partner of theirs (and Live Your Legend readers get a special 20% discount from the public price – discount already included in each of these Bluehost links), and it’s where all our domains live. We’ve tried a lot of hosts in the past, and this is by far the best discount option available based on our personal experience and that of the people we respect online.

They’ve also been a top recommended web host by WordPress since 2005. All you need is the most basic option, which comes with a free domain (website address) of your choosing.

You do not need any of the add-ons or up-sells, unless you want to get Domain WHOIS Privacy, which keeps your personal information from being made public on your site. But any of that can be sorted out later. We want to keep this as simple as possible!

Here’s the link to set up your site on Bluehost and get the special LYL 20% off discount.

A few clarifying points:

  • This Bluehost setup will run you about the cost of one latte a month. To get the lowest monthly price of $3.95, you will pay for the first couple years in advance. The month-to-month cost is still only the price of about two lattes. It’s a pretty small investment to finally turn your passions into profits. There are also some totally free options through sites like Blogger or Tumblr, although to be honest, we don’t really recommend those since you have much less control and won’t actually own the website (and we don’t have any personal experience with them). It’s your call, though.
  • Due to the increased traffic and complexity of Live Your Legend, we host it on a more robust platform via WP Engine (which we LOVE), but at $99+ per month, that is definitely not the option you need to begin.

Click below to access the quick video tutorial on how to get started with Blue Host!

How to Start a Blog in Under 10 Minutes (with zero tech experience)

Watch the video above and then follow the few simple steps. You’ll be up and running in no time!

2. Pick your blog name (called a URL or domain name).

This is part of the sign-up process through Bluehost in Step #1. When you sign up for basic hosting, you get a website name for free.

Keep it simple. Don’t hold off just because you can’t come up with some brilliant name. Using your first and last name (or a similar rendition) is fine and might even be better since you might not know the specific niche you want to focus on. You’ll be free to cover whatever topics you choose. Using your name can also allow the site to serve as a simple online resume if nothing else, and it helps with your name’s Google rankings.

3. Set up WordPress on your new site (or better yet, have Bluehost do it for you for free).

Chelsea covers this in the above video, but once you’ve purchased your hosting/domain, you are ready to install WordPress, which will allow you to edit and update your site without needing to do anything technical.

Installing/setting up the very basic version of WordPress on a new Bluehost account is a pretty straightforward process. But we’re always a fan of having customer support do it for us. They should be happy to set it up. Just tell them something like, “Hey, I’m excited to get started with my blog. A big reason I chose Bluehost is because I’m not technical, and I heard you guys could get WordPress installed for me super fast. Could you please install WordPress on my new site so I can get started publishing content? Thanks so much!”

If you stall out on any of these steps, be sure to watch the video above. That should clear it all up. And you can always search Google or YouTube for other video tutorials on setting this stuff up, but again, that’s what customer support is there for. They love helping new clients.

Here’s what a past challenger had to say about the power of sharing their voice:

“The most valuable thing that I learned in doing this is that I have a voice that is worth hearing. I had known, previously, that I have a voice and that some people like listening to it. What I didn’t realize is that my voice had value and was worth listening to. This helped me to realize that. It also made me think about what I will be leaving for my children. They will be able to look back at this and get a better understanding of who their mother was and what she was all about.” –Toni

Take me to: Step 2: First Writing Prompt


STEP 2: You first writing prompt  Day 1 – TELL US YOUR STORY

That sounds like a big ask but here are some prompts:

  • Write a few sentences about your story/background: who are you, what makes you you, where are you from, where are you know? What are you curious about or interested in? If you had an hour of free time and google, what would you type in the search line?
  • Then write a few sentences about why you decided to join us and what you hope to get out of it.

Bonus: By completing this prompt, once you get your website up and running you will automatically have your About page!

Remember, this is not about perfection, it is just to get something out there… because done is better than perfect. Simple as that!

We’ll cover more fun stuff throughout the week, but this is a fun and easy way to get the ball rolling.

Writing Prompt Day 2 + Setting Up Your #1 Factor for Success & an Introduction to Our Community of Legends

Welcome to Writing Prompt 2 of the Start Your Passion Project Challenge!

Our goal when you finish this course is for you to give you prompts to build a consistent writing habit and create some initial content for your website as you to explore how you can help people and start to build your ‘online home’ in the process.

