Pillar 2: Do Your Own Impossible

This is your time to start dreaming big about what is possible for you!

We have some awesome downloadable worksheets for you to start taking the reigns of your own life because the more you attempt, the more you’ll accomplish. The only way to guarantee you will remain exactly where you are, is to do exactly what you are doing.

So check out and follow the instructions in the e-books below to get your momentum going!

1. 2019 Goal Setting and Action Workbook:

The full goal-setting process, including 24 pages and 11 detailed steps. Fully-interactive PDF version for printing and filling out by hand or for typing directly into. Additionally, be sure to check out the powerful idea of setting intentions rather than goals.

2. 2019 Weekly Planning Workbook:

Step-by-step weekly planning process that will ensure you make progress and have plenty of fun along the way!

Discover Your Why Workbook

3. Discover Your Why Workbook:

An in-depth, 4-part workbook to help you understand your strongest beliefs and if and what changes you need to make to embody them. This is an awesome place to get you thinking about content for your website or blog!

For a much deeper dive into doing your own impossible, check out our Live off Your Passion Course, combining the art of discovering your passion with the science of making money from it! Live Off Your Passion is our proven 8-module step-by-step process and road map designed to teach you how to build your job around your passion, strengths and talents and FINALLY get paid to do work you love.