The first step is to start your website. This 10 minute step-by-step tutorial shows you exactly how you can get set up and publish your first post in less than 10 minutes, with literally zero tech experience. Trust me, I am not tech savvy and have managed to set-up 4 different websites on my own… if I managed to do that, so can you. ????

Then each day we’ll be sharing one technique or tool, plus a writing prompt to help get your ideas flowing.

Here’s today’s tip and tool: Create Accountability

The single biggest factor we’ve noticed for success in just about anything, from weight loss to business success to writing, is having someone who’s counting on you to deliver. Or ideally a group of people to support your goals and ideas. If all you hear from the people around you is that you’re ideas are crazy or risky, you’ll start to believe it. But if you start to fill your mind with people that have done it (and we have many of those as part of our Everyday Legends series!), you’ll start to believe that instead.

Creating this is pretty simple – here are three ideas:

1. Reach out to a friend (by phone or email) and tell them what you’re doing, why, and that you’d love for them to help keep you accountable.

Let them know how often you’ll be writing and when you’ll deliver it to them. They don’t have to read your work or give feedback – all that matters is you know they are depending on it because you don’t want to let them down. And be sure to pick someone you think is likely to be supportive and excited about your new challenge!

2. Live Your Legend’s own Accountability Group.

We cannot recommend support from like-minded people enough, which is why we created our very own community within our Passionate Work Program, where we have active members, writers, and creatives excited to welcome and support you. This whole living your legend thing isn’t just a title of a website, real people that have a been a part of our community are out there doing it, and that’s why we want you to have them in your corner.

So if you want to be surrounded by legends who are making profits from their passions, then pop on in and say hello!

3. Post about The Start Your Passion Project Challenge on Facebook or Instagram and tag 1-3 or more friends whom you think would like to participate with you (perhaps the people who always talk about starting something of their own). Hey, you never know who might come out of the woodwork that could use exactly what you are offering up!

To make it easy, you can copy and paste the below as a status update or create your own…


Hey guys – I could use some help and accountability on something important. I’m super excited to have joined the Free Start Your Passion Project Challenge with Live Your Legend. It comes with a free 7-day course to help build a website and develop a successful writing habit. I’d love any of you friends, and especially [INSERT YOUR FRIENDS i.e @Jane Smith, @Alice Rivers and @Jeff Dawson] to join me! You can access the free course and join the challenge here: https://mailchi.mp/liveyourlegend.net/startpassionprojectlp01

Please commit to writing at least something each day during this week-long challenge. Even if it’s just a few sentences or paragraphs, and don’t worry about perfection. Almost no one, just wakes up and is good at a new skill. It takes time to develop confidence and competence in something. But the one way to ensure you will not make progress is to do nothing… So use this week to start the habit of getting ideas out of your head so they have room to grow.

Here’s today’s writing prompt: Day 2 – WHAT TOPIC MAKES YOU REALLY FIRED UP?

Passion is often misrepresented as the thing that you spring out of bed for each day… but we are here to be real with you. If you get to the place where you turn your passion into a profession, you will not love every single aspect of it 24 hours a way. That’s life… everything has great parts and parts that challenge us (which we see as a good thing!).

So we believe that your passion is the thing you choose to keep showing up for even if and when things don’t go as planned. You need that level of love to navigate the hurdles and roadblocks come up, because hurdles and roadblocks are a part of  life.

But don’t worry if you don’t know that yet. Sometimes, we have to let our passions find us by trying things we are not willing to show up for, until we find the one that we are…

And if you are in need of more guidance on discovering your passion, check out our 21 Days to Discover Your Passion course in the Passionate Work Program!

But as we are in the early stages, it’s a nice it to look at the areas where we have strong feelings. Sometimes there are topics you are super inspired about or motivated by (the athletic challenge you signed up for, a trip you are excited to take, influential people you follow, the latest thing you can’t stop googling in your free time, etc.) but other times there are topics that make you fired up in another way.

Dale Carnegie used to say that anyone could become a great public speaker if they were angry enough. Ha!

And when it comes to helping people and living your legend, starting with your strongest feelings towards something can open up a lot of ideas. Think of what consistently makes you fired up. The topic you can’t seem to stop talking about or that gets you mad and you wish was different. This is very fertile ground to explore your writing.

Write at least a few sentences about this topic and why it fires you up. You might surprise yourself with how much you have to say! Then publish it on your website. If you do, you’ll have your About page done (from yesterday) and your first post up!

That’s it for now! (See how easy this is?) For the next writing prompt, we’ll talk about our favorite tool and app for writing.

You won’t want to miss it.

Writing Prompt Day 3 + Our Favorite Writing Tool!

Welcome to Writing Prompt 3 of the Start Your Passion Project Challenge.

How are things coming along? Are you starting to feel in a bit of a rhythm yet?

By now you should have already started your website using our 10-min video tutorial and introduced yourself in our community to get the support you need!

The following lessons will help a lot because while wrapped up in the context of writing, we are really talking about the deeper topic of creating habits.

Tip and tool: Create a Fail-Proof Writing Environment & Routine

Our guess is, you likely brush your teeth every morning, without fail. How come you don’t forget? Yet other things that are important to you don’t get done regularly?

The answer is simple.

One of the keys to building a habit that sticks is to make it part of a standard daily routine you’ll be doing no matter what. We are fairly simple creatures, we will keep doing the things that feel good or provide some level of pleasure, and we will stop doing the things that don’t feel good or provide no reward.

But the conundrum lies in the fact that there’s a period of time when we build new habits, that we do feel like we are making a short-term sacrifice for a long-term gain. And this is where setting up your environment can be wildly helpful. For some, the best time is first thing in the morning, before any distractions come along from things like opening email or logging onto the Internet. For others, it’s while you’re eating your lunch. Or late at night.

For me personally, I have trained my brain to see writing as a treat because I pair it with an activity that I love: sitting in a cafe, music on and coffee in hand. I love music, I love my morning coffee and after a period of repetition, my mind began to associate that time with writing, so now it feels second nature to me to work on my creative ventures for Live Your Legend: writing articles, updating courses, developing new offerings, etc. with my morning routine. I do all my admin and calls in the afternoon because my morning is my creative time. ????

It doesn’t matter what you choose, as long as your writing habit is tied to some part of your day where it almost becomes second nature. Willpower will only get you so far but creating an encouraging and enjoyable environment is a trick to having habits stick.

Here are some specifics we suggest:

1. Pick a consistent time of day when you’ll write.

Plan to write directly before or after an existing daily routine, such as a morning meditation, breakfast, coffee, etc.

2. Set a daily goal that is impossible not to achieve.

Shoot for something small like 100 words per day to start, or a 30 minute time slot. What you’ll probably find is that once you get an idea or two flowing, you might have 500 words or write for an hour. That’s the best! We will keep doing the things that are doable and desirable, but we will give up on those that are not, so you need to set yourself up for success! And often the thought of something is way more daunting than actually doing it, so this is a step to stop stopping yourself before you start!

3. Create a distraction-free writing environment.

I love OmmWriter. It’s gorgeous, simple, comes with great zen-like music and is free to try out. You can also use the built-in ‘Distraction Free Writing‘ option in WordPress, which does something similar, but not nearly as fun. ????

Here’s today’s writing prompt: Day 3 – What do people thank you for?

The point of this question is to give some thought to the ways you already help people with your talents, skills and passions that you might not be realizing (or giving yourself credit for).

Because at the end of the day, the backbone of any business is one that adds value to people’s lives. So let’s talk a look at how you are already adding value to those around you.

Another way to look at it:

“What do you love helping people with?”
“What would you be happy to help others with, even if you didn’t get paid?”
“What do people constantly come to you for (travel tips, recipes, etc.)?”

Give it a little thought and write what comes to you. Start with a small and easily achievable goal of 100 words and see where it leads.

That’s all for today!


If you’re wondering how the Start Your Passion Project Challenge has helped others in our community, check out what happened to Matías – it’s been incredible to see his story unfold…

“The Challenge, for me, was the perfect way to stop dreaming about your passions and finally start making them reality. In my case it was a the perfect push: when you stop making plans and start doing, the inertia breaks, you start to learn and grow, get a little better each day, and eventually figure things out. That´s how a year later that blog I created during the challenge turned into a real business and got me invited to give a TEDx Talk!”

Matias now works full-time on his passion-based business, is seen as an expert in his field, and has given talks to audiences of over 1,000 people, including speaking at TEDx – a lifetime dream of his.

It’s impossible to know where ideas can lead. That’s the best part!

So if you haven’t started yet, it’s time to see what’s (im)possible.


Passionate Work Program: Courses + Community + Calls

We cannot recommend support from like-minded people enough! Come say hello to our own Accountability Group and get access to all our award winning course content via the Passionate Work Program. We have active members, writers, and creatives excited to welcome and support you.


Writing Prompt Day 4 + 3 Surprising Mini Case Studies of What’s Possible

Congrats on getting to Writing Prompt 4 of the Start Your Passion Project Challenge!

The whole point of this challenge is to start, so you can give your ideas room to grow (and share them with others!) because we have seen far too many people stay stuck in indecision or analysis paralysis. But the only realistic way to ever begin to turn your passions into profits is to take the first step!

By moving forward with action, versus sitting still in indecision,  you’ll start to learn what excites you, what others resonate with, and how you can combine those two to build a career or passion project around something you care about.

Many people spend so much time talking about the things that drain them, but this helps us start to fuel the things that excite us, and the more attention, effort and energy you put there, the more that will grow.

So just for a little inspiration, we are going to share a few case studies:

Case Study #1: Scott Dinsmore, Founder of Live Your Legend

It feels appropriate to give credit to the founder of Live Your Legend, and my late husband Scott Dinsmore (pictured above!). When Scott started his blog back before he even knew what a blog was, he had no idea of where it would go. He wasn’t even capable of dreaming up what was possible. For four years there was no visible traction (no traffic, no followers, no revenue). But one word led to the next, which led from conversation to conversation, idea to idea, experiment to experiment, and eventually from message to movement.

He started because he was curious. He wasn’t trying to build a business or massive following. He just wanted to explore and share some of his ideas. But by doing so, he identified how he was able to help people, then began to create programs around that like How to Make your First 1K from your passions and talents. All of these programs and more built the foundation for what Live Your Legend is today and became our Passionate Work Program.

Case Study #2: Mike Goncalves, The Wellness Bucket

A few years ago Mike decided to start a website. He wanted a place where he could offer valuable and easy to understand health and exercise advice for others looking to improve their health and ultimately their lives. This is the same advice he was already offering his friends and family on a regularly basis, but now he was sharing his ideas, thoughts, and suggestions with the whole world.

What started as a simple idea turned into a global community of people, which Mike calls Wellness Leaders. He’s been interviewed by numerous podcasts, had his work featured all over the web, and recently became the lead writer for B Method, The UAE’s first ever Fitness for Fertility Blog. He could have never guessed where his journey would lead. But the dots often only connect looking backwards.

Case Study #3: Alli Lucia of The Classy Broad

Alli, the founder of The Classy Broad went from an amazing job, to pursuing her passion. Wait, what? Did you just say from one amazing job to another?

Yep… she wasn’t in a place of frustration or desperation, in fact all signs were telling her to stay right where she was! She had built her dream job in sports, regularly attending the super bowl and other amazing sports ventures. But as her life changed and her family grew, so did her dreams… She found the courage to listen to inspiration over logic, and in doing so, she went from Superbowl to Stylist, a hobby she had always explored on the side.

That with a little love, attention and direction became her full time time gig.

You never know where the first step will take you. But that can’t happen without the first step. And that is what the Start Your Passion Project Challenge is all about.

So, here’s today’s writing prompt: Day 4 – What problem can you solve?

Why? Because as we have been peppering in throughout the course, any business that is going to stay in business can solve a problem. In the examples above you will see:

Live Your Legend solves a problem by providing education and inspiration to help people live with more meaning and purpose.

Mike solves a problem by giving people guidance on how to live more healthfully. There’s tons of information out there but he has weeded through that to create tailor-made easy to follow programs.

Alli solves a problem by saving people time! Many people don’t have the patience to style their parties or homes, so that are happy to pay someone else to do it. Enter Alli.

So think of this in terms of what problem can you solve with a service or a product? Are you making things more efficient? Are you providing a service or product that saves people time and/or money?

If you can identify the problem you are solving, you are on the path to your first sale! Because if you can convince someone else that you will save them time, money, frustration, etc. you’re one step closer to your first client.

Start with the end in mind. What problem can you solve? Maybe it’s already something people thank you for. Maybe it has to do with the area that fires you up.

Let the wheels turn, get to writing and see what unfolds. And bonus, if you publish this on your website… you have just created your first resource for people to understand why they should buy your service or product!

That’s all for now. ????

Passionate Work Program: Courses + Community + Calls

We cannot recommend support from like-minded people enough! Come say hello to our own Accountability Group and get access to all our award winning course content via the Passionate Work Program. We have active members, writers, and creatives excited to welcome and support you.


Writing Prompt Day 5 + Getting Others to Listen & Perfecting Your Elevator Pitch

Welcome to Writing Prompt 5!

While this challenge is about increasing your own self-awareness and building habits that support that, if you are looking for a way to have people follow you and what you are writing, we want to give you an option for that. Both for your own accountability and because you absolutely never know who and how you might help others because feedback from others is priceless!

So here’s today’s tool: Set Up an Email Opt-In Form

This is simply a way for people to add their email and subscribe to your site.

We recommend using a dedicated service for this, especially if you have any plans of building more of a brand, business or community around your work and website.

The service Live Your Legend uses to manage emails is Mailchimp. We recommend them, and you can try it out for free. They have super simple tools to get you set up with an email form on your site in no time, with zero tech experience.

We just want to be sure that you have a way for people to follow your work who are interested in what you’re doing. While you may not get many followers in the beginning, one way to ensure you’ll get zero is to not provide the option. Once you’re set-up, then ask your accountability partner or a friend to subscribe. Hopefully they’ll give you feedback on what you write, but at the least it will provide added accountability.

Here’s today’s writing prompt: What’s your elevator pitch?

Don’t get intimidated by this one. Every interaction we have is a chance to run a mini-experiment and test out our ideas with others. It also makes conversations a ton more entertaining when the dreaded “So, what do you do?” question comes up.

So, by elevator pitch we just mean… a simple way to explain what you are excited about. What are you building or want to build? If you were to explain your new website to others, how would you explain it. Sometimes that’s as simple as saying: I share ideas on gardening from my backyard to yours. Or I create healthy recipes that can all be prepared ahead of time.

When you come up with a way to simply talk about what you are working on, you’ll start to notice if other people come in with more questions: That sounds cool, tell me more about it. Or if they lose attention quickly. I’ve refined my elevator pitch over the years to:

I run a personal development website called Live You Legend that helps people discover and live with more meaning, purpose and mindfulness.

That usually gets them saying: I need that! or asking a question: how do you do that?

And if you aren’t sure what you are doing yet, don’t get too caught up in this. This process is about sharing and getting feedback, which allows you to experiment, and refine only to gain more clarity!

Just get in the habit of sharing what you’re excited about (in a simple sentence) and the difference you want to make. It’s amazing the connections that start to happen. And bonus, once refined, this can easily become your tag line!

For a little more guidance on this, check out this article on 4 Steps to Crafting, Testing & Perfecting Your ‘Everyday’ Elevator Pitch.

Then, write your pitch and publish your post, before distractions hit.

Passionate Work Program: Courses + Community + Calls

We cannot recommend support from like-minded people enough! Come say hello to our own Accountability Group and get access to all our award winning course content via the Passionate Work Program. We have active members, writers, and creatives excited to welcome and support you.

Writing Prompt Day 6 + How to Spread Your Ideas

Many people don’t make it this far so pat yourself on the back! You’re a rockstar.

Welcome to Day 6 of our 7-day Start Your Passion Project Challenge.

Now that you hopefully have a good writing rhythm going, we wanted to get a little more advanced and talk about what’s possible when you really start to connect your writing, ideas, passions and ability to help others – with today’s online tools.

So we want to share the specific steps we took and the mentors and models we learned from to grow Live Your Legend into the business and movement it is today.

Here’s today’s tool and strategy: Our Process for Growing & Monetizing a Website

The first four years Live Your Legend was in existence, it literally got no traction – no growth, no following, no community – nothing. But those four years were priceless because they allowed us to develop ideas, see what connected with others and learn a ton about the online world.

For four years we had no idea what we were doing, but then stumbled upon some role models and a very specific framework for building a large online following and business. Six months later LYL’s following grew by 10x. Within 12 months it grew by 160x. And today we have over 65,000 people from every country in the world who use our tools on a monthly basis. And Live Your Legend has turned into a profitable business in the process. It’s still surreal to think this all came from developing a writing habit and running mini experiments – just like you are in doing this challenge with us. 🙂 We have written about this full framework in the below article. Please take a few minutes to check it out if this topic is of interest to you…

We have an entire course uncovering this full framework in our Passionate Work Program. But you can also check out the following excerpt from a post on Live Your Legend, where our friend and colleague Corbett Barr shares some advice!

The fundamentals of earning a living from a blog are really no different from any other kind of business.

To earn a living from a blog, you need to do three things:

  1. Identify a group of people with a specific problem or desire
  2. Connect with a sufficient number of these people
  3. Offer a product or service that fills that problem or desire at a price they’re willing to pay.

Let’s dissect this deeper.

1. Identify a group of people with a specific problem or desire

This fundamental step is what separates blogs that become businesses from blogs that remain hobbies.

To ultimately earn a living from your blog, you have to solve a problem or address a desire for people, in a way they’re willing to pay for. Blogging is a great platform for figuring out who those people are and what they need or want because you can interact with people (via comments, email and social media), and hone your writing over time.

Why should someone read your blog… instead of the likely hundreds or thousands of other good blogs that already exist on similar topics?

You see, it’s incredibly easy to start a blog these days. That’s why there are hundreds of millions of blogs in existence. It’s easy to start a blog, but it’s hard to start a good blog. And it’s even harder to start a great blog, or a blog that truly matters.

And one of the core elements of a blog that matters is this: in order to attract an audience, you need to create a compelling reason for people to read your site.

It isn’t enough just to publish, you have to publish with purpose.

2. Connect with a sufficient number of these people

There’s no doubt about it, if you want to earn a living from a blog, it’s best to have a large, engaged audience.

Notice that I didn’t just say large, I also said engaged.

Engagement with your audience matters almost as much as size.

A small but highly engaged audience is usually much easier to earn revenue from than a large unengaged one.

What does engagement mean to a blog? Your readers are engaged when they:

  • Return to your blog frequently to read new articles
  • Read deeply instead of skimming
  • Comment on your articles
  • Subscribe for updates
  • Email you about your blog or something you wrote
  • Write you on social media
  • Share your articles
  • Link to your writing from their own sites

When you have a large, engaged audience, it’s easier to sell things to your audience because they know you and trust what you have to say. When you make an offer, they’ll consider it.

If your audience is too small or unengaged, it’s hard to sell a significant amount of anything.

How do you grow a large, engaged audience? It starts with your answer to #1 above. Knowing who your blog is targeting and what problems or desires they have (your blog’s foundation) is an important part of growing your blog.

Beyond that, it’s important to write compelling articles on a frequent and consistent basis. Just look at what Scott and Chelsea have achieved here at Live Your Legend. Look through the archives to see how frequently and consistently they have published here, and notice how many of the headlines you find compelling.

Writing consistently compelling articles doesn’t happen easily. It takes lots of practice, dedication, learning and trial-and-error. In other words, it takes work. Don’t expect it to happen overnight.

3. Offer a product or service that fills that problem or desire at a price they’re willing to pay

Once you know what your audience wants and have been delivering compelling content consistently and long enough to grow a sizeable, engaged audience, it’s time to offer a product or service and see if they’ll buy.

At this stage, it will often be fairly obvious what you could offer to your audience, because people may be asking you for things. They might want more depth on a topic you’ve covered, or step-by-step instructions about how to do something. Or maybe you’ve explained how to do something on your blog many times, but people want someone to do it for them.

Notice that above I said “offer a product or service” instead of “create” one. You don’t necessarily have to create a product or service from scratch to earn some revenue. Sometimes you can earn a commission for recommending other people’s stuff. This is often called affiliate marketing. A good example of affiliate marketing can be seen at the popular personal finance blog Mr. Money Mustache. When MMM recommends a product like Betterment for investing, they earn a commission if you sign up (see the disclaimer here). It’s as simple as that.

For some of you, affiliate marketing won’t be your preference. For others, it might not be an option if there aren’t products offering commissions that make sense to tell your audience about.

In those cases, you can make your own product or service. Digital products (ebooks, courses, digital downloads, subscriptions, etc.) can be a great place to start because there’s little cost involved and because as a blogger you’re already used to creating digital content of the written variety.

My biggest word of advice in creating your first digital product or service: start small. The biggest risk you face with this product is that you’ll spend many months or years working on something only to find out your readers don’t want to buy it.

Reduce this risk by starting as small as possible. If it turns out your audience doesn’t buy, no big deal. You will likely have to try selling several things before you find what really works.

Of course, there is much more to learn (and more importantly, much more to do), which we walk you through in our Passionate Work Program, but this is the high-level approach all successful blog-based-businesses take.


That being said, here’s today’s writing prompt: Day 6 -Who is your Ideal Customer?

The beautiful thing about combining writing with today’s technology is you legitimately have the chance to make a meaningful impact on the world and those around you – assuming you find the right people to serve.

But all that starts with a clear picture of who you can help! You have identified your value add and what problem you can solve. You have identified what fires you up, now let’s get inside the minds of the people you can help, so you can better find them.

And because we know you may need a little guidance, I am including the first rendition of LYL’s ideal customer (also known as an avatar). We have since updated this but here’s an example. What is their name? What do they do? What are their pain points? How might they find you?

For now, meet Miles…

Miles wakes up for work at 6:00am to an alarm where he presses the snooze button a few times dreading getting out of bed. He throws on some uncomfortable clothes that he is ‘supposed’ to wear to the office, grabs a big cup of coffee and commutes to work. During the commute he scrolls Facebook envious of the friends he sees traveling, after all he’s in his early 30’s  with a great girlfriend, no kids , no mortgage and nothing really tying him down. He wants to be out exploring the world but his job doesn’t allow him to do so.  It does however, allow him to have the sweet apartment in SF and the one time a year blow out trip.  That’s worth it right?! Some people slave away at their jobs and don’t even get that…

When he gets to work, he pours another massive cup of coffee and begins a day of work that sounds cool when he says it to others but actually doesn’t fill him up at all. He is confused why other people think his job is cool but he feels so empty inside.  He gets home to spend a few hours in front of the TV or searching the web for what else could be out there before doing it all over again. He knows there has got to be more, but he just doesn’t know what it is.

Miles may have or will likely try things that are money driven initially but will quickly realize that serving others is where fulfillment comes in.

Start small and just let a few ideas flow for a few hundred words or more. Don’t judge what comes out. Have fun with it and we’ll see you tomorrow for our final day of this little challenge of ours.

Congrats and thanks for making all this progress with us!

Passionate Work Program: Courses + Community + Calls

We cannot recommend support from like-minded people enough! Come say hello to our own Accountability Group and get access to all our award winning course content via the Passionate Work Program. We have active members, writers, and creatives excited to welcome and support you.


Writing Prompt Day 7 + See What Sticks, Then do More of it!

Congrats on making it to the final writing prompt of our Start Your Passion Project Challenge! I hope you’ve had as much fun as we have.

As a little celebration, for our last task we have a really cool free tool and our favorite writing prompt.

Today’s tool: SumoMe social sharing and audience growth app

As you continue to build your writing habit, it will become a more and more useful tool for figuring out how you can help people and which ideas of yours resonate the most.

And in order to make our experiments as useful as possible, we want to make it really easy for people to join your community (i.e. subscribe) and share your content with others.

One really cool free tool for this is SumoMe – a WordPress plugin created by Noah Kagan, one of Facebook’s first few dozen employees. The tool is awesome and allows you to do all kinds of things to your WordPress blog to grow your traffic and audience and make it easy for people to share your work. And it’s 100% free! Click here to learn about and install SumoMe.

We’d suggest to start by setting up their social sharing tool since it takes about two minutes.

And today’s writing prompt is a little different, as it is forcing you to put into use all that you have learned over the past week or so…

Today’s writing prompt is to email three friends and share you new found passion project. Email three people and share your:

  1. Elevator Pitch
  2. Value Add
  3. Website Link

And because we want there to be zero barriers holding you back, we even created an email template for you!

‘Dear X,

I recently joined a Free Start Your Passion Project Course by Live Your Legend, and part of the process was creating a website. So to get the wheels turning, I created this website (insert your website link). The idea is to (insert elevator pitch) so I can help people (insert problem you will solve). 

It’s in the early stages but I would love to know your thoughts. Did it spur any questions? Is there anything that isn’t clear? Is there anyone who you think could use this?

Your opinion means a lot to me, so I would love to hear what you think. I’d be happy to treat you to coffee if you want to chat about it in person!



Thanks for joining us on this journey – the best part is this is just the beginning… and we are here to keep providing you the inspiration and education to design a life you love in a way that contributes to something greater than yourself… so you can live your legend.

If you made it this far, give yourself a pat on the back.


Have you not started your website yet because you feel like you have nothing to write about??

We’ve heard this from a number of Legends recently, and it reminds us… If you don’t think you have something to say, then this challenge will help you more than anyone!

All of us have something to say. Yes, you too. You just have to train yourself to get it out of your head.

That’s what happened to these three Legends turned writers…

“Writing has started me on the journey to loving who I am and towards helping others who are sinking in the same seas I’ve survived.” – Angela

“It’s like I’ve adopted a more beautiful and larger pebble to make waves in a pond.” – Haydee

“The most powerful result that I have experienced is that I got my courage back. As I sat down and spoke my truth on paper for the first time, I realized that I have something powerful and magical to share with the world that people need to know. With every article, I kept feeling less and less fear to speak my voice from what I know is true.” – Itatiaia

Your writing won’t be perfect at first. It will probably be a little (or a lot) messy.

So this is our final friendly nudge of encouragement – take 10 minutes to watch the video and start your blog right now. Then come join the party! We are waiting to support and share your ideas in our private community!


Bonus Day: The Roadmap to Passionate Work

Congratulations again for completing the Start Your Passion Project Course.

This bonus day is meant to share with you everything else that we have to offer at LYL… whether you are already living a life that you love, or you feel like things are a bit mediocre and know there must be ‘more out there’!

We created our Passionate Work Program in a way that is designed to add more inspiration and education to your life in a consistent and sustainable way.

The membership is about meeting your needs on your time so it will give you access to all of our award-winning courses for as little or as long as you would like.

There are over 45 modules and hundreds of hours of content, expert interviews, exercises and workshops designed to help you live your legend. This includes courses that walk you through all 4 pillars of the Live Your Legend Framework.

But because we believe in the power of surrounding yourself with passionate people, you will get so much more than course content.

This program includes: Courses + Community + Calls!

We purposely structured this to be an intimate community where you can get personalized attention versus being shuffled into an assembly line and never being seen or heard. Take a look at all the goodness that is included in the membership:

We believe in what we have created at Live Your Legend and have had tens of thousands of people go through our programs to have success, but our top values will always remain: service and integrity above all.

That’s why we are offering two options for you.

Monthly Member: If you only want to go through a part of the program, you’ve got a monthly option. There are absolutely no scams locking you in as you can cancel your membership at any time, easily from your own members portal. Stay for a month, or stay for a lifetime. The choice is yours…

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So you’ve got nothing to lose, right?

Who is the Membership Program For?

Anyone who is looking to elevate or enhance where they currently are! More specifically:

  • Those who know they want or need a change but have no idea what their ‘passions’ are.
  • Those who have identified a passion but have no idea how to turn that into a business.
  • Those who want to scale to the next level of business, by connecting with and leaning on the shoulders of others rather than running the race alone.
  • Those who need and want to be surrounded by other like-minded living legends to get continuous hits of hope, support, feedback and encouragement.
  • Those who want a chance to pick Chelsea’s brain and the learn best practices of running an online mission-driven, passion-based business but aren’t in a place to invest in one-one work or a mastermind program.
  • Those committed to continuous learning and growth and want an easy way to expand their mind and knowledge on a regular basis, alongside a rad group of people!

Here’s what a few previous course graduates had to say:

I had no idea that one course could have the power to change my path, but Scott’s heartfelt encouragement along with concrete action steps and reassurance gave me the push I needed to start living on my own terms. If you’re feeling stuck in a life you don’t love and, like me, you want to change from a play-by-the-rules employee to an inspired career renegade, I highly recommend the Live Off Your Passion coursework. Thanks to Scott and Live Your Legend, I feel confident that I’m finally on the right path.Kirsten

I’ve been going through a bit of a “I don’t know what I want to do with my life” the past couple of months… stretching into almost a year now… I have always just done what other people told me to do – or backed down when they said I couldn’t do it. After Day 1 of the 21 day course, I started thinking about it seriously for the first time and decided to tackle the problem hands on. Thank you so much for this programme. It helps to know I am not alone, not crazy and not to old to change direction.Nadine

And there are thousands more saying similar things, so join to take the first step to live your legend!